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“Port of Hate” - South Seas Island Murder Adventure
released on August 22, 1939
running time 56 minutes

The Actors: Polly Ann Young (Jerry Gale), Kenneth Harlan (Bob Randall), Carleton Young (Don Cameron), Shia Jung (Bo Chang), Monte Blue (Hammond), Frank LaRue (Bartley), Ted Adams (henchman Adams), Jimmy Aubrey (beachcomber Stone), Bruce Dane (henchman Al Lathrop), Edward Cecil (Wing Hi), John Elliott (Stevens), Reed Howes (hotel clerk)

Success Can Be Deadly!

Polly Ann Young in Port of HateThe Port of Hate is a tiny South Seas island that is a melting pot for Lust, Greed and Hatred . . . All because there are valuable pearl beds in the ocean surrounding the island. Bob and Don are two Americans who hire the natives to dive for pearls, and one day their pearl diver discovers a rich bed of black pearls – the most valuable pearls in the world. They will be wealthy beyond belief if they can harvest the black pearls and sell them to the pearl buyers. There is only one, tiny problem with their success . . . .

These South Seas islands have very little law and order, and they might be killed by any of the other people who are also looking for riches. Bob and Don decide to go to the big island and convince some wealthy businessmen to finance a large operation so they can protect their pearl beds from the rogues who would do them harm to get the pearls themselves. At the big island hotel we meet Jerry Gale, played by Polly Ann Young, sister to actresses Loretta Young, in one of her rare leading roles.

She has a secret mission that involves the two men . . . A mission given to her by an inscrutable oriental fellow, played by famous oriental actor Edward Cecil . . . . Ok . . . . Just a joke . . . Cecil is about as Oriental as I am . . . . And I ain’t. Anyway, one of the two fellows is instantly attracted to the pretty lady and after some drinks in his hotel room he goes to the lobby to chat with his partner. When he returns to the room and the pretty lady, he discovers that she is searching the room for something, and as he enters she has a gun . . . It goes off . . . . The fellow drops to the floor . . . . Very, very dead.

Meanwhile the other partner is trying to convince three wealthy businessmen to finance a large operation, but one of the men decides to hire a couple of henchmen to follow them and discover where the pearl beds are and steal the pearls. This leads to that, and when the surviving partner gets back to his little island he is soon met by the pretty lady still on a mission of some kind. . . He doesn’t know that she is the woman that his dead partner was drinking with.

The two henchmen on a mission to steal the pearl beds also arrive on the island intending to discover the location of the pearl bed . . . Our surviving partner may know where a fortune in black pearls is located, but his chances of ever harvesting them and becoming wealthy are slim to none. . . And slim is leaving on the next boat. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter on it and enjoy the show.

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