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"Feather Your Nest" - British Romantic Comedy Adventure
released on March 12, 1937

The Actors: George Formby (Willie Piper), Polly Ward (Mary Taylor), Enid Stamp-Taylor (Daphne Randall), Gilbert Russell (Rex Randall), Davy Burnaby (Sir Martin), Jack Barty (homebuilder Mr. Chester), Clifford Heatherley (Randall's valet), Frederick Burtwell (Murgatroyd), Ethel Coleridge (Mrs. Phyllis Taylor), Jimmy Godden (Mr. Higgins), Moore Marriott (Mr. Jenkins), Syd Crossley (Police Constable), Frank Perfitt (studio manager), Tom Payne (Fortner), The Three Rhythm Sisters (themselves), Mike Johnson (barman), Edie Martin (Blanche), Frederick Piper (Mr. Green, recording engineer), Leonard Sharp (Mr. Peabody), Harry Terry (furniture thief), Hal Walters (man outside furniture shop)

Ignorance and Confidence

Vulcan, Son of JupiterMark Twain once proclaimed that all you need in life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure. The first quality on the road to success is to have the confidence that you can actually succeed in your venture . . . . Then you need to be ignorant of all the things in your path that might stop you from succeeding. I’m betting that if someone you know told you that they were going to attempt something grand . . . . You could quickly give them a couple of dozen solid reasons why they could never succeed. If that person listens to you and decides not to begin the venture, you have possibly killed the next great ‘thing’ . . . . Ignorance of all the ‘reasons’ for failure is what will keep you pushing down the path to your success. I wonder how many great ventures YOU have failed to take the first step towards because you knew for certain that you could never ever succeed . . . . British actor George Formby might have been the most ignorant man in film history, and one of the most successful film actors in the world during the awful years of the Great Depression that kept many men and women locked in poverty. This story is almost a true picture of his life . . . . . In this story he is Willie, a stumbling, bumbling man who works at a gramophone recording studio in London. He is probably the most inept helper in the place, regularly causing more destruction of property with his ‘accidents’ than he earns in a week . . . . But Willie is confident that he will marry the cute blonde girl working in the gramophone factory and will be able to purchase and fill a new home with furniture for her . . . . Even though he doesn’t earn enough right now to buy dinner at a nice restaurant . . . . We could give him dozens of reasons why he is most foolish to be considering the responsibilities of marriage and a home . . . . We could give him dozens of reasons why his future is more probably to be a street beggar with no home, job or friends . . . . Fortunately, Willie smiles, sings his songs with his little ukulele and signs the notes for a new home full of new furniture with a head full of dreams . . . . You will see . . . . . Willie has an abundance of confidence . . . . And a plethora of ignorance . . . . . Success is just a matter of time . . . . Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show

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