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“The White Warrior” - Italian Sword and Sandal Adventure
released on February 10, 1961
running time 1 hour and 25 minutes

The Actors: Steve Reeves (Agi, Hadji Mirad, The White Warrior), Giorgia Moll (Sultanet, Aslan Bey's daughter), Scilla Gabel (Princess Maria Vorontsova), Renato Baldini (Ahmed Khan), Gerard Herter (Prince Sergei Vorontzov), Milivoje Zivanovic (Tsar Nicholas I), Nikola Popovic (King Shamil), Jovan Gec (Aslan Bey), Niksa Stefanini (Goanzalo), Milivoje Popovic-Mavid (Doctor Eldar), Marija Tocinoski (uninown), Pasquale Basile (unknown), Goffredo Unger (unknown), Antun Nalis (Melders, Murad's Lieutenant), Dragomir Felba (unknown), June Foray (English voice of Hadji Mirad's son and others), Massimo Righi (Tsar orderly), Alan Steel (stunt double for Steve Reeves during the final showdown)

War and the Prisoner of Love

Steve ReevesThis movie is billed as a war story . . . A great battle between Russia and the rebel tribes that they want to rule on the other side of the Black Mountains. . . . But trust me . . . . This story is about something more dastardly than war . . . . More deadly than battle . . . More treacherous than armies fighting to the death . . . . This story is about three men of power and might . . . . And only two beautiful women, who both want the same man. As you might guess, this will be a story much more fascinating than nations at war . . . . and much deadlier!

Pioneering body builder Steve Reeves is the white warrior, the leader of a mountain tribe who always wears white fur garments, and is the bravest and mightiest fighter in the land. There is another tribe leader that always wears red who is jealous of the white warrior and will do anything to get rid of him and claim the beautiful girl that is preparing to wed the white warrior.

After successfully winning a battle for a mountain fortress, the white warrior is ready to marry his beautiful Sultanet, but before the wedding can happen Russian soldiers shoot the white warrior and take him to the Russian outpost that is controlled by the Russian prince who is leading the fight against the mountain tribesmen.

This Russian soldier just happens to be married to the most beautiful lady in the movie, Princess Maria, played by Scilla Gabel. Princess Maria takes one look at the handsome white warrior being held prisoner, and instantly wants him for her own.

Meanwhile back at the mountain tribes, the fellow who always wears red will find a way to force the beautiful Sultanet, played by Giorgia Moll, to become his wife instead of waiting for the white warrior who has been captured by the Russians. Sheesh, this body building stuff sure makes Steve Reeves irresistible to all the pretty girls . . . . Do ya think that it is too late for me to start lifting weights? Yeah, you are probably right. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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