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"Trauma" - Horror Murder Mystery
released on May 23, 1962

The Actors: John Conte (Warren Clyner), Lynn Bari (Helen Garrison), Lorrie Richards (Emmaline Garrison Clyner), David Garner (Craig Schoonover), Warren J. Kemmerling (Luther), William Bissell (Thaddeus Hall, family lawyer), Bond Blackman (Robert), William Justine (treasury agent), Ray Lennert (treasury agent), Renee Mason (Carla), Robert Totten (gas station attendant), Alfred Chafe (police officer), Ruby Borner (Gertrude the maid)

The Heiress and the Killer

TraumaOur traumatic drama begins normally enough . . . . Chauffeur Luther is standing by the new and shiny 1962 Cadillac as Emmaline and her girlfriend Carla walk out and get into the back seat of the Caddy. On the way home Carla is worried about Emmaline, and Luther suggests that he park the car and escort Emmaline into the house. Carla thinks this is a great idea, but Emmaline states that she will not be afraid to walk through her own back yard, no matter that there is a killer on the loose. Bad things just don't happen to people in Oakmont, Pennsylvania . . . . Maybe bad rounds of golf at the famous Oakmont Country Club, but not in the quiet Oakmont neighborhood where Emmaline lives. Luther drops the two girls off at neighbor Carla's house and after fetching a package for Emmaline, Carla goes into her home and Emmaline heads through the woods to her Aunt's mansion next door. Emmaline is nearly to her own backyard when her eyes get large and she stammers some words and starts to back away from whatever or whoever is approaching her . . . . Emmaline's fear increases as she struggles for footing and still backing away from whatever is approaching . . . . . Emmaline screams in horror . . . . And screams again . . . . . She yells for Luther . . . . . And screams again . . . . . Then the story gets really spooky . . . . . Emmaline survives whatever was frightening her, and we meet her wealthy Aunt Helen and the creepy man who wants to marry Aunt Helen, a fellow that gives us chills with his first words. . . . Warren Clyner, played by John Conte. Just as everything is looking normal again the murder happens, and we are plunged into a story of mystery, horror and old family secrets . . . . Including the hidden room in the horse stables . . . . Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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