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"Wolf Call" - Canadian Outdoors Romantic Adventure
released on May 22, 1939

The Actors: John Carroll (Mike Vance), Movita (Towana), George Lynn (Father Devlin), Guy Usher (Michael Vance Sr.), Holmes Herbert (J.L. Winton), Polly Ann Young (Natalie), George Cleveland (Doctor MacTavish), John Kelly (Bull Nelson), Wheeler Oakman (Carson), John Sheehan (Grogan), Charles Irwin (Royal Canadian Mounted Mounted Police Sergeant), Reed Howes (henchman Tom), Murdock MacQuarrie (miner), Carl Mathews (miner), George Morrell (stricken miner), Pat O'Malley (Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant), Tex Phelps (miner), Roger Williams (Tom Blake)

The Playboy and His Wolf Call

Movita in Wolf CallThe hero of this adventure is actor John Carroll, whose real name was Julian LaFaye of New Orleans. In this story he is the idle playboy son of a wealthy businessman in New York City who owns a radium mine in Vancouver, Canada. In real life John Carroll seems to have been a bit of a playboy in the style of the ‘idle-rich’ with no passion other than to experience life fast and hard. He studied opera in Italy and drove racing cars, and joined his buddy Erroll Flynn in Cuba to spend some time with Fidel Castro in the Sierra Maestra. When World War Two began his passion for adventure led him to become an Air Force pilot flying missions in Northern Africa where he crashed and broke his back. After the war he married a casting director for MGM studios and Marilyn Monroe lived at their home for a while as her acting career was taking off.

In this adventure he is Mike Vance, a New York City playboy with nothing to do but spend his father’s money and have a good time. His father finally gets fed up with him and sends him to Western Canada where he owns a radium mine. The family lawyer is trying to get his father to sell the mine to a big radium corporation, saying that the mine will never be profitable. Mike’s father insists that Mike go to Canada and examine the mine and advise his father on whether to sell the mine or keep it open. Mike heads to Canada with his fishing gear and looks forward to spending some time in the great Canadian outdoors fishing and hunting and having a good time . . . . He doesn’t really care one way or the other if the mine stays open or closes down. Unfortunately his fishing abilities are pretty bad, but fortunately he discovers a young and beautiful Canadian girl who can teach him how to fish for the biggest trout in Canada. . . . And she can teach him even more than that. Soon Mike is embroiled in a battle of fists and wits when he encounters the mine boss and his henchmen who will stop at nothing to get Mike out of Canada and get the mine shut down. Why are they trying so hard to shut down the mine? Why are they trying so hard to get Michael away from the mine? Why are they trying so hard to prevent Doctor MacTavish from speaking to Michael? Why is the beautiful Canadian girl so attracted to Mike, and he to her? . . . . Scratch that last question. . . . . Spoiler alert . . . . . The answer to the last question is the Wolf Call. . . . . Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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