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“The Ape” - Mad Scientist Horror Adventure
released on September 30, 1940
running time 62 minutes

The Actors: Boris Karloff (Dr. Bernard Adrian), Maris Wrixon (Miss Frances Clifford), Gene O'Donnell (Danny Foster), Dorothy Vaughan (Mother Clifford), Gertrude Hoffman (Jane, Adrian's housekeeper), Henry Hall (Sheriff Jeff Halliday), Selmer Jackson (Dr. McNulty), Jessie Arnold (Mrs. Brill, Willie's mother), Billy Bletcher (short man with mustache in the posse), Harry C. Bradley (Quinn the druggist), George Cleveland (Mr. Howley the circus caretaker), Ray Corrigan (Nabu the ape), Pauline Drake (young girl), Mary Field (Mrs. Mason), Gibson Gowland (posse member), Julia Griffith (townswoman), I Stanford Jolley (the ape trainer), Stan Jolley (boy in the soda shop), Jack Kennedy (Deputy Sheriff Archie Tomlin), Donald Kerr (the citizen carrying the mauled ape trainer), Philo McCullough (Henry Mason, town banker), Buddy Swan (Willie Brill), Minerva Urecal (townswoman)

The Killer Ape, The Mad Scientist, and the Crippled Girl

Maris Wrixon, Boris KarloffI’ve shared many glimpses into the raw, personal lives of actors from the past, but rarely anything as unique as the life of Maris Wrixon. Her personal story is rare, and, some might think, very boring. She began acting in 1939, after appearing on the cover of many glamour magazines. Her beauty was equaled by few, and her acting talent was almost as great. However, I can find no torrid love affairs with single or married men. I can find no battles with alcohol or drugs, and no red-hot temper tantrums.

Maris Wrixon began acting in 1939, and in 1940 she married a motion picture film editor. After appearing in movies and television shows for a bit over twenty years, she retired from acting, happy to be the wife of a film editor, and mother of four. After 59 years of marriage, her husband Rudi died on the sixteenth of April, 1999, and exactly 6 months later, on the sixteenth of October, Maris passed.

In this story, her most famous motion picture appearance, she is a crippled girl in a small town where a strange doctor is trying to cure her and help her to walk again. The doctor is played by motion picture horror icon Boris Karloff, and he will stop at nothing to create the special serum that can make the young lady walk again. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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