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“Symphony of Living” - Papa-in-crisis Drama
released on January 20, 1935
running time 1 hour and 13 minutes

The Actors: Al Shean (Adolph Greig), Evelyn Brent (Paula Greig Rupert), Charles Judels (Rozzini), John Darrow (Richard Greig), Albert Conti (Mancini, concert manager), Lester Lee (Carl Rupert), Gigi Parrish (Carmen Rozzini), Richard Tucker (Michael Rupert), John Harron (Herb Livingston), Ferike Boros (Mary Schultz, Rupert maid), Ferdinand Schumann-Heink (the doctor), Carl Stockdale (the judge), William Worthington (Symphony Chairman), Leslie Goodwins (Oboe player), Gregory Golubeff (Max, violinist), Demetrius Alexis (the music lover), Lionel Backus (dance extra), Eddie Baker (detective), Lynton Brent (man in audience), Jay Eaton (Paula's beau), Lee Phelps (detective), Alexander Pollard (Rupert's butler), Larry Steers (man in audience), Johnny Winters (short cellist)

The Greatest Gift an Old Man Could Get

Al Shean and John DarrowIn my mind, I have divided the world into two basic human types . . . Those who find joy in giving and those who find joy in taking. I was brought up around rural farmers, and I live by their rules – I will harvest exactly what I plant, in greater abundance than what was planted. If I plant generosity, I will harvest all good things in abundance, if I plant greed, I will harvest grief.

Papa Adolph Greig is a happy giver, but his grown son and daughter are unhappy takers. Papa Greig is part of the Cosmpopolitan Symphony and is about to become the first violinist. . . . . the Concert Master. He will harvest the rewards of his life of generosity and hard work.

Now papa will have more money to support his adult daughter who likes to party the night away and is much too tired in the daytime to get a job. He will have more money for son Richard, who likes to drink and listen to boogie-woogie music and wear expensive clothes, but can never find a job that suits him. Fortunately, Papa is a giver and is happy to give them everything that they need.

Unfortunately for Papa, he has an accident that ruins his hand and he can never play the violin again. Now the man who gives whatever he has to anyone who is in need, cannot give his children the life that they enjoy. Will his children finally turn a new leaf and work to help disabled Papa? Of course not, they will both leave home because they can no longer get any money out of Papa. Papa is now alone, without any way to earn a living, and without anyone to help him.

Did I say ‘Unfortunately for Papa’? – I forgot, he plants good things, and his kids only take what they have not planted. Papa is a giver, planting seeds of good for many years. The storms may come, the winds may blow, but Papa will harvest what he planted. . . . in Abundance! And his two children, who planted nothing but greed? They also will harvest what they have planted. . . .in Abundance! Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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