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"My Man Godfrey" - Romantic Screwball Comedy
released on September 17, 1936

The Actors: William Powell (Godfrey Park), Carole Lombard (Irene Bullock), Alice Brady (Angelica Bullock, the mother), Gail Patrick (Cornelia Bullock), Eugene Pallette (Alexander Bullock, the father), Jean Dixon (Molly the maid), Alan Mowbray (Tommy Gray), Mischa Auer (Carlo), Pat Flaherty (Mike Flaherty), and Robert Light (Faithful George), Ernie Adams (forgotten men), Jimmy Aye (party guest), James Carlisle (socialite), Jack Chefe (headwaiter), Elaine Cochrane (socialite), Phyllis Crane (party guest), Eddie Fetherston (process server), Grace Field (socialite), James Flavin (second detective), Bess Flowers (Mrs. Merriweather), Edward Gargan (detective), Carlton Griffin (socialite), David S. Horsley (socialite), Selmer Jackson (socialite), Richard Kipling (socialite), Andrea Leeds (socialite), Ethelreda Leopold (socialite), Reginald Mason (Mayor Courtney), Philip Merrick (socialite), Bert Moorhouse (party guest playing cards), Robert Morgan (socialite), Louis Natheaux (socialite), Franklin Pangborn (Mr. Guthrie, head of the scavenger hunt), Bob Perry (doorman Bob), Katherine Perry (socialite), Albert Petit (receptionist), Jean Rogers (socialite), Ronald R. Rondell (socialite), Arthur Singley (Clarence), Larry Steers (nightclub patron), Grady Sutton (Charlie Van Rumple), Russell Wade (socialite), William Wagner (waiter), Arthur Wanzer (Arthur Valentine), Harley Wood (socialite), Jane Wyman (socialite)

Happy Birthday William Powell!

William Powell is My Man GodfreyWilliam Powell, best rememberd for his 'Thin Man' detective movies with Myrna Loy, was born on July 29, 1892 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If I am asked for the name of my very most favorite old movie, I always respond with My Man Godfrey. Created during the height of the Great Depression and regarded as the first screwball comedy, it hits home runs on so many levels. I can watch it a couple of times a year and hear dialog and watch sight gags that I had forgotten or missed before, and enjoy it like an old friend or favorite sweater. William Powell plays the part of Godfrey Parks . . . . Of the Boston Parks . . . . A family drenched with wealth and class and dignity. Godfrey, who has never worked in his life and will never need to work, has been broken-hearted over a Boston girl and descends into a downward spiral of depression until he winds up in New York City and headed for suicide in the East River. Fortunately, when he reaches the East River he discovers that he is at the city dump, with tramps and ‘forgotten men’ living among the discarded trash of New York. Something ticks inside him and he stays with the tramps and starts creating a different view of life. He is watching and learning from people that he would never have met in his wealthy Boston neighborhood, and he is getting an education much more valuable than his Harvard education. Without his family money he is building a life and making friends that are more valuable than any of his aristocratic friends. But then his world will suddenly change again . . . . He will meet Irene, played by Carole Lombard, who will with this performance define the character of the silly blonde in a screwball comedy. The only sad part of the story is the women . . . . Godfrey seems to make every woman in the story cry before it is all over . . . . I have problems with crying women . . . Makes me want to cry with them. William Powell and Carole Lombard were married for a couple of years before this movie, and although they were divorced when they made this movie they were still good friends. Carole Lombard would later marry Clark Gable, and William Powell would get engaged to famous blonde bombshell Jean Harlow. Unfortunately Jean Harlow would suddenly pass, and Powell would soon meet another actress and quickly elope with her and spend the rest of his days with her. Powell’s wife Diana Lewis would give up acting a couple of years after getting married to William Powell and often declare that her marriage to William Powell was more important to her than acting or anything else in life. William Powell must have been quite a fellow. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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