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“Lady from Chunking” - World War 2 Chinese Resistance Adventure
released on December 21, 1942
running time 1 hour and 8 minutes

The Actors: Anna May Wong (Kwan Mei), Harold Huber (General Kaimura), Mae Clarke (Lavara), Rick Vallin (Rodney Carr), Paul Bryar (Pat O'Roulke), Ted Hecht (Lieutenant Shimoto), Ludwig Donath (Hans Gruber), James B. Leong (Chen), Archie Got (Mochow), Walter Soo Hoo (Lu-Chi)

The Lady and the Mad Butcher

Lady from ChunkingOn January 6, 1941 England was at war with Germany, and Japan was at war with China. The United States was still at peace, not yet committed to fighting against either Germany or Japan. There were, however, American and Canadian volunteers who went to England to join their military efforts. The U.S. also funded a volunteer airplane fighting force based in China called the Flying Tigers that helped push back against enemy aggression.

On January 6, 1941 President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his annual State of the Union Address to the nation, and his sentiments were obviously leaning towards bringing American might and power to the battles when he famously proposed four freedoms that should be enjoyed by all people around the world: Freedom of speech, Freedom of worship, Freedom from want, and Freedom from fear.

While he was giving this speech, American flyers were fighting in China, and a year later when this story was filmed the Flying Tigers were still flying combat missions in China, while Americans joined the fight in Europe and the Pacific. This adventure is a story about two American fighter pilots who are shot down over a rice field, and the young female Chinese rebel fighter who became the mistress of a visiting enemy General.

Actress Anna May Wong is Chinese girl Kwan Mei, who will help the American flyers escape, and will get close enough to the enemy General to find out when the big enemy offensive is scheduled to begin. The soul of China may depend on the cunning, deception and trickery of one young and beautiful Lady from Chungking, Madame Kwan Mei. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn drizzled with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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