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“Private Hell 36” - Noir Cops and Crime Adventure
released on September 3, 1954
running time 1 hour and 20 minutes

The Actors: Ida Lupino (Lilli Marlowe, saloon singer), Steve Cochran (Police Detective Sergeant Cal Bruner), Howard Duff (Police Detective Sergeant Jack Farnham), Dean Jagger (Police Captain Michaels), Dorothy Malone (Francey Farnham), Bridget Duff (Bridget Farnham), Jerry Hausner (nightclub owner Hausner), Dabbs Greer (Sam Marvin, bartender at the Emerald Club), Chris O'Brien (coroner), Kenneth Patterson (Detective Lieutenant Lubin), George Dockstader (fugitive), Jimmy Hawkins (delivery boy), James Anderson (patrolman in locker room), William Boyett (Stimson, police fingerprint man), Chester Conklin (murdered man in elevator), Richard Deacon (Mr. Mace, drugstore owner), King Donovan (Evney Serovitch), Tom Monroe (Patrolman Tom), Sammy Shack (racetrack patron with the suitcase of money)

The Cop, the Thief, and the Lady in the Middle

Steve Cochran, Ida LupinoThis adventure stars one of the most memorable film noir actors. Steve Cochran was a famous ‘bad-boy’ of Hollywood, most often playing the part of a tough gangster who got killed before the movie ended. Some of his real-life escapades mirrored the bad boy image. In 1956 he became the first pilot of an aircraft to receive a ticket issued by a police helicopter hot on his trail. He paid the $500 ticket and was given a suspended sentence of 30 days in jail.

In 1960, his yacht, named “Rogue,” broke apart when it hit the breakwater in Los Angeles harbor, but the two young women aboard, their dogs, a monkey, and Steve, all made it to shore safely. -- Don't ask.

Unfortunately, another yacht trip in June 1965 would be his last adventure. Steve Cochran placed an ad in the Acapulco, Mexico newspaper for an ‘all-girl’ yacht crew, and interviewed 180 ladies, finally selecting three to accompany him on his yacht in search of locations for a proposed movie he would be starring in.

The “Rogue” left Acapulco on 3 June 1965 and was spotted eighteen days later floating adrift in the ocean near Guatemala. Steve Cochran’s body was lying in his stateroom bed, quickly decomposing in the tropical heat. The three ladies, ages 25, 19, and 14, said that he fell ill shortly after leaving Acapulco, and they waited in the drifting yacht for rescue.

This film noir adventure also stars actor, director, producer and screenwriter Ida Lupino, her real-life husband, actor Howard Duff, and the baby cries of their real-life daughter Bridget Duff. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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