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"The Ghost Goes West" - Scottish Romantic Comedy Ghost Story
released on December 17, 1935

The Actors: Robert Donat (Murdoch Glourie and Donald Glourie), Jean Parker (Peggy Martin), Eugene Pallette (Mr. Joe Martin), Elsa Lanchester (Miss Shepperton), Ralph Bunker (Ed L. Bigelow), Patricia Hilliard (Shephard girl), Everley Gregg (Mrs. Gladys Martin), Morton Selten (The Glourie), Chili Bouchier (Cleopatra), Mark Daly (Murdoch's groom), Herbert Lomas (Fergus), Elliott Mason (Mrs. MacNiff), Hay Petrie (The McLaggen), Quentin McPhearson (Mackaye), Peter Cozens (unknown), Syd Crossley (unknown), Richard Fraser (son of MacLaggen), David Keir (creditor), Jack Lambert (Son of MacLaggen), Colin Lesslie (Son of MacLaggen), Neil Lester (Son of MacLaggen), J. Neil More (Son of MacLaggen), Victor Rietti (scientist), Arthur Seaton (creditor), Terry-Thomas (unknown)

I'll Ask You A Riddle . . .

The Ghost Goes WestLong ago in the Scottish Highlands the McLaggen clan was off to war with the British, and they laughed at old man Glourie, whose son would rather riddle the ladies and steal kisses than go fight the British. Old man Glourie was so mad at this that he vowed to them that his son would not only be off to fight the British, but would first do something even more important . . . he would fight and conquer the McLaggen clan first, boasting that one Glourie was worth 50 McLaggen men. Well, it didn't quite work out that way, and when playboy Murdoch Glourie was killed by an errant cannonball from the McLaggen's, he was stopped on his way to Heaven by his father and forbidden to enter his eternal resting place until he would fight and beat the McLaggen boys. He must haunt the hallways of Glourie Castle at midnight every night until the day that he could fight and beat a McLaggen. Now we fast forward a couple hundred years to the year 1935, and the wealthy daughter of an American grocery store chain wants papa to purchase the castle and move it to Florida for her. Donald Glourie, ancestor of ghost Murdoch, played by Robert Donat, agrees to sell the castle and go with the Americans to Florida and oversee the re-construction of his ancestral home. He falls in love with the daughter, played by Jean Parker, but she keeps being put off because she meets both the ghost of Murdoch and the present day Donald Glourie, and thinks that they are one and the same. The problem comes because playboy Murdoch, always smooth with the women, enchants Peggy and she falls for him, thinking that he is Donald . . . But when Donald tries to show his feelings for Peggy he fumbles and does everything wrong, causing Peggy to get angry and put him off. So, anyway, this leads to that and on the night of the grand opening of the Glourie Castle in sunny Florida it all comes to a head when ghost Murdoch finally appears to the crowd and discovers that the last of the McLaggen clan is in the room . . . Panic, chaos, ghostly horrors and final retribution are all at hand for the grand Glourie Clan and ghost Murdoch Glourie . . . Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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