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"Little Lord Fauntleroy" - Rags to Riches Family Adventure
released on March 6, 1936

The Actors: Freddie Bartholomew (Ceddie, Cedric Errol Lord Fauntleroy), Dolores Costello-Barrymore ('Dearest' - Ceddie's mother), C-Aubrey-Smith (The Earl of Dorincourt), Guy Kibbee (Mr. Hobbs), Henry Stephenson (Mr. Havisham, lawyer), Mickey Rooney (Dick Tipton), Constance Collier (Lady Lorridaile), E.E. Clive (Sir Harry Lorridaile), Una O'Connor (Mary, Dearest's housekeeper), Jackie Searl (Tom, minnie and Ben's son), Jessie Ralph (Mrs. McGillicuddy the apple woman), Ivan F. Simpson (Reverend Mordaunt), Helen Flint (Minna), Eric Alden (Ben), May Beatty (Mrs. Mellon, castle housekeeper), Virginia Field (Miss Herbert), Reginald Barlow (Newick), Lionel Belmore (Higgins), Tempe Pigott (Mrs. Dibble), Gilbert Emery (Purvis, castle butler)

The Boy from Brooklyn and the Earl of Dorincourt

Little Lord FauntleroyI will be honest with you . . . I have had a copy of this movie for a long time, and have procrastinated in watching and reviewing it because of a prejudice from my youth. Before watching this classic, I had no idea who 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' was or what the story line was. But as a young kid, I would hear adults speak negatively about someone, maybe me once in a while, with a highly negative tone saying something like, "Who does he think he is, Little Lord Fauntleroy?" All of the adults seemed familiar with the story, and I was not, but that was enough to make me determined that I was not going to be any 'little Lord Fauntleroy' if he was as bad as the tone of their voice! This little brat must have been a real piece of work. I think part of me didn't want to find out what this kid was like, because I was afraid that I might really be like him! Boy was I wrong!

I'm not going to give you the story line of this one, only the setup. Telling you anything more than the setup might spoil some of the joy of this really great classic. A great movie must move your emotions . . . all of them . . . on a roller coaster ride that will leave you breathless at the end and wanting more. This movie is a great journey up and down the spectrum of emotions from great joy to great despair . . . and back again. You will see a young Mickey Rooney in a supporting role, and lovable Guy Kibee, who is always an interesting character. You will see the heart-throb silent screen star Dolores Costello, who married male heart-throb actor Lionel Barrymore, and became Drew Barrymore's grandmother. You will see the always lovable C. Aubrey Smith in a part that at first demands that he be totally un-lovable. You will love, laugh and cry . . . and then laugh and love some more as this story moves from wonderful to disastrous to pretty good, and back to happy-ever-after land, as all great movies should. The movie starts with the death of a father, leaving a young wife and son to fend for themselves on the mean streets of New York City, until a lawyer from England arrives and informs them that the son is an heir to an Earl of England and is fabulously wealthy. Sound like heaven, right? Maybe yes, and maybe no. Fate is no respecter of money, and bad things happen sometimes to even the wealthy. This might not be the rosy path that it looks like in the first scenes. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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