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"Mr. Peek-a-Boo" - French Romantic Crime Situation Comedy
released on March 22, 1951

The Actors: Bourvil (Léon Dutilleul), Joan Greenwood (Susan), Roger Treville (Felix Burdin), Jacques Erwin (Gaston), Frederic O'Brady (medical specialist), Rene Worms (ministry employee), Nina Myral (Mrs. Eloise), Andre Dalibert (unknown), Nicole Riche (the lady in the second floor apartment), Germaine Reuver (concierge), Jeanne Veniat (the South American), Georges Flateau (Mr. Robert), Edmond Beauchamp (Arturo), Henri Cremieux (Gustave Lecuyer), Georges Lannes (prison warden), Marcelle Arnold (Germaine, Léon's sister), Raymond Souplex (unknown), Nicolas Amato (the first agent), Georgette Anys (Maria), Alfred Arlais (unknown), Maurice Biraud (Leon's friend), Gerard Buhr (unknown), Marcel Charvey (bartender), Dominique Davray (unknown), Skip Farrell (Maurice), Charlie Fawcett (unknown), Fignolita (unknown), Charles Jarrel (unknown), Frank Maurice (unknown), Marcel Meral (unknown), Craddock C. Monroe (Elmer), Alain Raffael (unknown), Nicole Rimbaud (unknown), Titys (prisoner), Pamela Wilde (unknown), Payne Williams (Jean-Paul)

The Peek-a-Boo Burglar

Mr. Peek-a-BooLéon Dutilleul is a meek civil servant clerk in Paris who rents a small apartment and lives a very modest life. His sister and her husband live in his apartment and neither of them has a job, content to live off the modest income of Léon, played by French comedy star Bourvil. As our crime comedy opens Léon is telling his best friend about his strange night. It seems that he got very drunk the night before, and when he tried to get into his apartment he discovered that his brother-in-law had bolted the door and would not let him in. In his drunken state Léon stumbled through the door and on into his bedroom . . . . It seems that somehow he had acquired the ability to walk through walls! His best friend suggested that he use his newfound power to have some fun. While he is getting accustomed to his new powers, he sees a beautiful British gal who is claiming to be a Lady. He is smitten, and decides to spy on her with his ability to walk through her hotel wall. When he visits her room that evening he discovers her dressed in tight black clothing and climbing out of her hotel balcony. He watches as she climbs into another hotel room and steals valuable jewelry from the room and then makes her way back to her own room. When the lady cat-burglar falls asleep he quietly returns the jewelry to the rightful owner and decides that somehow he must teach this pretty lady not to steal any more. This leads to that and to teach her the evils of crime he becomes a burglar himself, and soon is the most infamous peek-a-boo burglar in Paris, hunted by every policeman in town. Even after he turns himself in and is locked in the finest jail cell in Paris he easily walks out and meets the lady of his dreams. The problem now is that he is a wanted criminal himself, so what good will it do if he succeeds in turning the beautiful cat-burglar into a law abiding citizen if he is now a criminal? How can there be a happy ending to this comic development? Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and find out what happens next.

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