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"My Brother's Keeper" - British Crime Manhunt Adventure
released on August 9, 1948

The Actors: Jack Warner (George Martin), Jane Hylton (Nora Lawrence), David Tomlinson (reporter Ronnie Waring), Bill Owen (taxi driver Syd Evans), George Cole (William Percival 'Willie' Stannard), Yvonne Owen (Meg Waring), Raymond Lovell (newspaper editor Bill Wainwright), Brenda Bruce (Winnie Foreman), Susan Shaw (Beryl), Beatrice Varley (Mrs. Jenny Martin), Garry Marsh (Brewster), Maurice Denham (Police Superintendent Trent), Frederick Piper (camp caretaker Gordon), Wilfrid Hyde-White (Harding)

The Gangster and the Bridegroom

Kenneth Duncan and Toby WingAs our British crime drama opens, we meet George and Willie sitting side by side at a little countryside brook. After chatting with a local fisherman we discover that they are handcuffed together. George Martin, played by Jack Warner, is a hardened criminal and Willie, played by George Cole, is a young fellow who was wrongfully arrested for being too fresh with a girl after the town dance. Martin jumped form the police car that was transporting them and Willie, handcuffed to the criminal, had to go along. Together they are running from the cops who are searching the English countryside for them, and Martin the criminal knows how to stay away from the places that the coppers will be watching. Meanwhile, in the small town where the two fugitives from justice are fleeing a young reporter from a London newspaper has just arrived with his new bride with the expectation that he will enjoy a wonderful honeymoon. Just as reporter Ronnie Waring, played by David Tomlinson, enters his honeymoon hotel the desk clerk hands him the telephone, and his editor is on the other end. The reporter must abandon his new bride and follow the unfolding manhunt for the two escaped prisoners who are certainly very near the reporter's honeymoon hotel. His new bride is very understanding and knows that his job comes before their honeymoon if there is a hot story developing, so the wedding night that reporter Waring has waited for all his life is on hold as he chases around the British countryside looking for the story of the year. This leads to that and before the escaped prisoners are caught, reporter Waring finally has had enough and tells his editor that he is quitting his job . . . . So that he can go to bed . . . . Well, . . . . Finally a bit of good sense by the Brit reporter! Meanwhile the escaped men have separated thanks to a hacksaw provided by the hardened criminal's petrol station gasoline pumping girlfriend, and after an accidental murder they are separated and on their own with the coppers closing in . . . . The reporter has his bride, the hardened criminal is on the run, and the mamma's boy he was handcuffed to has given himself up to the local constables . . . . Now it comes down to a frantic manhunt between England's finest and a criminal with nothing to lose . . . Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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