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“Ramrod” - Cowboy Western Adventure
released on February 21, 1947
running time 1 hour and 30 minutes

The Actors: Veronica Lake (Connie Dickason), Joel McCrea (Dave Nash, Connie's ramrod), Don DeFore (Bill Schell), Donald Crisp (Sheriff Jim Crew), Preston Foster (Artemus Taylor), Arleen Whelan (Rose Leland), Charles Ruggles (Ben Dickason), Lloyd Bridges (Red Cates), Nestor Paiva (Curley, Circle 66 ranch hand), Ray Teal (Ed Burma, Ivey's ramrod), Houseley Stevenson (George Smedley), Ward Wood (Link Thoms), Ian MacDonald (Walt Shipley), Wally Cassell (Virg Lea), Sarah Padden (Mrs. Parks), Hal Taliaferro (Jess Moore, Ivey ranch hand), Jeff Corey (Bice), Victor Potel (Burch Nellice), Trevor Bardette (Bailey, Circle 66 ranch hand), Bob Burns (barfly), Rose Higgins (Annie, Connie's maid), Jack Kenny (barfly), Lew Morphy (barfly), Cliff Parkinson (Tom Peebles, Circle 66 cowhand), John Powers (Pokey), Mike Ragan (Ivey ranch hand), Arthur Thalasso (barfly), Jack Tornek (barfly), Jack Woody (Bob, Ivey ranch hand), Chick York (Doctor Parks)

The Blonde Bombshell, the Bully Boss and the Square Deal Boy

Joel McCrea and Veronica LakeHarry Sherman produced most of the Hopalong Cassidy cowboy adventures until 1944 when William Boyd purchased all of those movies and produced the final dozen Hopalong Cassidy adventures. William Boyd transformed the rough, almost bad-guy character into a child-friendly, laughing good-guy. After Harry Sherman lost the Hopalong Cassidy franchise, he produced only two more movies, both cowboy adventures, and this is the first one. It is a much darker, much tougher cowboy story than the Hopalong Cassidy adventures.

You need to meet three people in this fighting drama. Veronica Lake is the daughter of a cattle rancher who is supposed to marry rancher Frank Ivey, played by Preston Foster. Ivey is the biggest rancher in the valley, and he stays on top by being a forceful bully, trampling on anyone who gets in his way. No one has the guts to stand up to Ivey, . . . At least no one that lives to tell about it.

Veronica Lake’s character, who is supposed to marry Ivey, hates the big bully and refuses to marry him, and when the big, bad bully scares her fiancĂ© out of town, she is left with her coward fiancĂ©’s ranch. Instead of marrying the bully and merging her ranch with his, she decides that she is the only person in the valley who has the guts to stand up to Ivey and fight him.

Veronica Lake’s character can indeed match the win-at-any-cost Ivey, and the battle is on between the bully and the blonde. The dead bodies will multiply around them as they battle each other.

There is one more character in the middle of their carnage. Actor Joel McCrea is cowhand drifter Dave Nash, who is tough as nails when he needs to be, but a square-shooter who wants to do everything according to the law, with no dirty tricks. This leads to that and he promises to help the little lady in her fight against the big bully. Unfortunately, he has no idea that the little lady is as mean a fighter as the big bully, and he will be in the middle of this fight with only the law on his side. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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