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“Tennessee’s Partner” - Cowboy Western Adventure
released on September 21, 1955
running time 1 hour and 23 minutes

The Actors: John Payne (Tennessee, gambler), Ronald Reagan (cowpoke), Rhonda Fleming (Elizabeth 'Duches' Farnham), Coleen Gray (Goldie Slater), Anthony Caruso (Turner), Morris Ankrum (Judge Parker), Angie Dickinson (Abby Dean), Leo Gordon (Sheriff), Chubby Johnson (Grubstake McNiven), Joe Devlin (Prendergast), Myron Healey (Reynolds, gunslinger), John Mansfield (Clifford), Fred Aldrich (townsman), Walter Bacon (townsman), George Barrows (townsman), John Barton (townsman), Chet Brandenburg (dock worker), John Cason (townsman), Albert Cavens (townsman), George DeNormand (barfly), Duke Fishman (townsman), Sam Harris (bordello guest), Al Haskell (bordello guest)

Here Come’s the Bride, but The Lady’s a Tramp, Death to the Best Man

Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan was the 40th President of the United States, and was know as ‘The Great Communicator,’ possibly because of his cowboy movie background. As a young actor, he proclaimed that he wanted to become a cowboy movie star like his hero, silent movie cowboy star Tom Mix. With his self-deprecating humor, he once said with a smile, “If someone was casting a Western, I’d be the lawyer from the East.”

In this adventure he is a gold miner and not a cowboy, but handles his gun like the best of them. He is a lonely gold miner called Cowpoke, digging in the hills of California outside a small town. This day he is taking a big bag of gold to town where he will meet his sweetheart. He has bought her a wedding dress and has a fortune in gold to give her as a wedding present. She will arrive the next day on a paddlewheel steam boat, and they will get married and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, as he enters the small town, he watches a professional gambler being ambushed by a loser at a recent poker game. The loser is about to take the gambler outside the town and kill him. So, like any good cowpoke, he shoots it out with the ambusher, saving the man’s life. The gambler and the gold miner will become good friends, until Cowpoke’s new bride arrives on the paddlewheel boat.

This movie is one of the last motion pictures that Ronald Reagan will star in before moving to television, and then to politics, on his way to the White House. Some people believe that his secret to communicating big ideas in a simple way was because he framed things like a good cowboy movie plot. There were good guys and bad guys, and there is no doubt about who is who. Very simple and easy to understand. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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