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“The Thirteenth Guest” - Murder Mystery Whodunnit Adventure
released on March 17, 1932
running time 1 hour and 9 minutes

The Actors: Ginger Rogers (Marie Morgan), Lyle Talbot (Phil Winston, private investigator), J. Farrell MacDonald (Police Captain Ryan). Paul Hurst (Detective Grump), Erville Alderson (Uncle John Adams), Ethel Wales (Aunt Jane Thornton), James Eagles (Harold 'Bud' Morgan), Crauford Kent (Dr. Sherwood), Eddie Phillips (Thor Jensen, Bud's boyfriend), Frances Rich (Marjorie Thornton), Phillips Smalley (Uncle Dick Thornton), Lynton Brent (prisoner), Al Bridge (pliceman), Bobby Burns (photographer), Allan Cavan (Uncle Wayne Seymore), William B. Davidson (Police Captain Brown), Adrienne Dore (Winston's date), Kit Guard (prisoner), Henry Hall (the Police Sergeant jailer), John Ince (Uncle John Morgan), Robert Klein (John Barksdale, family lawyer), Isabel La Mal (Marie's Mother), Tom London (Detective Carter), Charles Meecham (Marie's Father), Tiny Sandford (Mike a jailer), and Harry Tenbrook (a cabby)

And the Dead Shall Rise . . . To Die Again

Lyle Talbot, Ginger RogersAs our murder mystery begins, a beautiful young lady gets out of a taxi and goes to the front door of a large mansion in New York City. Ginger Rogers, the leading lady, is Marie Morgan, and it is her twenty-first birthday. The last time she was in this mansion was thirteen years ago when she was a young girl. Since that night, the mansion has been empty and deserted.

On that night thirteen years ago, she was sitting at the dining room table with her father, mother, brother, and other members of the wealthy family. . . . . Thirteen guests in all. . . . Let me correct that. . . . . There was one empty seat. . . . Twelve guests at a dinner party for thirteen.

Her father suddenly fell dead at his chair that night thirteen years ago. Her mother immediately closed the mansion and no one has been inside the old house since that night thirteen years ago. Yesterday, on her birthday, the family lawyer gave her a sealed letter from her father with a cryptic note inside. Now she is entering the dusty, creepy mansion once again.

Upon entering, she notices that there is a working telephone in the house, and the electricity has been turned on so that all the lights work. Well, actually all the lights work except the lights in the dining room where her father died while seated with his family around the table.

Suddenly, as she is remembering that final dinner party, she hears the footsteps of someone in the other room. She walks into the other room and we hear a gunshot and a shriek. . . . We hear a blood-curdling scream and then silence. When the cops arrive they discover the dead body of the young lady in the dining room at the chair that she sat in thirteen years ago. Our leading lady is dead five minutes into the mystery. She will not be the only victim thirteen years later, as a mysterious killer seems to be determined to kill everyone that attended that dinner party for thirteen people thirteen years ago. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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