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Welcome to the LARGEST PRIVATELY OWNED website in the world, with 4 terabytes of movie files, all shared freely with every visitor world-wide.

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“The Unexpected Guest” - Murdering Ghost Cowboy Adventure
released on March 28, 1947

The Actors: William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy), Andy Clyde (California Carlson), Rand Brooks (Lucky Jenkins), Una O'Connor (Matilda Hackett, housekeeper), John Parrish (lawyer David J. Potter), Patricia Tate (Ruth Baxter), Nedrick Young (Cousin Ralph Baxter), Earle Hodgins (Joshua Colter, ranch hand), Joel Friedkin (Cousin Phineas Phipps), Robert Williams (Matt Ogden, saloon owner), William Ruhl (Sheriff)

The Ghostly Killer from the Grave

Patricia TateAs our adventure opens California Carlson is getting dressed up in his finest Sunday clothes. He has received a letter from a lawyer telling him that his Cousin Tom Baxter has died and left something to California Carlson in his will. Hopalong Cassidy and Lucky Jenkins are going to escort him to the ranch where he may inherit a fortune, or maybe not.

Up in the rocks above them a shadowy figure wearing a black cape and black hat aims a rifle at California Carlson and fires. Fortunately, he misses, so the three buddies head for the Baxter ranch to discover what riches await California.

They discover that there are five other people that will inherit an equal share of the estate, but as the will is being discussed a shot rings out and one of the six people waiting to hear what they will inherit drops to the ground. Now instead of dividing the estate six ways, it is only five ways. . . . Unless there are more deaths to come. . . . And there are!

Housekeeper Matilda regularly visits the grave of the dead rancher in the back yard and listens to a spooky voice from the grave giving her nightly instructions. Death is visiting the people at the ranch and Hoppy must discover the secret of the ghostly voice before his pal California Carlson joins the other cousins that have been murdered. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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The question that I am asked most often is whether these movies are really public domain, or am I sharing movies that are still copyrighted and owned by movie studios and independent producers. Some folk believe that I am clever enough to share movies still owned by studios and independent producers without them knowing, but that would not be 'clever' . . . . merely 'stupid.' The first month that I started this web site I uploaded the stack of movies that I had on hand that I believed were public domain. Within days, when only a handful of visitors found my site, a movie studio contacted me and let me know that a couple of their copyrighted movies were among my uploads. I quickly apologized and removed them, and I started learning how to research copyright office records instead of taking the word of movie bloggers. To guarantee that I don't make a mistake, and encourage any studio or producer to correct any mistake that I might make, I do not hide the files with cryptic file names like movie pirates do, and I do not host the movies in a small offshore nation to prevent movie studios from finding either me or the movies. Every movie is named and dated and very easy for motion picture studios to search for and find . . . . . And believe me, they are constantly watching. You may have only discovered this web site recently, but all of the movie studios watch my listings very closely, and have since the very early days. Our legal system makes it very easy for movie studio lawyers to quickly shut down an offending web site located in the U.S., and I am a very cautious person who wants to be around for a while, and have no interest in abusing the rights of others. I am also very easy to find . . . . I am a very public person with my face on every page of the web site, and a contact link on every page of the web site, and if you look at the 'meet Jimbo' page you can even easily discover my cell phone number. The movies that have been here for years now are still here because they have no current legal owner or legal guardian.

If you find an error or factual mistake, please use the contact page to let me know so that I can correct it for everyone else. This web site attempts to celebrate the efforts of every actor from the first decades of motion pictures - not just the stars - because like a grand stew, every actor adds a unique flavor to the film, and without any of them the movie would not be the same. If you are one of these actors, or a friend or family member of an actor, please send me any anecdotes and stories that you know about any of them, and I will gladly add them to the site to enrich our knowledge about that actor or the movie they played in.