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"Sweetheart of the Navy" - Navy Romantic Comedy
released on June 8, 1937

The Actors: Eric Linden (Eddie Harris), Cecilia Parker (Joan Whitney), Roger Imhof (Commander Lodge), Bernadene Hayes (Mazie), Don Barclay (Pete), Etta McDaniel (Lily the cook), Reed Howes (Andrews), Eddy Waller (Krump), Jason Robards Sr. (Bumper Martin), Cully Richards (Andy), John T. Murray (Carson), Art Miles (Jack), Henry Roquemore (Jones), Fred Murray (Henry), Vince Carroll (Steve), Benny Burt (Fitch), George Chesebro (sailor), Kit Guard (sailor), Harry Strang (sailor), Ray Teal (orchestra leader)

Non Sibi Sed Patriae!

Sweetheart of the NavyWhen I graduated high school the Vietnam War was raging, and when my high school principal brought me into her office for a chat, I told her that I was planning on joining the Navy with my high school buddy Bill Saxman. The principal advised me to go to college instead to become a pastor like my dad was, and I agreed. When I was 18 I had no passion and no direction for the future, so I rode life like a balloon without a string, going wherever the next wind blew. I still see Bill once in a while, and I often wonder how my life might have been different if I had joined the Navy with him back in 1969. As it turns out I did discover a few years later that being pastor of a church was definitely not my passion, and I had grown enough courage to turn away from the advice that everyone was giving me and walk down my own path. Looking back, I can understand the thoughts of my friends and relatives that believe that my life has not been well spent, but while I recognize the many wrong turns that I have made, I wouldn't change even one of them if I could. I absolutely love who I am today and am excited every morning to get out of bed to follow my passion for one more day. And I believe that my plethora of past mistakes have brought me to this day, and any change in that path might have taken me to a much different 'today.' . . . . But I still have a tug in my heart for the Navy, and the men who have served so valiantly on the world seas.

In this romantic comedy we find beautiful blonde Cecilia Parker playing the part of Joan Whitney, singer in a nightclub just opening up as the fleet is coming in. Creditors are clamoring for money before she opens, and she discovers that the owner of the place has skipped town leaving her with all of the bills. She imagines all sorts of wealth as the sailors crowd the nightclub and spend all of their accumulated money, but the sailors with money go elsewhere, and the cash registers remain empty. A couple of her Navy fans hatch a plot to have the toughest guy in the Navy fight with a new young yeoman and with smart wagering they will get enough money to help the gal out of her bind. Of course, the path to 'happily ever after' is as funny as it is harrowing. Our Sweetheart of the Navy gets not only the money to pay off the creditors, but finds the love of her life. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with warm melted butter on it and enjoy the show.

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