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“False Pretenses” - Romantic Con-Job Situation Adventure
released on October 22, 1935
running time 64 minutes

The Actors: Irene Ware (Mary Beekman), Sidney Blackmer (Kenneth Alden), Betty Compson (Clarissa stanhope), Russell Hopton (Pat Brennan), Edward Gargan (Mike O'Reilly), Ernest Wood (Tiffany Cortland), Lucy Beaumont (Miss Milgrim), Marshall Ruth (gardner), Dot Farley (Mrs. Smythe), John Picorri (Soutar), Herbert Clifton (Bleven, Brennan's butler), William Humphrey (Newman, Alden's attorney), Wilson Benge (Stephens, Alden's butler), Lester Dorr (desk clerk), Florence Dudley (waitress), Jane Keckley (Mrs. Nowlan, landlady), Lafe McKee (doorman), Frank O'Connor (policeman), Rose Plumer (Elsie, chambermaid), Jack Shutta (waiter), Al Thompson (Avery, restaurant manager)

The Broke Millionaire, the Poor Waitress, and Shades of P.T. Barnum

Irene Ware and Russell HoptonMary is a waitress in a restaurant, and while has never experienced the wealthy side of life, she reads books and dreams of one day becoming a lady with a wealthy husband, putting her poor lifestyle behind her. Mike is a big, brash truck driver with more brawn than brain, and he wants to marry her, but she tries to gently get rid of him. Unfortunately, Mike makes a scene at the restaurant where Mary is a waitress, and Mary loses her job.

Mary slowly walks through the dark streets with her final paycheck in her hand, and no hopes for a new job. The Great Depression is raging, and jobs for able-bodied men are hard to find. Jobs for single women are almost impossible to find, and Mary only has the money from one little paycheck between her and true poverty.

Mary walks through the night with her head down, looking at her final paycheck, when she bumps into a drunken man walking towards her on the bridge. When they bump into each other, Mary’s final paycheck flies from her hand and over the bridge railing, heading for the water below. Mary reaches out to grab her paycheck, but the drunken man grabs her and pulls her back, thinking that she is trying to jump off of the bridge to commit suicide.

This leads to that and Mary discovers that the drunken man is a wealthy society fellow who has lost every cent he has. Mary is suddenly inspired, and she explains a simple con-job that she and the broke society man can pull of that will earn them each a small fortune. A few wealthy men will lose some money that they won’t even miss, and the broke millionaire and Mary will pocket a tidy sum of cash. Her plan is almost certain to work, what could go wrong? Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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