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“Tombstone Canyon” - Cowboy Western Action Adventure
released on December 25, 1932
running time 59 minutes

The Actors: Ken Maynard (Ken), Cecilia Parker (Jenny Lee), Sheldon Lewis (Matt Daley, the Phantom), Frank Brownlee (Alf Sykes), Jack Clifford (Newt), George Gerwing (Clem Sykes), Lafe McKee (Colonel Lee), Bob Burns (Sheriff Mort Langly), Chuck Baldra (townsman, musician), Ralph Bucko (barfly), Roy Bucko (barfly), George Chesebro (Deputy Jess), Al Haskell (townsman, musician), Jack Jones (townsman, musician), Jack Kirk (barfly with bar girl), Johnny Luther (barfly, musician), Bud McClure (ranch hand), Merrill McCormick (townsman wanting the reward), Bill Patton (wagon driver Bill), Pascale Perry (townsman), Bud Pope (gambler), Robert Walker (henchman Skeeter), Blackjack Ward (captive in the cave), Leo Willis (gunman)

The Phantom Killer and the Cowboy with No Name

Ken Maynard in Tombstone CanyonA lone cowboy is riding into Tombstone Canyon, on his way to a small town nearby. Suddenly a gunshot rings out, and the cowboy is being ambushed by three men. The cowboy survives the ambush with the help of someone firing at the outlaws from above them. The ambushing outlaws retreat in haste.

Safe from the ambushers, the cowboy heads towards his horse to continue his journey, but he is stopped by a young blonde girl with a rifle aimed at him. This leads to that and the girl learns that the cowboy is not an outlaw. As the two are about to mount their horses, a mighty howl breaks the silence of the canyon.

The howl is like a horrible scream of death, echoing through Tombstone Canyon. The young girl grabs the cowboy in fright, and explains that it is the cry of the phantom killer, a mysterious man wearing black clothing, a black hat, and draped with a black cape that masks his face.

The girl explains to the cowboy that every time the horrible scream of the phantom killer is heard, someone dies. Suddenly, as the cry of the killer fades away, two gunshots echo through Tombstone Canyon. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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