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Movies to watch, enjoy and download from the 1950's

You can watch these classic movies from the 1950’s right here in a large screen format, and you can download and keep them, courtesy of Jimbo Berkey.

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January 1, 1950 - What The Butler Saw - British Slapstick Comedy
Starring Edward Rigby, Henry Mollison, Mercy Haystead, Anne Valery

January 11, 1950 - Randolph Scott in "The Nevadan" - 1950
Starring Randolph Scott, Forrest Tucker, Dorothy Malone, Frank Faylen

January 18, 1950 - The File on Thelma Jordon - Noir Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Wendell Corey, Paul Kelly, Joan Tetzel

January 18, 1950 - The Man on the Eiffel Tower - Murder-for-Hire Detective Adventure
Starring Charles Laughton, Franchot Tone, Burgess Meredith, Jean Wallace

February 2, 1950 - The Sundowners - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Robert Preston, Robert Sterling, Chill Wills, John Drew Barrymore

February 20, 1950 - Three Came Home - WWII Prisoner of War Drama
Starring Claudette Colbert, Patric Knowles, Florence Desmond, Sessue Hayakawa

February 20, 1950 - Guilty of Treason - Cold War Hungarian Drama
Starring Charles Bickford, Bonita Granville, Paul Kelly, Richard Derr

February 21, 1950 - No Man of Her Own - Noir Murder Drama Thriller
Starring Barbara Stanwick, John Lund, Jane Cowl, Milburn Stone

March 1, 1950 - The Great Rupert - Family Christmas Classic
Starring Jimmy Durante, Terry Moore, Tom Drake, Frank Orth

March 1, 1950 - Borderline - Noir Drug Smuggling Adventure
Starring Fred MacMurray, Claire Trevor, Raymond Burr, José Torvay

March 3, 1950 - Forbidden Jungle - Jungle Adventure
Starring Don C. Harvey, Forrest Taylor, Alyce Lewis, Robert Cabal

March 20, 1950 - The Angel with the Trumpet - British Romantic Situation Drama
Starring Eileen Herlie, Basil Sydney, Norman Wooland, Maria Schell

March 23, 1950 - The Fighting Stallion - Western Ranch Horse Adventure
Starring Bill Edwards, Doris Merrick, Forrest Taylor, Robert Carson

March 24, 1950 - Quicksand - Noir Crime Drama
Starring Mickey Rooney, Jeanne Cagney, Barbara Bates, Peter Lorre

April 6, 1950 - The Big Lift - Berlin Cold War Military Adventure
Starring Montgomery Clift, Paul Douglas, Cornell Borchers, Bruni Löbel

April 8, 1950 - The Capture - Mexican Murder Crime Adventure
Starring Lew Ayres, Teresa Wright, Jacqueline White, Victor Jory

May 1, 1950 - The Reluctant Widow - British Gothic Romantic Spy Adventure
Starring Jean Kent, Guy Rolfe, Paul Dupuis, Kathleen Byron

May 2, 1950 - Prelude to Fame - British-Italian Prodigy Adventure
Starring Jeremy Spenser, Kathleen Byron, Guy Rolfe, Henry Oscar

May 5, 1950 - Johnny One-Eye - Noir Crime Drama
Starring Pat O'Brien, Wayne Morris, Dolores Moran, Gayle Reed

May 16, 1950 - The Jackie Robinson Story - Baseball Biographical Drama
Starring Jackie Robinson, Ruby Dee, Minor Watson

June 1, 1950 - Tony Draws a Horse - British Madcap Situation Comedy
Starring Anne Crawford, Cecil Parker, Barbara Everest, Derek Bond

July 2, 1950 - The Second Woman - Noir Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Betsy Drake, Robert Young, John Sutton,, Florence Bates

August 4, 1950 - The Admiral Was A Lady - Romantic Situation Comedy
Starring Edmond O'Brien, Wanda Hendrix, Rudy Vallee, Hillary Brook

September 1, 1950 - High Lonesome - Western Murder Mystery
Starring John Drew Barrymore, Chill Wills, John Archer, Lois Butler

October 8, 1950 - Cherokee Uprising - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Whip Wilson, Andy Clyde, Lois Hall, Sam Flint

November 1, 1950 - The Sun Sets at Dawn - Electric Chair Crime Drama
Starring Sally Parr, Patrick Waltz, Walter Reed, Lee Frederick

November 1, 1950 - Prehistoric Women - Science Fiction Adventure
Starring Laurette Luez, Allan Nixon, Joan Shawlee, Judy Landon

November 2, 1950 - Again Pioneers - Immigration Situation Drama
Starring Colleen Townsend, Tom Powers, Sarah Padden, Regis Toomey

November 16, 1950 - Cyrano de Bergerac - Costume Romantic Action Adventure
Starring Jose Ferrer, Mala Powers, William Prince, Moris Carnovsky

November 29, 1950 - Woman on the Run - Noir Murder Crime Thriller
Starring Ann Sheridan, Dennis O'Keefe, Robert Keith, Frank Jenks

November 30, 1950 - Black Jack - Mediterranean Smuggling Adventure
Starring George Sanders, Patricia Roc, Agnes Moorehead, Herbert Marshall

December, 1950 - One Too Many - Family Drama
Starring Ruth Warrick, Richard Travis, William Tracy, Rhys Williams

December 8, 1950 - Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill - Situation Comedy Adventure
Starring Clem Bevans, Virginia Grey, Cecil Kellaway, David Bruce

December 12, 1950 - Try and Get Me! - Crime Murder Adventure
Starring Frank Lovejoy, Lloyd Bridges, Richard Carlson, Kathleen Ryan

December 26, 1950 - The Man Who Cheated Himself - Noir Crime Murder Drama
Starring Jane Wyatt, Lee J. Cobb, Harlan Ward, Charles Arnt

December 31, 1950 - Midnight Episode - British Murder Mystery
Starring Stanley Holloway, Leslie Dwyer, Reginald Tate, Meredith Edwards

December 31, 1950 - At War with the Army - Cornball Situation Comedy
Starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Jean Ruth, Polly Bergen


Unknown day, 1951 - Three Steps North - Italian Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Lloyd Bridges, Lea Padovani, Aldo Fabrizi, William Tubbs

Unknown day, 1951 - Racket Girls - Female Wrestling Crime Adventure
Starring Peaches Page, Timothy Farrell, Clara Mortensen, Rita Martinez

January, 1951 - All That I Have - Religious Situation Crime Adventure
Starring Houseley Stevenson, Donald Woods, Onslow Stevens, Robert Stevenson

January 1, 1951 - The Third Visitor - British Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Sonia Dresdel, Eleanor Summerfield, Guy Middleton, Hubert Gregg

January 26, 1951 - Tokyo File 212 - Communist Espionage Adventure
Starring Florence Marly, Lee Frederick, Katsuhiko Haida, Tetsu Nakamura

February 3, 1951 - Cry Danger - Film Noir Crime Adventure
Starring Dick Powell, Regis Toomey, Rhonda Fleming, William Conrad

February 6, 1951 - The Long Dark Hall - British Serial Murder Thriller
Starring Rex Harrison, Lilli Palmer, Raymond Huntley, Patricia Cutts

February 6, 1951 - Vengeance Valley - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Burt Lancaster, Robert Walker, Joanne Dru, Sally Forrest

March 1, 1951 - Three Guys Named Mike - Stewardess Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring Jane Wyman, Van Johnson, Howard Keel, Barry Sullivan

March 1, 1951 - To Have and To Hold - British Upper Crust Drama
Starring Avis Scott, Patrick Barr, Robert Ayres, Eunice Gayson

March 8, 1951 - Three Husbands - Romantic Situation Comedy
Starring Eve Arden, Ruth Warrick, Vanessa Brown, Howard Da Silva

March 22, 1951 - Mr. Peek-a-Boo - French Romantic Crime Situation Comedy
Starring Bourvil, Joan Greenwood, Roger Tréville, Jacques Erwin

March 23, 1951 - Royal Wedding - Musical Romantic Comedy
Starring Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Peter Lawford, Sara Churchill

March 30, 1951 - Cause for Alarm - Noir Murder Crime Thriller
Starring Barry Sullivan, Loretta Young, Bruce Cowling, Margalo Gillmore

March 30, 1951 - Behave Yourself! - Romantic Gangster Crime Comedy
Starring Farley Granger, Shelly Winters, William Demarest, Lon Chaney Jr.

April 27, 1951 - Father's Little Dividend - Romantic Comedy
Starring Spencer Tracy, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Bennett, Paul Harvey

May 4, 1951 - The Painted Hills - Pre-Teen Family Gold Digging Adventure
Starring Lassie, Paul Kelly, Bruce Cowling, Gary Gray, Art Smith

May 18, 1951 - New Mexico - Cavalry vs. Indians Western Adventure
Starring Lew Ayres, Marilyn Maxwell, Ted de Corsia, Raymond Burr

May 18, 1951 - Hometown Story - Political Drama
Starring Donald Crisp, Marilyn Monroe, Alan Hale Jr.

May 19, 1951 - The Fat Man - Detective Murder Mystery
Starring J. Scott Smart, Julie London, Rock Hudson

June 14, 1951 - The Man With My Face - Murder Crime Thriller
Starring Barry Nelson, Carole Mathews, Lynn Ainley, Jack Warden

July 5, 1951 - The Hoodlum - Noir Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Lawrence Tierney, Allene Roberts, Marjorie Riordan, Edward Tierney

July 16, 1951 - Why Husbands Leave Home - Hollywood Make-up Lesson
Starring Richard Denning, Julie Bishop, Ern Westmore, Ginger Prince

August, 1951 - The Basketball Fix - Sports Gambling Crime Adventure
Starring John Ireland, Marshall Thompson, Vanessa Brown, William Bishop

August 1, 1951 - A Case for PC 49 - British Constable Crime Adventure
Starring Brian Reece, Joy Shelton, Christine Norden, Leslie Bradley

August 21, 1951 - St. Benny the Dip - Crime Comedy
Starring Dick Haymes, Nina Foch, Roland Young, Lionel Stander

August 22, 1951 - My Outlaw Brother - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Mickey Rooney, Wanda Hendrix, Robert Preston, Robert Stack

September 3, 1951 - Happy Go Lovely - Feel-Good Musical Romantic Comedy
Starring David Niven, Vera Ellen, Cesar Romero, Diane Hart

September 7, 1951 - The Groom Wore Spurs - Hollywood Romantic Situation Comedy
Starring Ginger Rogers, Jack Carson, Joan Davis, Stanley Ridges

September 7, 1951 - Two Dollar Bettor - Small Town Crime Adventure
Starring John Litel, Marie Windsor, Steve Brodie, Barbara Billingsley

September 22, 1951 - Go For Broke - WWII Action Adventure
Starring Van Johnson, Lane Nakano, George Miki, Akira Fukunaga

September 23, 1951 - Bowanga Bowanga Wild Women - Jungle Adventure
Starring Lewis Wilson, Don Orlando, Dana Broccoli, Charlene Hawks

October 10, 1951 - Bride of the Gorilla - Jungle Horror Thriller
Starring Barbara Payton, Lon Chaney Jr., Raymond Burr, Tom Conway

October 16, 1951 - Drums in the Deep South - U.S. Civil War Drama
Starring James Craig, Barbara Payton, Guy Madison, Barton MacLane

October 22, 1951 - The Black Widow - British Noir Murder Adventure
Starring Christine Norden, Robert Ayres, Jennifer Jayne, Anthony Forwood

October 25, 1951 - Stronghold - Historical Revolutionary Drama
Starring Veronica Lake, Zachary Scott, Arturo de Cordova, Irene Ajay

October 26, 1951 - Unknown World - Sci-Fi Journey to the Center of the Earth
Starring Bruce Kellogg, Otto Waldis, Jim Bannon, Marilyn Nash

November 6, 1951 - Green Grow the Rushes - British Situation Comedy Adventure
Starring Roger Livesey, Honor Blackman, Richard Burton, Frederick Leister


unknown day, 1952 - Vampire Over London - British Horror Slapstick Comedy
Starring Arthur Lucan, Bela Lugosi, Dora Bryan, Philip Leaver

January 1, 1952 - Death of an Angel - British Murder Mystery
Starring Raymond Young, Jean Lodge, Patrick Barr, Julie Somers

January 6, 1952 - The Lady Says 'No' - Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring Joan Caulfield, David Niven, James Robertson Justice, Frances Bavier

January 8, 1952 - The Bushwhackers - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring John Ireland, Dorothy Malone, Lon Chaney Jr., Myrna Dell

January 31, 1952 - The Green Glove - Jewel Heist Romantic Adventure
Starring Glenn Ford, Geraldine Brooks, George Macready, Cedric Hardwicke

February 5, 1952 - The Late Edwina Black - British Romantic Murder Mystery
Starring David Farrar, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Roland Culver, Jean Cadell

February 5, 1952 - The Big Trees - Lumber Baron Action Adventure
Starring Kirk Douglas, Eve Miller, Patrice Wymore, Edgar Buchanan

February 8, 1952 - Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Clayton Moore, Slim Andrews, Charles Harvey, Chief Yowlachie

February 8, 1952 - Colorado Sundown - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring June Vincent, Slim Pickens, Rex Allen, Mary Ellen Kay

February 11, 1952 - The Happy Family - British Situation Comedy Adventure
Starring Stanley Holloway, Kathleen Harrison, Naunton Wayne, Dandy Nichols

March, 1952 - The Pace that Thrills - Motorcycle Racing Action Adventure
Starring Bill Williams, Carla Balenda, Robert Armstrong, Frank McHugh

March 1, 1952 - The Frightened Man - British Jewel Thief Adventure
Starring Dermot Walsh, Charles Victor, Barbara Murray Michael Ward

March 19, 1952 - The Snows of Kilimanjaro - Romantic Safari Adventure
Starring Gregory Peck, Susan Hayward, Ava Gardner, Leo G. Carroll

March 19, 1952 - Mutiny - British Navy Adventure
Starring Mark Stevens Angela Lansbury

April 12, 1952 - Jack and the Beanstalk - Fairy Tale Comedy
Starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Buddy Baer, Shaye Cogan

May 1, 1952 - Kid Monk Baroni - Boxing Action Adventure
Starring Leonard Nimoy, Allene Roberts, Bruce Cabot, Mona Knox

May 1, 1952 - Gobs and Gals - Navy Spy Situation Comedy
Starring George Bernard, Bert Bernard, Robert Hutton, Cathy Downs

May 2, 1952 - Geisha Girl - Madcap Situation Spy Comedy
Starring Steve Forrest, Martha Hyer, Archer MacDonald, Tetsu Nakamura

May 8, 1952 - Without Warning! - Psychotic Serial Killer Thriller
Starring Adam Williams, Meg Randall, Edward Binns, Harlan Warde

May 16, 1952 - Kangaroo, The Australian Story - Australian Adventure Drama
Starring Maureen O'Hara, Peter Lawford, Finlay Currie, Richard Boone

June, 1952 - Castle In The Air - Scottish Comedy Adventure
Starring Margaret Rutherford, David Tomlinson, Helen Cherry, Barbara Kelly

June 15, 1952 - I Dream of Jeanie - Biographical Musical Drama
Starring Ray Middleton, Bill Shirley, Muriel Lawrence, Eileen Christy

July 16, 1952 - Love Island - South Seas Romantic Comedy
Starring Paul Valentine, Eva Gabor

September 10, 1952 - Affair in Monte Carlo - Romantic Drama
Starring Merle Oberon, Richard Todd, Leo Genn, Stephen Murray

September 12, 1952 - Untamed Women - Pre-Historic South Seas Island Adventure
Starring Mikel Conrad, Doris Merrick, Richard Monahan, Autumn Russell

September 15, 1952 - Sarumba - Brazilian Romantic Musical Adventure
Starring Michael Whalen, Doris Dowling, Tommy Wonder, Dee Tatum

October, 1952 - A Killer Walks - British Murder Drama
Starring Laurence Harvey, Trader Faulkner, Susan Shaw, Laurence Naismith

October 8, 1952 - Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla - Sci-Fi Horror Comedy
Starring Bela Lugosi, Duke Mitchell, Sammy Petrillo

November 1, 1952 - Made in Heaven - British Situation Comedy
Starring David Tomlinson, Petula Clark, Sonja Ziemann, A.E. Matthews

November 11, 1952 - Kansas City Confidential - Noir Crime Drama
Starring John Payne, Coleen Grey

November 19, 1952 - Road to Bali - Comedy
Starring Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour

December 7, 1952 - Babes in Bagdad - Situation Comedy Adventure
Starring Paulette Goddard, Gypsy Rose Lee, Richard Ney, Sebastian Cabot

December 10, 1952 - Invasion U.S.A. - A-Bomb Nuclear War Thriller
Starring Gerald Mohr, Peggie Castle, Dan O'Herlihy, Tom Kennedy

December 23, 1952 - The Man in the Attic - Jack-the-Ripper Murder Adventure
Starring Jack Palance, Constance Smith, Rhys Williams, Frances Bavier


Unknown day, 1953 - The Broken Horseshoe - British Murder Crime Adventure
Starring Robert Beatty, Elizabeth Sellars, Peter Coke, Ferdy Mayne

Unknown day, 1953 - The Flaming Urge - Firebug Crime Drama
Starring Harold Lloyd Jr., Cathy Downs, Byron Foulger, Jonathan Hale

January 13, 1953 - Decameron Nights - Italian Love Stories
Starring Louis Jourdan, Joan Fontaine, Joan Collins, Binnie Barnes

January 23, 1953 - Guerrilla Girl - Greek War Romantic Drama
Starring Helmut Dantine, Marianna, Irene Champlin, Ray Julian

January 28, 1953 - Never Wave at a WAC - Army Romantic Comedy Adventure
Starring Rosalind Russell, Paul Douglas, Marie Wilson, William Ching

February 1, 1953 - Black Orchid - British Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Ronald Howard, Olga Edwardes, John Bentley, Mary Laura Wood

February 20, 1953 - Dance Hall Racket - Dance Hall Murder Crime Adventure
Starring Lenny Bruce, Timothy Farrell, Honey Bruce Friedman, Sally Marr

February 20, 1953 - Sword of Venus - Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Robert Clarke, Catherine McLeod, Dan O'Herlihy, William Schallert

February 22, 1953 - Kansas Pacific - Railroad Sabotage Adventure
Starring Sterling Hayden, Eve Miller, Barton MacLane, Harry Shannon

March 15, 1953 - Born to the Saddle - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Leif Erickson, Donald Woods, Chuck Courtney, Karen Morley

March 20, 1953 - Perils of the Jungle - Wild Animal Jungle Adventure
Starring Clyde Beatty, Stanley Farrar, Phyllis Coates, John Doucette

March 27, 1953 - Son of the Renegade - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Johnny Carpenter, Lori Irving, Joan McKellen, Valley Keene

March 30, 1953 - The Hitch-Hiker - Noir Crime Thriller
Starring Edmond O'Brien, Frank Lovejoy, William Talman, Jose Torvay

April 2, 1953 - Indiscretion of an American Wife - Italian Romantic Infidelity Drama
Starring Jennifer Jones, Montgomery Clift, Gino Cervi, Richard Beymer

May 8, 1953 - Martin Luther - Historic Rebellion Adventure
Starring Niall MacGinnis, Guy VErney, Alastair Hunter, Heinz Piper

May 15, 1953 - Phantom From Space - Science Fiction Adventure
Starring Ted Cooper, Harry Landers, Noreen Nash, James Seay

June 17, 1953 - Mesa of Lost Women - Sci-Fi Spider Woman Thriller
Starring Jackie Coogan, Tandra Quinn, Paula Hill, Robert Knapp

June 23, 1953 - The Marshal's Daughter - Vaudeville Cowgirl Comedy Adventure
Starring Laurie Anders, Hoot Gibson, Ken Murray, Harry Lauter, Bob Duncan

July 1, 1953 - Wheel of Fate - British Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Patric Doonan, Sandra Dorne, Bryand Forbes, John Horsley

July 30, 1953 - Fort Algiers - French Foreign Legion Romantic Spy Adventure
Starring Yvonne De Carlo, Raymond Burr, Carlos Thompson, Leif Erickson

September 12, 1953 - Captain Scarlett - Family-Friendly Caped Crusader Adventure
Starring Richard Greene, Leonora Amar, Nedrick Young, Manuel Fabregas

September 18, 1953 - The Joe Louis Story - Biographical Boxing Drama
Starring Corey Wallace, Hilda Simms, Paul Stewart, James Edwards

October 1, 1953 - The Straw Man - British Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Dermot Walsh, Clifford Evans, Lana Morris, Amy Dalby

October 1, 1953 - Albert R.N. - British Prisoner of War Adventure
Starring Anthony Steel, Jack Warner, Robert Beatty, William Sylvester

October 2, 1953 - Mantrap - British Murder Detective Mystery
Starring Paul Henreid, Lois Maxwell, Kieron Moore, Hugh Sinclair

October 12, 1953 - The Saint's Girl Friday - British Murder Crime Mystery
Starring Louis Hayward, Naomi Chance, Jane Carr, Thomas Gallagher

October 15, 1953 - Captain Scarface - Atomic Espionage Spy Thriller
Starring Barton MacLane, Virginia Grey, Leif Erickson, Peter Coe

October 16, 1953 - Appointment in Honduras - Jungle Hostage Crime Adventure
Starring Glenn Ford, Ann Sheridan, Zachary Scott, Jack Elam

November 1, 1953 - The Fighting Men - Italian Sicilian Mafia Adventure
Starring Rossano Brazzi, Claudine Dupuis, Ignazio Balsamo, Natale Cirino

November 4, 1953 - Man of Conflict - Father vs. Son Conflict Drama
Starring Edward Arnold, John Agar, Susan Morrow, Fay Roope

December, 1953 - Escape by Night - British Gangster-in-Hiding Adventure
Starring Bonar Colleano, Sidney James, Andrew Ray,Simone Silva

December 2, 1953 - Beneath the 12-Mile Reef - Romantic Sponge Diving Adventure
Starring Robert Wagner, Terry Moore, Peter Graves, Gilbert Roland

December 3, 1953 - The Bigamist - Marriage Infidelity Drama
Starring Joan Fontaine, Ida Lupino, Edmund Gwenn, Edmond O'Brien

December 11, 1953 - The Limping Man - British Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Lloyd Bridges, Moira Lister, Alan Wheatley, Hélène Cordet

December 11, 1953 - Violated - Serial Killer Crime Adventure
Starring William Holland, Lili Dawan, Mitchell Kowall, Vicki Carlson

December 15, 1953 - Girl on the Run - Carnival Burlesque Girl Murder Adventure
Starring Richard Coogan, Rosemary Pettit, Frank Albertson, Edith King

December 17, 1953 - Beat the Devil - Situation Comedy Crime Adventure
Starring Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer Jones, Gina Lollobrigida, Robert Morley, Peter Lorre


Unknown day - Girl Gang - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Joanne Arnold, Timothy Farrell, Harry Keaton, Mary Lou O'Connor

January 1954 - A Life at Stake - Noir Romantic Murder Thriller
Starring Angela Lansbury, Keith Andes, Douglass Dumbrille, Claudia Barrett

January 1, 1954 - White Fire - British Gangster Murder Adventure
Starring Scott Brady, Mary Castle, Ferdy Mayne, Colin Tapley

January 20, 1954 - Front Page Story - British Newspaper Situation Drama
Starring Jack Hawkins, Elizabeth Allan, Eva Bartok, Derek Farr

January 20, 1954 - Highway Dragnet - Noir Murder Hostage Adventure
Starring Richard Conte, Joan Bennett, Wanda Hendrix, Reed Hadley

January 23, 1954 - Killers from Space - Science Fiction
Starring Peter Graves, Steve Pendleton, James Seay

January 27, 1954 - World for Ransom - Noir Crime Action Adventure
Starring Dan Duryea, Gene Lockhart, Patric Knowles, Marian Carr

February 16, 1954 - The Runaway Bus - British Comedy Crime Adventure
Starring Frankie Howard, Margaret Rutherford, Petula Clark, George Coulouris

February 23, 1954 - Rocky Jones Beyond the Moon - Sci-Fi Outer Space Adventure
Starring Richard Crane, Sally Mansfield, Patsy Parsons, Scotty Beckett

March 27, 1954 - Devil Girl from Mars - Sci-Fi Space Alien Adventure
Starring Patricia Laffan, Hugh McDermott, Adrienne Corri, Hazel Court

March 16, 1954 - Rocky Jones and the Gypsy Moon - Sci-Fi Outer Space Adventure
Starring Richard Crane, Sally Mansfield, Patsy Parsons, Robert Lyden

April 3, 1954 - The Last Time I Saw Paris - Post WW2 Romantic Adventure
Starring Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, Walter Pidgeon, Eva Gabor, Donna Reed

April 5, 1954 - The Sergeant and the Spy - Cold War Spy Comedy
Starring Janis Carter, Richard Ney, John Steinmetz, Lucian B. Garcia

April 16, 1954 - Anne Baxter in Carnival Story - Romantic Carnival Drama
Starring Anne Baxter, Steve Cochran, Lyle Bettger, George Nader

May 8, 1954 - Rocky Jones and the Manhunt in Space - Sci-Fi Outer Space Adventure
Starring Richard Crane, Sally Mansfield, Scotty Beckett, Patsy Parsons

May 12, 1954 - Ed Wood's 'Jail Bait' - Crime Adventure
Starring Lyle Talbot, Steve Reeves, Timothy Farrell, Clancy Malone

May 29, 1954 - The Silver Needle in the Sky - Outer Space Sci-Fi Adventure
Starring Richard Crane, Scotty Beckett, Sally Mansfield, Robert Lyden

July, 1954 - The Embezzler - British Crime Adventure
Starring Charles Victor, Zena Marshall, Cyril Chamberlain, Avice Landone

July 1, 1954 - Delayed Action - British Crime Mystery
Starring Robert Ayres, Alan Wheatley, June Thorburn, Bruce Seton

July 10, 1954 - Rocky Jones in Crash of Moons - Sci-Fi Outer Space Adventure
Starring Richard Crane, Scotty Beckett, Sally Mansfield, Patsy Parsons

August 27, 1954 - Shield for Murder - Noir Cop-Gone-Bad Murder Adventure
Starring Edmond O'Brien, Marla English, John Agar, Carolyn Jones

September 4, 1954 - Jesse James' Women - Romantic Comedy Western Adventure
Starring Don 'Red' Barry, Peggie Castle, Lita Baron, Joyce Barrett

September 17, 1954 - Eight Witnesses - Spy Murder Adventure
Starring Peggy Ann Garner, Dennis Price, Charles Jacquemar, Wolfgang Buttner

October 1, 1954 - Orders are Orders - British Army Base Comedy
Starring Peter Sellers, Tony Hancock, Sidney James, Raymond Huntley

October 7, 1954 - Suddenly - Small-Town Murder Thriller
Starring Frank Sinatra, James Gleason, Nancy Gates, Sterling Hayden

October 29, 1954 - The Golden Mistress - Haitian Voodoo Treasure Hunt
Starring John Agar, Rosemarie Stack, Abner Biberman

November, 1954 - The Snow Creature - Fantasy Monster Adventure
Starring Paul Langton, Leslie Denison, Teru Shimada, Lock Martin

November, 1954 - The White Orchid - Mexican Jungle Love Adventure
Starring Peggie Castle, William Lundigan, Armando Silvestre, Rosenda Monteros

December 8, 1954 - Make Me an Offer - British Romantic Situation Comedy
Starring Peter Finch, Adrienne Corri, Rosalie Crutchley, Finlay Currie

December 8, 1954 - The Atomic Kid - Atomic Bomb Comedy Farce
Starring Mickey Rooney, Robert Strauss, Elaine Devry, Bill Goodwin

December 14, 1954 - Utopia - Comedy
Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Suzy Delair

December 15, 1954 - Hell's Outpost - Mining-Town Action Adventure
Starring Rod Cameron, Joan Leslie, Chill Wills, John Russell


Unknown day, 1955 - Wiretapper - Biographical Crime Adventure
Starring Bill Williams, Georgia Lee, Douglas Kennedy, Reverend Billy Graham

Unknown day, 1955 - Teenage Devil Dolls - Juvenile Delinquent Drug Drama
Starring Barbara Marks, Kurt Martell, Robert A. Sherry, Bamlet Lawrence Price Jr.

February 2, 1955 - Sabaka - Pre-Teen India Jungle Adventure
Starring Nico Marcel, Boris Karloff, Reginald Denny, June Foray

February 13, 1955 - The Big Combo - Noir Gangster Crime Thriller
Starring Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace, Richard Conte, Brian Donlevy

February 15, 1955 - The Fast and The Furious - Car Racing Crime Adventure
Starring John Ireland, Dorothy Malone, Iris Adrian, Bruno VeSota

March 22, 1955 - Yellowneck - Civil War Deserters Drama
Starring Lin McCarthy, Stephen Courtleigh, Berry Kroeger, Bill Mason

March 25, 1955 - Napoléon - French Historical Epic
Starring Raymond Pellegrin, Michéle Morgan, Orson Welles, Erich von Stroheim

March 26, 1955 - Rage at Dawn - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Randolph Scott, Forrest Tucker, Mala Powers, J. Carrol Naish

April 9, 1955 - Escape to Burma - Romantic Jungle Murder Adventure
Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Ryan, David Farrar, Lisa Montell

April 15, 1955 - Rhythm and Blues Revue - Black Cinema Jazz and Blues Revue
Starring Lionel Hampton, Sarah Vaughn, Count Basie, Nat King Cole

June 5, 1955 - The Big Bluff - Crime Drama
Starring John Bromfield, Martha Vickers

July 1, 1955 - Kentucky Rifles - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Chill Wills, Lance Fuller, Sterling Holloway, Cathy Downs

July 7, 1955 - Lay That Rifle Down - Small Town Comedy Adventure
Starring Judy Canova, Robert Lowery, Jacqueline deWit, Richard Deacon

August 4, 1955 - Escapade - British Boarding School Adventure
Starring John Mills, Yvonne Mitchell, Alastair Sim, Jeremy Spenser

August 5, 1955 - The Atomic Man - British Sci-Fi Adventure
Starring Gene Nelson, Faith Domergue, Peter Arne, Joseph Tomelty

August 25, 1955 - The Woman for Joe - British Carnival Love Story
Starring Jimmy Karoubi, George Baker, Diane Cilento, Violet Farebrother

September 1, 1955 - One Way Out - British Crime Drama
Starring Jill Adams, Eddie Byrne, Lyndon Brook, John Chandos

September 9, 1955 - Tennessee's Partner - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring John Payne, Ronald Reagan, Rhonda Fleming, Coleen Gray

October 1, 1955 - They Can't Hang Me - British Atomic Spy Thriller
Starring Terence Morgan, Reginald Beckwith, Anthony Oliver, André Morell

October 27, 1955 - No Man's Woman - Noir Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Marie Windsor, John Archer, Nancy Gates, Jil Jarmyn

November 2, 1955 - The Blue Peter - British Outward Bound Adventure
Starring Kieron Moore, Sarah Lawson, Anthony Newley, Greta Gynt

November 22, 1955 - Fresh From Paris - Hollywood Nightclub Musical Comedy
Starring Forrest Tucker, Margaret Whiting, Dick Wesson, Martha Hyer

December 14, 1955 - Alias John Preston - British Murder Thriller
Starring Christopher Lee, Betta St. John, Alexander Knox, Peter Grant

December 15, 1955 - The Man with the Golden Arm - Noir Crime Murder Adventure
Starring Frank Sinatra, Kim Novak, Eleanor Parker, Arnold Stang

December 22, 1955 - Daughter of Horror - Stupid Awful Excuse for a Movie
Starring Adrienne Barrett, Ed McMahon, Shelley Berman, Bruno VeSota


Unknown day, 1956 - The Violent Years - Ed Wood Crime Thriller
Starring Jean Moorhead, Theresa Hancock, Joanne Cangi, Gloria Farr

Unknown day, 1956 - Rocky Jones and the Menace from Outer Space - Sci-Fi Thriller
Starring Richard Crane, Scotty Beckett, Sally Mansfield, Robert Lyden

January 4, 1956 - The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues - Sci-Fi Horror
Starring Kent Taylor, Cathy Downs, Michael Whalen, Helene Stanton

January 18, 1956 - Postmark for Danger - Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Terry Moore, Robert Beatty, Josephine Griffin, Geoffrey Keen

January 29, 1956 - Warning From Space - Japanese Sci-Fi Thriller
Starring Keizo Kawasaki, Toyomi Karita, Bin Yagasawa, Bontarô Miyake

February 1, 1956 - Manfish - Pirate Treasure Hunt Murder Adventure
Starring John Bromfield, Lon Chaney Jr., Victor Jory, Tessa Prendergast

February 8, 1956 - Time Table - Noir Train Robbery Crime Adventure
Starring Mark Stevens, King Calder, Felicia Farr, Wesley Addy

March 1, 1956 - The Man in the Road - British Spy Adventure
Starring Derek Farr, Ella Raines, Donald Wolfit, Lisa Daniely

March 10, 1956 - Please Murder Me - Noir Murder Drama
Starring Angela Lansbury, Raymond Burr, John Dehner, Lamont Johnson

March 25, 1956 - The Indestructible Man - Sci-Fi Horror Crime Thriller
Starring Lon Chaney Jr., Max Showalter, Marian Carr, Ross Elliott

March 27, 1956 - Patterns - Corporate Competitive Morality Drama
Starring Van Heflin, Ed Begley, Everett Sloan, Elizabeth Wilson

April, 1956 - Walk the Dark Street - Killer Crime Adventure
Starring Chuck Connors, Don Ross, Regina Gleason, Vonne Godfrey

April 1, 1956 - Mohawk - Western Cavalry and Indian Adventure
Starring Scott Brady, Rita Gam, Allison Hayes, Mae Clarke

May, 1956 - Ramsbottom Rides Again - Cowboy Slapstick Comedy
Starring Arthur Askey, Glenn Melvyn, Shani Wallis, Frankie Vaughn

May 18, 1956 - The Flesh Merchant - Exploitation Crime Drama
Starring Joy Reynolds, Lisa Rack, Marko Perri, Norman Wright

May 28, 1956 - Fire Maidens of Outer Space - Science Fiction Space Adventure
Starring Anthony Dexter, Paul Carpenter, Susan Shaw, Jacqueline Curtis

June 13, 1956 - The Proud and Profane - WW2 Romantic War Adventure
Starring William Holden, Deborah Kerr, Thelma Ritter, Marion Ross

June 16, 1956 - I Shot Wild Bill Hickok - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Johnny Carpenter, Tom Brown, Denver Pyle, I. Stanford Jolley

June 17, 1956 - The Naked Hills - California Gold Rush Adventure
Starring David Wayne, Jim Backus, Denver Pyle, Keenan Wynn

July 2, 1956 - A Strange Adventure - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Joan Evans, Ben Cooper, Marla English, Jan Merlin

September 1, 1956 - Fright - Psychological Killer Thriller
Starring Eric Fleming, Nancy Malone, Frank Marth, Dean L. Almquist

October 5, 1956 - Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer - Kentucky Pioneer Adventure
Starring Bruce Bennett, Lon Chaney Jr., Faron Young, Kem Dibbs

October 24, 1956 - Swamp Women - Romantic Crime Thriller
Starring Marie Windsor, Carole Mathews

October 31, 1956 - Dry Rot - British Cornball Comedy Caper
Starring Ronald Shiner, Brian Rix, Sidney James, Peggy Mount

November 15, 1956 - Shake, Rattle and Rock - Musical Rock Drama
Starring Mike Connors, Lisa Gaye, Fats Domino, Tommy Charles

December, 1956 - The Hideout - British Crime Adventure
Starring Dermot Walsh, Rona Anderson, Ronald Howard, Sam Kydd

December 6, 1956 - Roland the Mighty - Italian Peplum War Adventure
Starring Rik Battaglia, Rosanna Schiaffino, Lorella De Luca, Fabrizio Mioni

December 26, 1956 - Rock Rock Rock - Rock 'n Roll Jukebox Musical Adventure
Starring Alan Freed and his Rock 'n Roll Band, Fran Manfred, Tuesday Weld


Unknown day, 1957 - The Incredible Petrified World - Science Fiction Adventure
Starring John Carradine, Robert Clarke, Phyllis Coates, Sheila Noonan

Unknown day, 1957 - The Strange Case of Dr. Manning - British Kidnapping Drama
Starring Greta Gynt, Garard Green, Bruce Seton, Virginia Keiley

Unknown day, 1957 - Final Curtain - Ed Wood 2-reel Cheesy Horror
Starring Duke Moore, Dudley Manlove, Jeannie Stevens

Unknown day, 1957 - Flesh and the Spur - Western Cowboy Adventure
Starring Mike Connors, John Agar, Marla English, Raymond Hatton

February 1, 1957 - Suspended Alibi - British Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Patrick Holt, Honor Blackman, Valentine Dyall, Naomi Chance

February 10, 1957 - Not of This Earth - Sci-Fi Thriller
Starring Paul Birch, Beverly Garland, Morgan Jones, Hank Mann

March 22, 1957 - Curfew Breakers - Teenage Dope-Peddling Crime Adventure
Starring Paul Kelly, Cathy Downs, Regis Toomey, Sheila Urban

June 26, 1957 - The Buckskin Lady - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Patricia Medina, Richard Denning, Gerald Mohr, Henry Hull

July 29, 1957 - The Hypnotist - Psychological Killer Thriller
Starring Paul Carpenter, Patricia Roc, Roland Culver, William Hartnell

November 1, 1957 - The Flying Scot - British Train Robbery Adventure
Starring Lee Patterson, Kay Callard, Alan Gifford, Jeremy Bodkin

November 1, 1957 - Raiders of Old California - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Jim Davis, Lee Van Cleef, Lawrence Dobkin, Harry Lauter

November 18, 1957 - Blonde in Bondage - Swedish Exploitation Crime Drama
Starring Mark Miller, Anita Thallaug, Ruth Johansson, Birgitta Ander

November 26, 1957 - The Pied Piper of Hamelin - Family Musical Fantasy
Starring Van Johnson, Claude Rains, Lori Nelson, Jim Backus

November 27, 1957 - Teenage Thunder - Teenage Hot Rod Coming of Age Adventure
Starring Chuck Courtney, Melinda Byron, Robert Fuller, Paul Bryar

December 6, 1957 - Hell Ship Mutiny - South Seas Island Adventure
Starring Jon Hall, John Carradine, Peter Lorre, Roberta Haynes

December 11, 1957 - Gun Girls - Delinquent Girls Crime Adventure
Starring Eve Brent, Timothy Farrell, Jeanne Ferguson, Jacqueline Park


Unknown day, 1958 - Rocket Attack U.S.A. - Nuclear Rocket Destruction Drama
Starring Monica Davis, John McKay, Art Metrano, Sara Amman

Unknown day, 1958 - The Wild Women of Wongo - Teen Comedy Adventure
Starring Jean Hawkshaw, Johnny Walsh, Adrienne Bourbeau, Mary Ann Webb

January 21, 1958 - The Missouri Traveler - Coming of Age Family Drama
Starring Lee Marvin, Gary Merrill, Brandon De Wilde, Mary Hosford

February 12, 1958 - The Truth About Women - British Romantic Comedy Drama
Starring Laurence Harvey, Julie Harris, Eva Gabor, Diane Cilento

July 1958 - I Bury the Living - Horror Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Richard Boone, Theodore Bikel, Peggy Maurer, Howard Smith

July 15, 1958 - The Case of Mrs. Loring - British Courtroom Divorce Drama
Starring Julie London, Anthony Steel, Basil Sidney, Donald Houston

July 22, 1958 - Hercules - Legendary Fantasy Adventure
Starring Steve Reeves, Sylva Koscina, Fabrizio Mioni, Gianna Maria Canale

August, 1958 - A Lust to Kill - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Jim Davis, Don Megowan, Allison Hayes, Gerald Milton

August, 1958 - Night of the Blood Beast - Roger Corman Sci-Fi Horror Thriller
Starring John Baer, Angela Greene, Ed Nelson, Georgianna Carter

August 1, 1958 - The Screaming Skull - Supernatural Horror Thriller
Starring John Hudson, Peggy Webber, Russ Conway, Alex Nicol

August 15, 1958 - She-gods of Shark Reef - Crime Drama
Starring Bill Cord, Don Durant, Lisa Montell

September 4, 1958 - Lost, Lonely and Vicious - Teenage Coming-of-Age Adventure
Starring Ken Clayton, Barbara Wilson, Lilyan Chauvin, Carol Nugent

September 4, 1958 - The Day The Sky Exploded - Atomic End-of-World Adventure
Starring Paul Hubschmid, Fiorella Mari, Madeleine Fischer, Dario Michaelis

December 2, 1958 - The Invisible Avenger - The Shadow Mystery Adventure
Starring Richard Derr, Mark Daniels, Jeanne Neher, Dan Mullin


Unknown day, 1959 - The Bloody Brood - Beatnik Crime Drama
Starring Peter Falk, Jack Betts, Barbara Lord

Unknown day, 1959 - Teenage Zombies - Teen Drive-In Thriller
Starring Don Sullivan, Katherine Victor, Steve Conte, Brianne Murphy

February 14, 1959 - Hercules Unchained - Italian Sword-and-Sandal Adventure
Starring Steve Reeves, Sylva Koscina, Sylvia Lopez, Gabriele Antonini

February 17, 1959 - House on Haunted Hill - Murder Mystery Horror Thriller
Starring Vincent Price, Carol Ohmart, Richard Long, Carolyn Craig, Elisha Cook Jr.

April, 1959 - Louisiana Hussy - Swamp Vamp Adventure
Starring Nan Peterson, Robert Richards, Peter Coe, Betty Lynn

May 1, 1959 - The Young Land - Cowboy Courtroom Adventure
Starring Patrick Wayne, Dennis Hopper, Yvonne Craig, Dan O'Herlihy

June 1, 1959 - The Rabbit Trap - Family Situation Drama
Starring Ernest Borgnine, David Brian, Kevin Corcoran, June Blair

June 20, 1959 - Teenagers from Outer Space - Romantic Sci-Fi Horror Adventure
Starring David Love, Dawn Bender, Bryan Grant, Harvey B. Dunn

June 25, 1959 - The Killer Shrews - Sci-Fi Horror Adventure
Starring James Best, Ingrid Goude, Ken Curtis, Baruch Lumet

June 25, 1959 - The Giant Gila Monster - Teenage Sci-Fi Horror Adventure
Starring Don Sullivan, Fred Graham, Lisa Simone, Shug Fisher

June 28, 1959 - The Rebel Set - Beatnik Crime Adventure
Starring Gregg Palmer, Kathleen Crowley, Edward Platt, John Lupton

July 15, 1959 - The Angry Hills - British WWII Spy Adventure
Starring Robert Mitchum, Stanley Baker, Elisabeth Müller, Gia Scala

August 9, 1959 - The Bat - Mystery Horror Thriller
Starring Vincent Price, Agnes Moorehead, Gavin Gordon, John Sutton

September 10, 1959 - The Saint Louis Bank Robbery - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Steve McQueen, Crahan Denton, Molly McCarthy, James Dukas

October, 1959 - The Scavengers - Hong Kong Crime Adventure
Starring Vince Edwards, Carol Ohmart, Tamar Benamy, Richard Loo

October, 1959 - Attack of the Giant Leeches - Roger Corman Horror Thriller
Starring Ken Clark, Yvette Vickers, Jan Shepard, Tyler McVey

October 16, 1959 - T-Bird Gang - Hoodlum Crime Adventure
Starring John Brinkley, Ed Nelson, Tony Miller, Pat George

October 21, 1959 - A Bucket of Blood - Roger Corman Horror Thriller
Starring Dick Miller, Barboura Morris, Antony Carbone, Bert Convy

October 30, 1959 - High School Big-Shot - Romantic Crime Drama
Starring Tom Pittman, Virginia Aldridge

October 30, 1959 - Beast from Haunted Cave - Horror Crime Drama
Starring Michael Forest, Sheila Noonan

December 3, 1959 - The Giant of Marathon - Sword & Sandal Adventure
Starring Steve Reeves, Mylène Demongeot, Sergio Fantoni, Daniela Rocca

December 25, 1959 - Cuban Rebel Girls - Cuban War Docu-Drama
Starring Errol Flynn, Beverly Aadland, Marie Edmund, Jackie Jackler