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"A Scream in the Night" - Oriental Crime Adventure
released on July 29, 1943

The Actors: Lon Chaney Jr. (Policeman Jack Wilson and Grog Shop owner Frank 'Butch' Curtain), Zarah Tazil (Mora), John Ince (Joe Bentley), Manuel Lopez (Johnny Fly), Richard Cramer (Inspector Green), Sheila Terry (Edith Bentley), Merrill McCormick (money lender Jalla), Philip Ahn (Wu Ting), John Lester Johnson (John), Ed Carey (henchman), Buck Morgan (barfly)

The Unforgettable Monster

Lon Chaney Jr. as Butch CurtainLon Chaney Jr. was the son of legendary silent screen actor Lon Chaney, and is best remembered as the Wolf man and the Mummy in classic horror pictures. When he was growing up he father told him that his mother was dead and it was only after his father's death that he discovered his birth mother. His father tried mightily to keep his son from becoming an actor, and Lon Chaney Jr. became a businessman in a home appliance company. He had acting in his blood though, and after his father died he started acting in motion pictures, using the makeup techniques he had learned as a child while watching his father. He never achieved the great acting reputation that his father had, and he found himself working in more and more low-budget action movies like this one. He had a reputation of being drunk and disorderly often on the movie lots . . . . One famous actor said that he and Broderick Crawford were nicknamed 'the monsters' on the movie studio lots because of their penchant for getting drunk together and often creating chaos that led to injury. I'm not sure if the bad behavior caused his fall from the ranks of the great actors, or if it was the result of never getting the great movie parts that his father got. Lon Chaney Jr. died in 1973 at the age of 67 and his body was dissected and studied by medical students. His liver and lungs were preserved and shown for many years as examples of what alcohol and tobacco abuse would do to a person. There was never any grave or other resting place for the actor who wanted to be as famous as his father, and the only remembrance of him today is a star marker on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame. In this crime adventure that takes place in the orient he displays his ability to change his appearance, voice and acting skills by playing the part of the police detective in search of notorious jewel thief Johnny Fly, and the low-life bar owner Butch Curtain, henchman for the jewel thief. In an on-camera treat, we get to watch the clean-shaved Lon Chaney Jr. disguising himself as the bar owner Butch, while talking to himself across the table. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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