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"Undercover Man" - Cowboy Western Adventure
released on October 23, 1942

The Actors: William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy), Andy Clyde (California Carlson), Jay Kirby (Breezy Travers), Antonio Moreno (Don Thomas Gonzales), Nora Lane (Donna Louise Saunders), Chris-Pin Martin (Miguel), Esther Estrella (Dolores Gonzales), John Vosper (Deputy Ed Carson), Eva Puig (Rosita Lopez), Alan Baldwin (Bob Saunders), Jack Rockwell (Captain John Hawkins), Pierce Lyden (henchman Bert), Tony Roux (Chavez), Horace B. Carpenter (party guest), Ben Corbett (outlaw ambusher), Joe De La Cruz (wounded man), Joe Dominguez (Caballero), Frank Ellis (henchman), Elias Gamboa (party guest), Martin Garralaga (Cortez), Al Haskell (Caballero), Earle Hodgins (Sheriff Blackton), George Morrell (party guest), Cliff Parkinson (cook, Jim's partner), George Sowards (cowhand), Lem Sowards (cowhand), Ted Wells (Jim Wilson, pack train man)

The Cross-Border Bandits and the Señorita Who Could Cook

Undercover ManAs our adventure opens we see the stone marking the border of the U.S. and Mexico, and in the distance a band of Mexican riders galloping past that border marker into the U.S. The riders approach a border outpost manned by Army Captain Hawkins and his men, and they get their guns ready and aimed at the men from Mexico who are approaching at attack speed.

As the men enter the compound they slow down and stop. Captain Hawkins recognizes them as Señor Gonzales the Commandant from Mexico who patrols the Mexican side of the border. Sheriff Carson greets his Mexican friend who battles outlaws south of the border, and he discovers that the two friendly neighbors may be headed for war.

It seems that a band of outlaws from the U.S. is robbing Mexicans and then slipping across the border into the U.S. before they can be caught, and the Mexican lawman wants Captain Hawkins to put a stop to it. Coincidentally, Captain Hawkins complains to Gonzales that a band of Mexican desperados is robbing folk north of the border and fleeing back into Mexico before they can be caught.

Hopalong Cassidy and his side-kicks will be called to go into Mexico as civilians and try to find the bandits, but soon Hopalong and his buddies are framed and accused of heading up the band of outlaws!

There is a second story plot in this adventure, a comedy plot with side-kick California Carlson, who falls in love with the lady who cooks for the Gonzales ranch. California will compete for her hand in marriage with ranch hand Miguel, played by Chris-Pin Martin. Chris-Pin Martin appeared as an extra in almost a hundred and fifty movies, and this is one of the rare times that he has a speaking role and close-up pictures.

The two men will battle each other for the hand of the Mexican lady and her four children, and guess what . . . . California Carlson wins her hand and prepares for his wedding. It looks like he will leave Hoppy and settle down in Mexico with his wife and four children! Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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