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“Gangs, Inc.” - Lady Gangster Crime Adventure
released on June 13, 1941
running time 1 hour and 8 minutes

The Actors: Joan Woodbury (Rita Adams), Jack La Rue (Mickey Roman), Linda Ware (Donna Andrews), John Archer (Bob Elliott), Vince Barnett (Scribbler, petty forger), Alan Ladd (Jimmy Kelly, aka Bill Dugan), Gavin Gordon (Kurt Parrish), Phillip Trent (Harold DeWitt), William Halligan (Police Chief Flynn), George Pembroke (Clarence DeWitt), Selmer Jackson (District Attorney), Kenneth Harlan (Jim Adams), Bryant Washburn (Attorney Bruce King), Stephen Chase (Detective Joe Kent), Robert Strange (Lou Wood), Alex Callam (Joe Fagan), Harry Depp (Johnny Mason, racketeer's accountant), Brooks Benedict (Frankie Bailey, key witness), James Blaine (Rita's boss), Lynton Brent (second bailiff), Peter Caldwell (Bob as a young boy), Joe Conti (Mickey as a young boy), Henry Hall (courtroom spectator), John Ince (second judge), Lloyd Ingraham (first judge), Carl M. Leviness (jury member), Murdock MacQuarrie (first bailiff), Juanita Quigley (Rita as a young girl), Fred Santley (motorist Henry Jones), Gayne Whitman (defense attorney Joe), Carleton Young (gangster Pokey Martin)

The Queen of Crime and the Wedding Gift from the District Attorney

Joan WoodburyThe Cocoanut Grove nightclub was full to capacity on December 1, 1938. Rudy Vallee was leading his dance orchestra for the movie stars and wealthy couples at the club. Among the major movie stars in the audience that night were Loretta Young, Edward Arnold, Henry Wilcoxon, and the young woman that Henry Wilcoxon would marry a couple of weeks later, the star of this story, Joan Woodbury.

Sitting at a table nearby was the owner of a large cigar factory in New York and he was loudly heckling Rudy Vallee and his orchestra. The famous bandleader and singer told two of his orchestra members to go over and politely ask the fellow to stop his loud remarks, but the man kept shouting insults at the band.

Suddenly Rudy Valley dropped his baton, turned and rushed over to the heckling man, landing a solid punch on the startled man. Nightclub patrons quickly jumped between the two men, and the rowdy cigar mogul was dragged out of the club. Rudy Valley turned around and went back to his orchestra, to a standing ovation from the movie stars and patrons.

In this adventure Joan Woodbury is the daughter of a gangster stool-pigeon who is with her father when he is gunned down by a passing car full of racketeers. As a young adult she falls in love with the son of a wealthy businessman who is determined to be Governor of the state one day. Unfortunately, the young man who is dating her is not in love, but only out for a good time.

When the young man kills a pedestrian while driving recklessly and drunk, his father and his money figure out a way to pin the death on the young lady, and she spends time in prison. When she gets out of prison and learns that she was set up by the man who would be Governor, she schemes and plans a revenge that will hopefully land that man in prison for the rest of his life.

Young fellas, if you will take a bit of advice from an old guy like me, Never, ever, ever, toy with the affections of your girlfriend. Don’t take her for granted, don’t just date her with the intention of tossing her to the curb when the next pretty face comes along. . . . . If you do, . . . . And she is like the leading lady in this gangster adventure, you may be very, very sorry. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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