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“The Green Promise” - Romantic Situation Farm Adventure
released on March 22, 1939
running time 1 hour and 34 minutes

The Actors: Marguerite Chapman (Deborah Matthews), Walter Brennan (Mr. Matthews, farmer), Natalie Wood (Susan Matthews), Robert Paige (David Barkley, County Agricultural Agent), Ted Donaldson (Phineas Matthews), Connie Marshall (Abigail Matthews), Robert Ellis (Peter 'Buzz' Wexford), Jeanne LaDuke (Jessie Wexford), Irving Bacon (Julius Larkins), Milburn Stone (Reverend Benton), Geraldine Wall (Mrs. Wexford), Sam Flint (Dr. Pomeroy), Lee Phelps (land owner with the loggers), Dick Wessel (Mr. Clairborne), Will Wright (Mr. Grenstedt the banker)

The Farmer, His Daughters, and Little Lamsy Divey

Pat O'Brien, Ruth TerryThe highest honor any actor can receive from their peers is the Oscar. Katharine Hepburn holds the record with four academy award Oscar wins. There are only three male actors who have won three Oscar awards. Who might they be? Well, Marlon Brando only won two Oscars, Robert Di Niro is a two-time winner, and Tom Hanks, . . . also a two-time Oscar winner.

Two of the three-time Oscar winning males are leading men, and the third is possibly the most famous character actor from the Golden Age of Movies. Jack Nicholson and Daniel Day Lewis are the two leading men who are three-time Oscar winners.

The Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor was first given in 1936, and the winner of the first Best Supporting Actor Oscar was Walter Brennan, the supporting actor in this story. He won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar two more times, every other year, in 1938 and 1940, a feat that has never yet been repeated.

In this family farm adventure, he is the widowed farmer father of three girls and one boy, on their way to purchasing a new farm. Famous actress Natalie Wood is the youngest daughter, sharing the bulk of the storyline with the oldest daughter, played by Marguerite Chapman, the leading lady and star of the adventure. I am told that the rain storm scene near the end of this movie was the event that gave Natalie Wood her intense fear of water. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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