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“Fly-By-Night” - Espionage Spy Murder Adventure
released on January 19, 1942
running time 1 hour and 12 minutes

The Actors: Richard Carlson (Doctor Geoffrey Burton), Nancy Kelly (Pat Lindsey), Albert Bassermann (Doctor Storm), Miles Mander (Professor Langner), Edward Gargan (Police Officer Charlie Prescott), Adrian Morris (Police Officer John Prescott), Martin Kosleck (George Taylor), Walter Kingsford (Heydt), Cy Kendall (Dahlig), Nestor Paiva (Grube), Oscar O'Shea (Pa Prescott), Mary Gordon (Ma Prescott), Arthur Loft (Police Inspector Karns), Marion Martin (blonde nurse), Clem Bevans (train station watchman), John Butler (Police Detective Jenks), John Dilson (Police Doctor Tracy), Kate MacKenna (gasoline station cook), Eddie Acuff (garage attendant Sam), Gladys Blake (underwear sales clerk)

The Lady in Her Nightgown and the Doctor with a Flair for Felony

Richard Carlson and Nancy KellyRichard Carlson plays the part of young medical doctor, Geoffrey Burton. On a dark and stormy night, he is driving in the country and runs out of gas. Nearby is a sanitarium that holds maniacs and insane people behind lock and key. While the doctor is walking through the rain with a can of gasoline for his car, a maniac is escaping from the sanitarium after killing a guard.

Of course, the escaped maniac with a gun forces the young doctor to drive him into town, and then forces him to get a hotel room where he can evade the guards from the sanitarium. The maniac claims to be the assistant of a famous professor, and claims that he and the professor were being held captive because enemy agents are trying to get possession of the professor’s new secret weapon, named G-2.

The maniac is murdered while the young doctor is on the phone, and as soon as the doctor discovers the dead man in the next room, the police arrive and charge the young doctor with the murder of the maniac. The young doctor will escape and make his way into another room of the hotel. Unfortunately, a beautiful young woman is in that room, dressed only in her nightgown and ready for bed.

The young doctor will explain that the cops are looking for him, but he is innocent, and will she please hide him. The young doctor runs into the bathroom as the cops are pounding on her door. She answers the door, and when the cops ask her if she has seen a killer on the loose, she promptly tells them that he is hiding in her bathroom. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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