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"Girl O' My Dreams" - College Athletics Romantic Comedy
released on November 17, 1934

The Actors: Mary Carlisle (Gwen), Sterling Holloway (Spec Early), Edward J. Nugent (Larry Haines), Arthur Lake (Bobby Burns), Lon Chaney Jr. (Don Cooper), Tom Dugan (Joe Smiley), Gigi Parrish (Mary), Jeanie Roberts (Kittens), Lee Shumway (Coach), Ted Dahl and his Orchestra (themselves), Harry Bowen (Harry, newsreel photographer), George Cleveland (newsreel company man), Betty Mae Crane (Nip and Tuck Twin), Beverly Crane (Nip and Tuck Twin), Jack Frost (one of the 'Three Lieutenants'), Herbert Hall (one of the 'Three Lieutenants'), Olaf Hytten (Professor E. Phlatt, Department of Music), Frank McKee (one of the 'Three Lieutenants')

The Difference Between Nip and Tuck

Girl of My DreamsTime for a happy romp through college days with three young men and three . . . er . . . . Four young girls . . . . One of our college lads is dating blonde twins! In 1934 President Franklin D. Roosevelt was assuring us all that the Great Depression would soon end and that ‘Prosperity is Just Around the Corner.’ At Rawley College the only depression is the mood of the boys when their girlfriends are mad at them. The story is about a sports event and the three Rawley athletes hoping to bring victory to the school, but all of the action is around the girls, and their efforts to trap the boys of their choice

Fans of classic cinema remember Lon Chaney Jr. as the wolf man, and other beasts of horror, but in this story he is the ruggedly handsome muscle-man athlete of Rawley College, and he even sings a song in the frat house that is pretty darn good. His girlfriend Mary is frustrated because he thinks more about sports than he does about her.

Our second athlete is played by Edward J. Nugent, who often played the handsome, witty, self-confident winner, and he is the college track star, dating the blonde hottie of the campus. Gwen’s problem with him is that he thinks he is God’s Gift to women, and although he probably is, she would like him to pay as much attention to her as he does to himself.

Our third athlete is a pole vault champ played by Arthur Lake, who would become famous a few years later in the movie versions of the newspaper comic strip Dagwood and Blondie. In this story he is dating the Crane sisters, blonde twins with the nicknames Nip and Tuck, and it seems that they enjoy taking turns dating him without letting him know which one they are, much to his dismay.

Comic complications ensue, and the blonde hottie decides to make her big man on campus track star jealous, so she flirts with muscle-man Lon Chaney Jr., and he suddenly discovers the mystery of seductive women and his mind no longer thinks only about sports. His girlfriend and the confident track star decide that what is good for the goose is good for the gander, and they pretend to like each other to get even.

Of course, both couples are unhappy, but neither will give in and return to the ones that they really love, and as the big sports event approaches, both athletes are in a blue funk and will not perform at their best. . . . . Unless something happens that will suddenly straighten out this confusing mess. . . . But even after the two boys get straightened out with their girls and win their event, the school needs one more champion effort by the pole vaulting efforts of Arthur Lake. The one thing that will inspire him to greatness is the promise of knowing the secret between which of his girlfriends is Nip and which twin is Tuck, so he will always know which of his twin girlfriends he is with. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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