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After nearly a decade of sharing public domain movies with the world, I am taking a break. I want to thank all of the wonderful people who helped support this site. I am not sure what lies ahead of me with web sites, but for now, it will not be sharing movies.

My journey with classic movies has been full of joy and satisfaction, and I will always remember the fun we had, as I move on to the next great adventure in my life.

When I began this site, I thought that the movie site would be my path to prosperity. Along the way, it became much more than that. During my financial and emotional struggles, working on the movie site kept me centered and focused on my potential instead of my struggles and failures. It soon became the largest privately owned web site in the world, freely serving several terabytes of public domain movie files to the world.

Today, I discover that my paths to financial, emotional, and spiritual abundance lie in different directions, and my need for a distraction from my struggles is much diminished, because my struggles have turned into adventure puzzles to successfully solve. Today the time that I spend on the movie site is time that I cannot devote to other profitable ventures. Today, as I have evolved into a different person than the person I was when I began this journey, I discover that my passion and talents now lie in different directions.

With love, respect and much fondness, Thanks for the Memories. (Yes, I shamelessly steal that line from Bob Hope) 

~Jimbo Berkey
29 November 2019