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“The Courageous Dotor Christian” - Small Town Feel-Good Medical Adventure
released on April 5, 1940
running time 66 minutes

The Actors: Jean Hersholt (Dr. Paul Christian), Dorothy Lovett (Judy Price), Robert Baldwin (Roy Davis), Tom Neal (Dave Williams), Maude Eburne (Mrs. Hastings), Vera Lewis (Mrs. Norma Stewart), George Meader (store owner Harry Johnson), Bobby Larson (Jack Williams), Bobette Bentley (Ruth Williams), Reginald Barlow (Sam), Jacqueline De River (Martha), Edmund Glover (Tommy Wood), Mary Davenport (Jane Wood), Earle Ross (Grandpa), Sylvia Andrew (Mrs. Sam), Catherine Courtney (Mrs. Morris), Al Bridge (hte Sheriff), James C. Morton (Bailey), Fred Holmes (Wilson), Frank LaRue (Stanley), Budd Buster (Jones), Broderick O'Farrell (Harris), Heinie Conklin (pinball addict), Harry Hayden (gossiper on the phone)

The Marriage Proposal, the Two Little Kids, and the Evils of Pinball

Jean Hersholt and Vera LewisAs our adventure opens, Doctor Christian is visiting Squatter’s Town, the slum area just outside the town of River’s Edge. He discovers two small urchins and their big brother trying to live in a condemned shack.

They have no father or mother, and to get money for food, their big brother searches through the town junk yard for items to sell. Disease is rampant and the Doctor does all he can to help keep them well, but it is an uphill battle because the people living in Squatter’s Town cannot afford housing that can shelter them from the elements.

Doctor Christian would like to get the wealthy people in River’s Edge to build low-cost housing for the people in Squatter’s Town. He tells the town leaders that no sacrifice is too great and they should agree to finance construction in the empty lot owned by wealthy widow Stewart.

The wealthy but lonely widow will donate the land free of charge, but only if Doctor Christian will agree to marry her! Doctor Christian swallows hard and decides that no sacrifice is too great to help the poor people of Squatter’s Town, and he agrees to marry the wealthy widow.

Talk about Courage. . . . This may be Dr. Christian's most courageous hour. Unfortunately, even when he agrees to marry widow Stewart, the town leaders refuse to finance the project. Doctor Christian is really in a pickle now. But wait, . . . . There will be a crises much larger than the doctor’s wedding day. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter drizzled over it and enjoy the show.

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