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“High Powered” - Romantic Comedy Construction Adventure
released on February 23, 1945
running time 61 minutes

The Actors: Robert Lowery (Tim Scott), Phyllis Brooks (Marian Blair), Mary Treen (Cassie McQuade), Joe Sawyer (Spike Kenny), Roger Pryor (Rod Farrell), Ralph Sanford (the Sheriff), Billy Nelson (Bill Madden), Edward Gargan (Cal Williams), Vince Barnett (worker at dance), Ernie Adams (Joe, worker at dance), Lane Chandler (worker at dance), Clancy Cooper (plant boss), Victor Cox (worker at dance), Wade Crosby (worker at dance), Dick Curtis (worker), Jack Gordon (worker at dance), Ray Jones (worker at dance), Lyle Latell (worker at dance), George Lynn (Joe Jackson), Al Murphy (bartender), Ralph Peters (worker), Dewey Robinson (worker at dance), Robert Robinson (worker at dance), Jack Roper (worker), Charles Sullivan (worker at dance), Forrest Taylor (dance host), Will Wright (Jeff Hines)

Construction Man and His Fear of Heights

Phyllis BrooksWhen I was 11 or 12 years old my first experience on a Ferris wheel with my older sister Carol ended when the operator stopped the ride after a couple of turns and allowed the screaming, white knuckled me off before finishing for the other riders. I've since come to love and enjoy the best of the thrill rides at Cedar Point, Ohio, but it’s been a rocky road.

When I left college convinced that I would not be a preacher like my dad, my search for a meaningful life took me to many different jobs, including a summer as a painter with a group of Greek dare-devils painting steel bridges high in the air. I quickly learned how talented and skilled those fellows were when my brother-in-law Angelo got me hired by the company he worked for in Cleveland, Ohio.

On my first day, they handed me a paint scraper and told me how to tie off the safety belt that they made me wear and sent me climbing a framework of iron that surrounded a group of pipes high above the ground in a local steel mill. I was only about 28 years old and the memories of my first Ferris wheel ride were not yet forgotten.

I cannot remember the actual feelings of fear that I experienced, but I remember thinking clearly and soberly that I might not live to see dinner, wondering what it feels like to splat on the ground below. Somehow, I got through that day, and went on to not only learn how to work well in difficult positions, but to actually enjoy the time I had working with the crew of Greek painting experts.

I have never mentioned it to anyone since, but as winter was approaching and the dangerous painting jobs got scarcer, the workers were laid off one by one until the next spring. I was secretly pleased that my work quality and work ethic was good enough that I was not the first to go . . . I was kept on the job long after many of the Greek men who were not rookies like me were gone.

This movie adventure is one part comedy and one part drama about a boilermaker who took a tumble from a high spot with a buddy and survived while his buddy did not. His resulting fear and guilt prevented him from working off the ground, even though his skills were sorely needed on the new job.

With the help of a couple of spunky girls who ran the lunch wagon for the boys, he not only conquers his fear of heights, but finds the true love of his life in the process. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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