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“The Bronze Buckaroo” - Cowboy Western Adventure
released on January 1, 1939
running time 56 minutes

The Actors: Herb Jeffries (Bob Blake), Lucius Brooks (Dusty), Artie Young (Betty Jackson), F.E. Miller (Slim Perkins), Spencer Williams (Pete), Clarence Brooks (Buck Thorne), Lee Calmes (Lee), Earle Morris (bartender), The Four Tones (singers), Rollie Hardin (Joe Jackson), Tom Southern (short poker player), John Thomas (barfly)

The Bronze Cowboy and President George W. Bush

Herb JeffriesOn June 24, 2003 Herbert Jeffries, the Bronze Buckaroo, a 91 year old African American singing cowboy, sang at the White House birthday party of President George W. Bush. After his performance, the President gave him a standing ovation, and in Jeffries’ words, “Bush bolted onto the stage during the ovation and hugged me.”

Then President Bush helped 91 year old Herb Jeffries off of the stage saying, “I got cha, Herb. Welcome to the White House. What an Honor it is to have you here.”

Jeffries later said, “I’m not a Republican, but decided to accept him because whether you like your Captain or not, you are on the boat and going where he takes you.”

Sometimes I long for the days when folk of liberal thought and folk of conservative thought were not blood-enemies but rather men and women of good-will with differing opinions . . . . sigh.

In this cowboy western the man who sang for many years with the Great Duke Ellington Orchestra rides into Texas with his buddies to help rancher buddie Joe Jackson. It seems that Joe’s papa was shot in the back, and now Joe and his sister Betty are being persecuted by neighboring rancher Buck Thorne, who wants to buy their ranch for some mysterious reason.

When the Bronze Buckaroo and his pals get to the ranch they discover that Betty’s brother is missing, and it will be up to the Bronze Buckaroo and his buddies to get to the bottom of the trouble and save the ranch for young and beautiful Betty Jackson. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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