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"Quiet Weekend" - British Romantic Comedy Adventure
released on May 1, 1946

The Actors: Derek Farr (Denys Royd), Frank Cellier (Adrian Barrasford, Justice of the Peace), Marjorie Fielding (Mildred Royd), George Thorpe (Arthur Royd), Barbara White (Miranda Bute), Helen Shingler (Rowena Hyde), Edward Rigby (Sam Pecker), Josephine Wilson (Mary Jarrow), Gwynne Whitby (Marcia Brent), Ballard Berkeley (Jim Brent), Judith Furse (Ella Spender), Pat Field (Sally Spender), Helene Burls (Bella), George Merritt (Police Sergeant Fred), Christopher Steele (Vicar Williams), Mary Martlew (Elena), Conway Palmer (Paul Perry), Richard George (lorry driver), Brian Weske (Johnnie), June Whitfield (dancer)

Choose Love or Money . . .

Quiet WeekendPapa was a preacher who served in small town churches in Western Pennsylvania. I was born and spent my first years in Punxsutawney, famous one day of the year every February when the groundhog sees his shadow, and the rest of the year is a sleepy little village. I spent my high school years in Shanksville, with a few dozen homes, a couple of stop signs and not much more. When I left home I was eager to experience big city life, and for many years did just that. Now, after years of both, I have a day job in bustling Cleveland, Ohio, but spend considerable amounts of money and time each day to travel to almost rural Niles to spend my non-working hours. I can appreciate city night life with concerts, ballet and more, but today I put much more value on a small community play or concert performed by decidedly non-professional performers who still give every ounce of energy to their task . . . More fun in my eyes than the best performances by the best actors . . . The informality and lack of prestige in small villages around the world has become more valuable to my sense of what makes an abundant life that I have lost most of my desire for big city life. In this story the Royd family is headed for a weekend in a very small English village where they own a modest cottage. Young Denys, played by Derek Farr, has invited his new girlfriend to spend the weekend with the family. Denys is a starving artist with a passion that so far has not led to riches. His current girlfriend Rowena is a big city girl with big city morals and an eye for a handsome man. She has convinced Denys to give up his passion and go with her to America where he can become a well-paid secretary . . . The money is wonderful even if the work is not what his heart desires, and the lure of sophisticated women like Rowena has blurred his vision. Another young girl also visits the cottage for the weekend . . . . 18 year old Miranda, a young girl who has a huge love for Denys, but he thinks she is just a youngster and not a grown woman . . . And certainly not sophisticated like Rowena. Miranda wants Denys to follow his passion first, knowing that wealth will come later, but Denys has stars in his eyes and beautiful blondes on his mind. There is another love story in this adventure between the village Justice of the Peace and a local lady, and some small village hijinks between men who think they are boys . . . Just to keep us entertained as Denys decides whether to follow money or passion, and whether he should love the sophisticated woman or the perky young girl who sees no man but him. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the weekend in a small English village.

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