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“The Dishonored Lady” - Romantic Nympho Murder Drama
released on May 16, 1947
running time 1 hour and 24 minutes

The Actors: Hedy Lamarr (Madeleine Damien), Dennis O'Keefe (Dr. David S. Cousins), John Loder (Felix Courtland), William Lundigan (Jack Garet), Morris Carnovsky (Dr. Richard Caleb), Natalie Schafer (Ethel Royce), Paul Cavanagh (Victor Kranish), Douglass Dumbrille (D.A. O'Brien), Margaret Hamilton (Mrs. Geiger, landlady), Gino Corrado (Carl the waiter), James Flavin (Police Sergeant Patella), Raoul Freeman (bailiff), Curt Furburg (courtroom spectator), Henry Herbert (attorney's assistant), Nicholas Joy (Defense Attorney Mitchell), Reid Kilpatrick (AP news broadcastor), Fred Kohler Jr. (first motorcycle cop), Wilbur Mack (the judge), Jack Richardson (passerby), Dewey Robinson (Jim the doorman), Ransom M. Sherman (Mr. Shirley), Harry Strang (Police Sergeant), Kam Tong (Courtland's houseboy), Archie Twitchell (Freddie Fancher), Robert Williams (Police Sergeant Bartlett), Ian Wolfe (Dr. E. G. Lutz)

Addicted to Men, Accused of Murder

Hedy LamarrThis story could only avoid censorship by cloaking words in such a way that only very perceptive folk would understand. You see, it would not be acceptable to tell the story of a woman who sleeps with every man she meets . . . . Well, maybe not every man, but one after another in a continuous unending circle of sex . . . . No . . . . Not love, just sex.

Hedy Lamarr is Madeleine Damien, well-paid art director for a large magazine in New York City. In fact, her unending chase for excitement without love, a moment of pleasure with another man after a night of wine and dancing, has led her to try to end it all, crashing her car in an attempt to die.

Fortunately the high powered and successful businesswoman has crashed her car in the front yard of a psychiatrist, and he will help her turn away from suicide and begin the search for a new soul. . . . A new soul that wouldn’t be addicted to men.

Madeleine quits her job and moves to a part of New York City where no one knows her. She spends her days painting pictures and living without her addiction to men. One day she discovers the young doctor living in an apartment under hers . . . . This leads to that and they fall in love. But is Madeleine really in love, or is she merely falling back into her addiction to men?

When she tells her psychiatrist about the man she has fallen in love with, her doctor cautions her against marrying the man . . . . No man would want to marry her if he knew about her past lovers . . . . Men can have a ‘past’ but not women.

Indeed, Madeline is afraid to tell her fiancé about her past life, but thinks that they might be able to get away from New York City and her past, and build a new life together. They can go to California together where no one knows or remembers Madeleine . . . . It sounds like a beautiful beginning to a wonderful life, until the murder.

Unfortunately, before Madeleine and her fiancé can leave New York, one of the men she loved is killed, and Madeleine is suspected of the murder. Now Madeleine will not only lose the one man that she loves, but may lose her life if she cannot prove that she did not murder one of the lovers from her past.

It appears that Madeleine, the beautiful but tortured nymphomaniac, will finally get her death wish courtesy of the State of New York. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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