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"The Iron Master" - Romantic Steel Mill Drama
released on February 4, 1933

The Actors: Reginald Denny (Steve Mason), Lila Lee (Janette Stillman), J. Farrell MacDonald (J.C. Stillman), Esther Howard (Mrs. Stillman), William Janney (David Stillman), Virginia Sale (Miss Fanny Smith), Richard Tucker (Paul Rankin), Astrid Allwyn (Flo Lancert, David's girlfriend), Tom London (Jud Turner), Nola Dolberg (Diana), Otto Hoffman (Grange), Freddie Burke Frederick (little Billy Stillman), Ronnie Cosby (little Billy Stillman as a three year old), Kenneth Howell (party guest)

Love and the Hoover Damn Bid

Lila Lee and Reginald Denny in The Iron MasterIn 1933 the Great Depression was gripping the world, but there were still pockets of wealth, and one of the biggest sources of wealth was iron and steel. Steel girders were replacing wooden beams in construction, and huge skyscrapers, bridges and dams were being built that were never possible before. J.P. Morgan had bought the Andrew Carnegie steel mills in Pittsburgh and formed U.S. Steel, the largest company in the world at that time. Small independent steel mills were still around though, and still creating great wealth for their owners. The Stillman steel mill was run by J.C. Stillman, a work-a-holic man who had little time for his family. His wife, daughter and son spent their time happily disposing of the family money as quickly as he earned it. Daughter Janet, or Janette, played by Lila Lee, is a stuck-up rich girl who thinks that the world revolves around her. As the adventure opens she is driving to the mill to see her papa, and isn’t paying attention when her car slams into a steel truck leaving the mill. When a handsome young fellow informs her that she is trying to enter through the exit, and asks her to move her car, she insists instead that he back up his steel truck so that she can enter the exit . . . Nobody can get in her way. . . . Well, this leads to that and when she gets to her father’s office and tells him about the way the young man treated her, papa Stillman calls the young man into his office and fires him in front of his spoiled daughter. We can already see that these two kids will wind up together, but this is hardly a good start. The romance goes even more sour when the young fellow shows old man Stillman some new steel manufacturing ideas that will earn the company a pile of money. Soon the young fellow is Stillman’s partner, and when the old fellow dies, he gives full control of the steel mill, and full control of the family money to Steve, played by Reginald Denny. He will be the master of all the weath taken from the creation of iron and steel. Now the fireworks will begin, as the spoiled family will try everything that they can to ruin Steve . . . And they are so wrapped up in their hatred of Steve that they do not realize that if they ruin Steve and the steel mill, they will be destroying the flow of money that they cannot live without. The bid for supplying steel for a new dam called the Hoover Dam is being prepared, and the family will make sure that a competing steel mill gets a look at the Stillman bid so that the rival mill will get the job. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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