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“The Woman in the Shadows” - Pre-Code Romantic Crime Adventure
released on November 9, 1934
running time 1 hour and 9 minutes

The Actors: Fay Wray (Louise Loring), Ralph Bellamy (John Bradley), Melvyn Douglas (Tony Robson), Nell O'Day (Helen Grant, Sheriff's daughter), Roscoe Ates (Tommy Logan, jewel thief), Ruth Gillette (Lil Logan), Joe King (police detective), Frank Otto (Kraus, gangster's attorney), Reed Brown Jr. (Richard Conroy, Robson's employee), Granville Bates (Sheriff Grant), Charles Williams (hotel desk clerk), Frank Shannon (prison warden), Cliff Dunstan (Doctor Norden)

He Knew Every Woman’s Middle Name – “Trouble”

Rory Calhoun, Lee Van CleefYoung school student Ralph Bellamy craved a cigarette one school day after lunch, so he went to the basement of the auditorium where he found a large industrial size fan blowing air. He was intrigued with the large machine, and blew a puff of smoke into it, watching it quickly disappear. He had no idea that the huge fan was blowing fresh air up into the auditorium, and every puff of smoke that he added went straight to the auditorium, which was soon reeking with the smell of cigarette smoke.

He was surprised when one of his teachers walked up behind him and simply asked him if he wanted to tell the principle, or have his teacher tell the principle. Ralph meekly told his teacher that he would go to the principle and confess, and the principle tossed him out of high school for good.

What does a young school boy do when he is kicked out of school? A few weeks after getting tossed from school, he got a job with a traveling theatrical show that was touring the mid-west, performing in each passing town in a tent that the show took with it. He continued to act wherever he could, and after working for a while on Broadway, he got hired in Hollywood for motion pictures, and never looked back.

In this adventure, he is John Bradley, and he is being released from prison. Three years ago when he saw a man trying to have his way with a young blonde girl, he punched the fellow, and unfortunately the fellow died from the blow.

Now he has paid his price for that fight and will soon be a free man again. Unfortunately, when he gets home, the young blonde girl that he fought for is waiting for him, and she wants to become his girl. He has just finished three years in prison because of her, and he is in no mood for her attentions. Not only that, but she happens to be the daughter of the town sheriff, who doesn’t like him one little bit.

Before John can get rid of the young blonde, there is a knock on his door, and a mysterious dark-haired beauty staggers into the cabin, pleading for help. Her dress is falling off, she is limping from a bad ankle sprain, and all she wants is to get out of town on the next train. It is bad luck for John that the next train out of town won’t arrive until the next morning

John claims that he knows the middle name of every woman in the world, and it is ‘trouble.’ Now he is stuck with double-trouble, and the Sheriff is on the way. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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