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“The Cowboy from Sundown” - Cowboy Western Adventure
released on May 9, 1940
running time 54 minutes

The Actors: Tex Ritter (Sheriff Tex Rockett), Roscoe Ates (Deputy Gloomy Day), Glenn Strange (Bret Stockton, U.S. cattle inspector), Carleton Young (Nick Cuttler), George Pembroke (Cylus Cuttler, President of the Cattlemen's Savings Bank), Patsy Moran (Prunella Wallaby), Slim Andrews (Judge Hank Pritchard), Bud Osborne (Pronto Parsons, Davis ranch foreman), Joe McGuinn (Rip Carter), Dave O'Brien (Steve Davis), Chick Hannan (henchman Pete), Tristram Coffin (Ben Varco, lawyer), Victor Adamson (cowhand), Gene Alsace (cattle buyer), Nora Bush (townswoman), James Farrar (clerk), Cactus Mack (mob member), Fox O'Callahan (cowhand), Doyle O'Dell (cowhand musician), Tex Palmer (Carter ranch hand), Rose Plumer (townswoman), James Sheridan (Davis ranch hand), Wally West (cowhand)

Pocahontas, Frankenstein, and the Cattle Inspector

Glenn StrangeWhen Boris Karloff died in 1969, the New York Times published his obituary with a photo of Glenn Strange instead of Boris Karloff. Before we learn why, we need to remember Pocahontas, the American Indian daughter of an Indian Chief, who famously saved ship captain John Smith from death. Pocahontas later married an English colonist named John Rolf, and lived with him on his Jamestown plantation. On January 13, 1615, Pocahontas and husband John had a baby boy that they named Thomas. Seven generations later, on August 16, 1899, a baby boy named George Glenn Strange was born in the New Mexico territory.

Glenn Strange grew up in Cross Cut, Texas. He played fiddle and guitar at the local dances, and worked on his father’s ranch before going to Hollywood to be on a radio program as part of the Arizona Wranglers music group. He was soon making cowboy movies, usually as one of the bad guys. His six-and-a-half-foot height and strong body made him stand out in most crowds.

In 1944 Universal Studios was preparing to film “House of Frankenstein,” and they needed a big man to become Frankenstein’s monster. Make-up artist Jack Pierce took one look at Glenn Strange and he was cast as the monster created by Doctor Frankenstein. The face of Glenn Strange in the monster make-up became iconic. He appeared in several movies as Frankenstein’s monster, with that same unique face. ¬†Glenn Strange loved little children, and while on the set of “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein,” he walked over to say hello to Lou Costello’s little girl, but she ran terrified from the set as he approached.

When Boris Karloff died, he was most famous as the character Frankenstein, the doctor. But most movie fans thought of the monster as Frankenstein, not realizing that the monster had no name, and the doctor was Frankenstein. Either knowingly or unknowingly, the New York Times published the famous monster face of Glenn Strange next to the obituary of Boris Karloff, who was best known as Frankenstein, the doctor.

In this adventure, Glenn Strange is a good guy. He is a Government Cattle Administrator who has come to help Sheriff Tex Rocket when it seems that a vicious bout of hoof and mouth disease has infected all of the cattle in the valley. With all their cattle quarantined, the ranchers will be forced to give their ranches to the evil banker. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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