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“The Groom Wore Spurs” - Hollywood Murder Romantic Situation Comedy
released on September 7, 1951
running time 1 hour and 21 minutes

The Actors: Ginger Rogers (A.J. (Abigail Jane) Furnival), Jack Carson (Ben Castle), Joan Davis (Alice Dean), Stanley Ridges (Harry Kallen, gangster), John Litel (Uncle George, Police Chief), James Brown (Steve Hall, Castle's pilot), Victor Sen Yung (Ignacio, Castle's butler), Mira McKinney (Mrs. Forbes, Castle's cook), Gordon Nelson (Ricky, Kallen's bodyguard), George Meader (bellboy), Kemp Niver (Tony Lomak, killer), Robert Williams (Jake Harris), Don Brodie (card player), Benny Burt (card player), Robert Carson (hotel desk clerk), George Chesebro (Sam Taylor), John Eldredge (J.N. Bergen, movie studio head), Douglas Evans (reporter), Franklyn Farnum (the Reverend), John Gallaudet (card player), Ross Hunter (Austin Tindale), Jess Kirkpatrick (uniformed policeman), Kate Drain Lawson (witness), George Pembroke (Fred Hillman, prosecutor), William 'Bill' Phillips (uniformed policeman), Ralph Whorf (film director Richard Whorf), Ralph Roberts (truck driver), Allen K. Wood (studio photographer)

The Kissing Cowboy, the Hollywood Honeymoon and the Best Revenge

Jack Carson, Ginger RogersJohn Elmer ‘Jack’ Carson was born in Carman, Manitoba, Canada in 1910, but the family soon moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Like many comedians, much of his comedy was born in misfortune. He learned early that people loved to laugh at the misfortune of others. Jack Carson was a bit of a philosopher, and explained that when people were laughing at his misfortunes on stage, they were not laughing at him, but rather at the knowledge that they also have had the misfortunes. He believed that he was like a doctor who could turn the grief of the audience into gladness as they laughed at the misfortunes that we all experience one time or another.

In the 1940’s he tried to enlist in the U.S. Army Air Corps to fight in World War Two, but although he was already an accomplished pilot, he was too large, and had flat feet, and was rejected. During this time, between motion pictures, he would disappear from sight for months at a time, and no one except his wife knew where he went, and she kept his secret. It turns out that the famous movie star would travel with the Clyde Beatty circus, disguised as a clown, entertaining circus audiences around the country.

In this romantic comedy farce, he is a famous cowboy movie star who hates horses, but loves to romance the admiring young ladies who crowd around him. As our adventure opens, Ginger Rogers, as attorney A.J. Furnival, visits the movie star to represent him because he owes a gambling debt to a Las Vegas gangster. The movie star cannot pay the debt, and is afraid that the gangster will call in his boys with guns to settle the debt. How could a beautiful young lady lawyer help to persuade the gangster to go easy on the Hollywood cowboy? We will discover that the lady lawyer and the gambling gangster have a very solid connection, and it will make all the difference in the world, . . . . until the murder. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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