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“Hay Foot” - Army Cornball Situation Comedy
released on January 2, 1942
running time 46 minutes

The Actors: William Tracy (Sergeant 'Dodo' Doubleday), Joe Sawyer (Sergeant Ames), James Gleason (Colonel J.A. Barkley), Noah Beery Jr. (Sergeant Charlie Cobb), Elyse Knox (Betty Barkley), Douglas Fowley (Captain Rossmead), Harold Goodwin (Lieutenant Caldwell), Joe Cunningham (Mr. Hutton), Frank Faylen (Major), Eddie Hall (Corporal Gilpin), Etta McDaniel (Barkley's cook), Dick Wessel (mailman)

The Soldier Who Couldn’t Aim and The Colonel’s Daughter

William Tracy, Elyse KnoxThe female lead in this adventure, Elyse Knox, had a very successful career in movies, but her family might be more memorable to you. During a Bing Crosby radio show appearance, she met Michigan football star and Heisman Trophy winner Tommy Harmon. They fell in love and were going to get engaged late in 1941, but when World War Two began, Tommy Harmon joined the Army Air Corp. and was quickly off to war.

Tommy Harmon’s airplane was shot down in the Pacific in October 1943. South Seas Island natives recovered his badly burned body that still had a bit of life left in it. The island natives hid Tommy in a canoe and covered his burns with wet palm leaves before paddling him out of the war zone and back to a U.S. controlled island.

In early 1944, Elyse Knox and her mother were invited to stay at the Harmon’s Ann Arbor, Michigan home to visit Tommy while he recovered. On Saturday, August 26, 1944, Tommy Harmon married Elyse Knox. Elyse wore a wedding gown created from┬áthe silk parachute that Tommy Harmon rode to the earth when his airplane was shot down. Their daughter Kristin would become an actress and marry singer and actor Ricky Nelson. Daughter Kelly would become a model and interior designer before marrying auto maker John DeLorean.

Tom Harmon and Elyse Knox also had a son named Mark. Mark Harmon would star on the college football field like his father before marrying Pam Dawber, the star of the Mork and Mindy situation comedy. Mark Harmon also became the most famous actor in the family so far, currently starring in the long-running NCIS television series.

In this adventure Elyse Knox is the daughter of an Army Colonel who is attracted to the book-worm nerd army Sargent Dodo Doubleday. Doubleday is a mental genius, but a physical softie who stumbles through the adventure, accidentally giving the Colonel and his daughter the impression that he is the best marksman in the Army, while in fact he is by far the worst. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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