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“The Back Page” - Newspaper Reporter Crime Adventure
released on June 1, 1934
running time 64 minutes

The Actors: Peggy Shannon (Jerry Hampton), Russell Hopton (Brice Regal), Claude Gillingwater (Sam Webster, small town newspaper owner), Edwin Maxwell (Martin Blake, banker, Brice's uncle), Sterling Holloway (Bill Giddings, sports reporter), Rockliffe Fellowes (John Levings, oil man, Smith's brother-in-law), Richard Tucker (John H. Smith, chain department store owner), Bryant Washburn (New York City newspaper owner Barman), David Callis (Nathan Young, department store owner), Sidney Bracey (Edgar Ashe, advertising department), Ottola Nesmith (Gertrude Mellon, society editor), Harvey Clark (Luke Collins, press operator), Maude Truax (Mrs. Emma Blake), Hayden Stevenson (Barrows, NYC city editor), Otto Hoffman (lawyer), Nelson McDowell (train station taxi driver)

Too Pretty to be Smart, Too Smart to be Ignored, Too Determined to Quit

Peggy ShannonWinona Sammon was born on January 10 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, in the living area above her parent’s store. As a youngster she enjoyed learning how to play piano and violin, wanting to become a teacher when she grew up. All that changed when actress Madge Evans visited Pine Bluff promoting her line of custom-designed hats. Suddenly, she wanted to become an actress and enjoy the limelight of fame.

Fortunately, she had a beautiful face, gorgeous wavy red hair and piercing blue-grey eyes. While visiting an aunt in New York City, she had the chance to meet Flo Ziegfeld, and was immediately given a contract to become a Ziegfeld Follies girl. That would lead to a Hollywood career like few actors could imagine, using the name Peggy Shannon, but the pressures of fame would affect her greatly.

In 1932 Elsie Pierce, a noted lecturer on female beauty, declared that no matter what Peggy wears, she looks like she was poured into the garment, saying “No gown can look bad on her.” This same year she was famously featured in a beach photo clad in a beach scarf, looking seductively sensuous. She is the toast of Hollywood and the world.

In this adventure Peggy Shannon is a feisty and forceful newspaper reporter in New York City, loving the scent of a hot story more than the thought of marrying her reporter boyfriend and becoming a housewife. Unfortunately, she brings in a hot scoop about a wealthy department store mogul, and the owner of the newspaper refuses to print the story, and she loses her job. Instead of marrying her boyfriend, she heads across the country to a small-town newspaper that is always a week away from closing. The powerful men of the town control everything in the town, but they cannot control her. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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