The Law of Contact

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January 1960 - Gangster Story - Gangster Crime Adventure
Starring Walter Matthau, Carol Grace, Bruce MacFarlane, Garry Walberg

January 20, 1960 - The Beatniks - Crime Drama
Starring Tony Travis, Karen Kadler, Peter Breck, Joyce Terry

January 22, 1960 - David and Goliath - Family Bible Story
Starring Orson Welles, Ivica Pajer, Hilton Edwards, Massimo Serato

February 3, 1960 - Unfinished Task - Religious Missionary Adventure
Starring John Bryant, Angie Dickinson, Ray Collins, Katherine Warren

February 3, 1960 - Ma Barker's Killer Brood - Depression Era Gangster Thriller
Starring Lurene Tuttle, Tristram Coffin, Paul Dubov, Myrna Dell

February 12, 1960 - The Wasp Woman - Science Fiction Horror
Starring Susan Cabot, Anthony Eisley, Barboura Morris, William Roerick

February 24, 1960 - The Amazing Transparent Man - Gangster Sci-Fi Crime Adventure
Starring Marguerite Chapman, Douglas Kennedy, James Griffith, Ivan Triesault

February 24, 1960 - Get Outta Town - Jazzy Noir Crime Drama
Starring Doug Wilson, Jeanne Baird, Marilyn O'Connor, Tony Louis

March 19, 1960 - This Rebel Breed - Teen Racial Murder Drama
Starring Rita Moreno, Dyan Cannon, Mark Damon, Jay Novello

April 8, 1960 - Ski Troop Attack - WWII Action Adventure
Starring Roger Corman, Michael Forest, Frank Wolff, Wally Campo

April 8, 1960 - Battle of Blood Island - WWII Action Adventure
Starring Richard Devon, Ron Gans, Roger Corman

April 16, 1960 - Too Hot To Handle - Soho Nightclub Crime Adventure
Starring Jayne Mansfield, Danik Patisson, Christopher Lee, Leo Genn

May 7, 1960 - The Slowest Gun in the West - Comedy Farce Cowboy Western
Starring Phil Silvers, Jack Benny, Ted de Corsia, Jack Elam

May 23, 1960 - Date Bait - Teenage Coming of Age Adventure
Starring Gary Clarke, Marlo Ryan, Dick Gering, Carol Dawne

June 16, 1960 - The Girl in Lover's Lane - Teen Coming of Age Crime Drama
Starring Brett Halsey, Joyce Meadows, Lowell Brown, Jack Elam

June 17, 1960 - The Wild Ride - Crime Drama
Starring Jack Nicholson, Georgianna Carter

August 5, 1960 - The Little Shop of Horrors - Black Comedy Horror Farce
Starring Jonathan Haze, Jackie Joseph, Mel Welles, Jack Nicholson

August 5, 1960 - The Last Woman on Earth - Sci-Fi Drama
Starring Betsy Jones-Moreland, Anthony Carbone, Robert Towne

August 19, 1960 - Atom Age Vampire - Italian Sci-Fi Horror
Starring Alberto Lupo, Susanne Loret, Sergio Fantoni, Franca Parisi

August 25, 1960 - Assignment: Outer Space - Italian Sci-Fi Space Adventure
Starring Rik Van Nutter, Gabriella Farinon, David Montresor, Archie Savage

September 8, 1960 - Colossus and the Amazon Queen - Italian Sexist Comedy
Starring Rod Taylor, Ed Fury, Dorian Gray, Daniela Rocca

September 12, 1960 - The City of the Dead - Witchcraft Horror Thriller
Starring Christopher Lee, Patricia Jesssel, Venetia Stevenson, Valentine Dyall

September 22, 1960 - Tormented - Ghost Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Richard Carlson, Susan Gordon, Lugene Sanders adn Juli Reding

October 11, 1960 - The Siege of Sidney Street - British Crime Adventure
Starring Nicole Berger, Kieron Moore, Peter Wyndgarde, Donald Sinden

October 21, 1960 - The Conqueror of the Orient - Italian Costume Action Adventure
Starring Gianna Maria Canale, Rik Battaglia, Irene Tunc, Eda Ferronao

October 31, 1960 - First Spaceship on Venus - Science Fiction Thriller
Starring Yoko Tani, Oldrich Lukes, Ignacy Machowski, Julius Ongewe

November, 1960 - High School Caesar - Teenage School Crime Adventure
Starring John Ashley, Gary Vinson, Judy Nugent, Daria Massey

November 16, 1960 - The Sword and the Dragon - Russian Fantasy Fairy Tale
Starring Boris Andreyev, Shukur Burkanov, Andrey Abrikosov, Natalya Medvedeva

December 2, 1960 - Escort for Hire - British Romantic Crime Adventure
Starring June Thorburn, Noel Trevarthen, Pete Murray, Jan Holden

December 7, 1960 - Cleopatra's Daughter - Italian Costume Action Adventure
Starring Debra Paget, Ettore Manni, Erno Crisa, Yvette Lebon

December 14, 1960 - Esther and the King - Historical Romantic Adventure
Starring Joan Collins, Richard Egan, Denis O'Dea, Sergio Fantoni


January 18, 1961 - Three Blondes in His Life - Private Detective Murder Mystery
Starring Jock Mahoney, Greta Thyssen, Jesse White, Elaine Edwards

February 10, 1961 - The White Warrior - Italian Romantic Adventure
Starring Steve Reeves, Giorgia Moll, Scilla Gabel, Renato Baldini

March 30, 1961 - One-Eyed Jacks - Post-Code Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Marlon Brando, Karl Malden, Pina Pellicer, Katy Jurado

May 2, 1961 - The Beast of Yucca Flats - A-Bomb Monster Thriller
Starring Douglas Mellor, Barbara Francis, Bing Stafford, Larry Aten

May 9, 1961 - Black Tights - French Dance/Musical
Starring Zizi Jeanmaire, Cyd Charisse, Maurice Chevalier, Roland Petit

June, 1961 - Creature from the Haunted Sea - Comedy Horror Crime Adventure
Starring Antony Carbone, Betsy Jones-Moreland, Robert Towne, Beach Dickerson

June 6, 1961 - The Deadly Companions - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Maureen O'Hara, Brian Keith, Steve Cochran, Chill Wills

August, 1961 - Two Wives at One Wedding - British Crime Adventure
Starring Gordon Jackson, Christina Gregg, Lisa Daniely, André Maranne

August 19, 1961 - Hercules and the Captive Women - Italian-French Fantasy Adventure
Starring Reg Park, Fay Spain, Luciano Marin, Laura Efrikian

September 8, 1961 - Naked Youth - Teen Crime Adventure
Starring Carol Ohmart, Steve Rowland, Jan Brooks, Robert Arthur

September 13, 1961 - The Devil's Hand - Witch Cult Thriller
Starring Linda Christian, Robert Alda, Neil Hamilton, Ariadne Welter

September 13, 1961 - Bloodlust! - Teen Horror Thriller
Starring Wilton Graff, June Kenney, Walter Brooke, Robert Reed

September 20, 1961 - The Steel Claw - WWII Jungle Adventure
Starring George Montgomery, Charito Luna, Mario Barri, Carmen Austin

October, 1961 - Johnny Nobody - Irish Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Nigel Patrick, Aldo Ray, William Bendix, Yvonne Mitchell

October 2, 1961 - Triumph of the Son of Hercules - Italian Peplum Adventure
Starring Kirk Morris, Cathia Caro, Ljubica Otasevic and Cesare Fantoni

October 3, 1961 - A Matter of WHO - British Medical Detective Mystery
Starring Terry-Thomas, Sonja Ziemann, Alex Nicol, Guy Deghy

October 10, 1961 - Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules - Italian Sword-n-Sandal Fantasy Adventure
Starring Mark Forest, Moira Orfei, Paul Wynter, Raffaella Carrà

October 26, 1961 - The Giant of Metropolis - Italian Sword-n-Sandal Sci-Fi Fantasy
Starring Gordon Mitchell, Bella Cortez, Roldano Lupi, Liana Orfei

October 30, 1961 - Battle of the Worlds - Italian Flying Saucer Adventure
Starring Claude Rains, Bill Carter, Umberto Orsini, Maya Brent

November 2, 1961 - The Hellions - South Africa Frontier Adventure
Starring Richard Todd, Jamie Uys, Zena Walker, Anne Aubrey

November 9, 1961 - Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory - Horror Thriller
Starring Barbara Lass, Carl Schell, Mary McNeeran, Curt Lowens

November 16, 1961 - Hercules in the Haunted World - Italian Fantasy Adventure
Starring Reg Park, Christopher Lee, Leonora Ruffo, George Ardisson

November 23, 1961 - The Day the Earth Caught Fire - British Nuclear Destruction Adventure
Starring Janet Munro, Edward Judd, Leo McKern, Reginald Beckwith

November 30, 1961 - The Choppers - Teenage Car Crime Drama
Starring Arch Hall Jr., Tom Brown, Marianne Gaba, William Shaw

December 1, 1961 - Queen of the Seas - Romantic Pirate Comedy Adventure
Starring Lisa Gastoni, Jerome Courtland, Agostino Salvietti, Walter Barnes

December 7, 1961 - Five Minutes to Live - Crime Murder Thriller
Starring Johnny Cash, Donald Woods,, Cay Forrester

December 13, 1961 - The Phantom Planet - Science Fiction Adventure
Starring Dean Fredericks, Coleen Gray, Dolores Faith, Anthony Dexter

December 15, 1961 - Rage of the Buccaneers - Italian Pirate Adventure
Starring Ricardo Montalban, Vincent Price, Giulia Rubini, Liana Orfei

December 18, 1961 - Constantine and the Cross - Italian Roman Empire Drama
Starring Cornel Wilde, Belinda Lee, Massimo Serato, Christine Kaufmann


Unknown day, 1962 - Fallguy - Teen Crime Adventure
Starring Ed Dugan, George Mitchell, June Johnson, Fabian Dean

Unknown day, 1962 - This is Not A Test - Sci-Fi Nuclear Drama
Starring Seamon Glass, Thayer Roberts, Aubrey Martin, Mary Morlas

February 15, 1962 - The Brain That Wouldn't Die - Sci-Fi Horror Thriller
Starring Jason Evers, Virginia Leith, Leslie Daniels, Adele Lamont

March, 1962 - Horrors of Spider Island - South Seas Horror Adventure
Starring Helga Franck, Helga Neuner, Dorothee Parker, Barbara Valentin

March 14, 1962 - Vulcan, Son of Jupiter - Italian Sword-and-Sandal Adventure
Starring Bella Cortez, Iloosh Khoshabe, Roger Browne, Annie Gorassini

March 28, 1962 - The Manster - Japanese Sci-Fi Horror
Starring Peter Dyneley, Tetsu Nakamura, Terri Zimmern, Jane Hylton

March 28, 1962 - The Magic Sword - Fantasy Adventure
Starring Basil Rathbone, Estelle Winwood, Gary Lockwood, Anne Helm

April 22, 1962 - Hands of a Stranger - Transplanted Hands Murder Thriller
Starring Paul Lukather, Joan Harvey, James Noah, Irish McCalla

April 23, 1962 - Julius Caesar Against the Pirates - Italian Peplum Action Adventure
Starring Gustavo Rojo, Abbe Lane, Gordon Mitchell, Franca Parisi

May, 1962 - When The Girls Take Over - Caribbean Revolutionary Comedy
Starring Robert Lowery, Jackie Coogan, Marvin Miller, Ingeborg Kjeldsen

May 23, 1962 - Trauma - Horror Murder Mystery
Starring John Conte, Lorrie Richards, Lynn Bari, David Garner

May 30, 1962 - Airborne - Military Jump School Adventure
Starring Bobby Diamond, Robert Christian, Mikel Angel, Carolyn Byrd

June 1, 1962 - Shoot Out at Big Sag - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Walter Brennan, Luana Patten, Leif Erickson, Chris Robinson

June 5, 1962 - Carnival of Crime - Brazilian Carnival Murder Mystery
Starring Jean-Pierre Aumont, Alix Talton, Tônia Carrero, Luis Dávila

June 8, 1962 - Eegah - Romantic Musical Fantasy
Starring Arch Hall Jr., Marilyn Manning, Richard Kiel

August 31, 1962 - Charge of the Black Lancers - Italian Knigts in Armor Adventure
Starring Mel Ferrer, Yvonne Furneaux, Leticia Román, Jean Claudio

September 19, 1962 - Dangerous Charter - Gangster Crime Yacht Adventure
Starring Chris Warfield, Chick Chandler, Sally Fraser, Dick Foote

September 26, 1962 - Carnival of Souls - Zombie Horror Thriller
Starring Candace Hilligoss, Frances Feist, Sidney Berger, Herk Harvey

November 9, 1962 - The Brainiac - Outer Space Monster Horror Thriller
Starring Abel Salazar, Ariadna Welter, Roxana Bellini, Rosa Maria Gallardo

November 28, 1962 - The Avenger - Sword, Sandal Adventure
Starring Steve Reeves, Carla Marlier, Gianni Garko, Liana Orfei

November 30, 1962 - Joseph, His Bretheren - Old Testament Adventure
Starring Geoffrey Horne, Robert Morley, Belinda Lee, Vira Silenti

December 1, 1962 - Stark Fear - Romantic Relationship Drama
Starring Beverly Garland, Skip Homeier, Kenneth Tobey, Hannah Stone

December 22, 1962 - Imperial Venus - Epic Romantic Drama
Starring Gina Lollobrigida, Stephen Boyd, Raymond Pelegrin, Massimo Girotti


Unknown day, 1963 - The Yesterday Machine - Sci-Fi Adventure
Starring Tim Holt, James Britton, Ann Pellegrino, Linda Jenkins

January 10, 1963 - Colossus and the Headhunters - Italian Sword-and-Sandals Adventure
Starring Kirk Morris, Laura Brown, Demeter Bitenc, Ines Holder, Frank Leroy

February 13, 1963 - Night Tide - Fantasy Romantic Mystery
Starring Dennis Hopper, Linda Lawson

March 30, 1963 - The Ghost - Horror Murder Mystery
Starring Barbara Steele, Peter Baldwin, Elio Jota, Harriet Medin

April, 1963 - The Sadist - Violent Crime Thriller
Starring Arch Hall Jr., Helen Hovey, Richard Alden, Marilyn Manning

April 10, 1963 - The Old Testament - Italian Sword-and-Sandal Adventure
Starring Brad Harris, Mara Lane, Jacques Berthier, Carlo Tamberlani

June 5, 1963 - The Sword of Lancelot - Italian Sword-and-Sandal Adventure
Starring Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace, Brian Ahern, Adrienne Corri

June 17, 1963 - The Terror - Horror Ghost Story
Starring Boris Karloff, Jack Nicholson, Sandra Knight

August 9, 1963 - Thor and the Amazon Women - Italian Sword, Sandal Adventure
Starring Susy Andersen, Joe Robinson, Harry Baird, Janine Hendy

September, 1963 - The Atomic Brain - Sci-Fi Horror Thriller
Starring Erika Peters, Judy Bamber, Lisa Lang, Marjorie Eaton

September 25, 1963 - Francis Ford Coppola's Dementia 13 - Horror Thriller
Starring William Campbell, Luana Anders, Bart Patton, Mary Mitchel

October 1, 1963 - Five Minutes to Love - 60's Crazy Crime Drama
Starring Rue McClanahan, Paul Leder, Gaye Gordon, Will Gregory

October 31, 1963 - Ursus in the Land of Fire - Italian Sword, Sandal Adventure
Starring Ed Fury, Luciana Gilli, Adriano Micantoni, Claudia Mori

November 13, 1963 - McLintock - Western Romantic Comedy
Starring John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara

December 5, 1963 - Charade - Romantic Spy Thriller
Starring Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau, James Coburn


Unknown day in 1964 - Attack From Space - Japanese Super Hero Space Adventure
With Ken Utsui, Utako Mitsuya, Sachihiro Ohsawa, Hiroshi Hayashi

Unknown day in 1964 - Guerillas in Pink Lace - WWII Comedy Adventure
With George Montgomery, Valerie Varda, Robin Grace, Joan Shawlee

Unknown day in 1964 - John F. Kennedy: Years of Lightning, Day of Drums - Documentary
With John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson

March 8, 1964 - The Last Man on Earth - Atomic Vampire Sci-Fi Thriller
Starring Vincent Price, Fraca Bettoia, Emma Danieli and Giacomo Rossi Stuart

October 29, 1964 - The Naked Kiss - Call-Girl Crime Drama
Starring Constance Towers, Anthony Eisley, Michael Dante, Virginia Grey

November 14, 1964 - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians - Childrens Christmas Adventure
Starring John Call, Pia Zadora, Victor Stiles, Donna Conforti


Unknown day, 1965 - A Swingin' Summer - Beach Party Rock 'n Roll Adventure
Starring Raquel Welch, William Wellman Jr., Quinn O'Hara, James Stacy

Unknown day, 1965 - Atomic Rulers of the World - Japanese Science Fiction Adventure
Starring Ken Utsui, Junko Ikeuchi, Reiko Seto, Yukihiko Ôsawa

Unknown day, 1965 - The New Three Stooges - Slapstick Comedy
Starring Moe Howard, Joe DeRita, Larry Fine

March 3, 1965 - Attack of the Eye Creatures - Teenage Science Fiction Comedy Adventure
Starring John Ashley, Cynthia Hull, Warren Hammack, Bill Peck

April 29, 1965 - Once Upon a Coffee House - Folk Music 1960's Adventure
Starring Joan Rivers, Curtis Taylor, Karen Thorsell, Oscar Brand

July 5, 1965 - Nightmare Castle - Italian Horror Thriller
Starring Barbara Steele, Paul Muller

August 1, 1965 - Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet - Sci-Fi Space Adventure
Starring Basil Rathbone, Faith Domergue, John Bix, Vladimir Yemelyanov


Unknown day, 1966 - Zontar, The Thing From Venus - Space Alien Adventure
Starring John Agar, Susan Bjurman, Tony Huston, Pat Delaney

Unknown day, 1966 - Curse of the Swamp Creature - Texas Swamp Horror Adventure
Starring John Agar, Francine York, Jeff Alexander, Shirley McLine, Cal Duggan

March 3, 1966 - Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter - Western Horror Adventure
Starring John Lupton, Narda Onyx, Cal Bolder,, Estelita Rodriguez

April 17, 1966 - War of the Monsters - Japanese Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure
Starring Kôjirô Hongô, Kyôko Enami, Yûzô Hayakawa, Kôji Fujiyama

April 22, 1966 - Poppies Are Also Flowers - Radioactive Drug Crime Adventure
Starring Yul Brynner, Angie Dickinson, Rita Hayworth, Trevor Howard, E.G. Marshall

May 2, 1966 - The She Beast - Fantasy Horror Thriller
Starring Barbara Steele, John Karlsen, Ian Ogilvy, Mel Welles

May 11, 1966 - The Fat Spy - Cornball Comedy Beach Party
Starring Brian Donlevy, Jayne Mansfield, Jordan Christopher, Lauree Berger

August 11, 1966 - Johnny Yuma - Italian Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Mark Damon, Lawrence Dobkin, Rosalba Neri, Fidel Gonzales

August 27, 1966 - The Man From Nowhere - Italian Cowboy Western
Starring Giuliano Gemma, Fernando Sancho, Corinne Marchand, Rosalba Neri


Unknown day, 1967 - Creature of Destruction - Fantasy Horror Thriller
Starring Les Tremayne, Pat Delaney, Aron Kincaid, Neil Fletcher

April, 1967 - Monster from a Pre-Historic Planet - Japanese Sci-Fi Thriller
Starring Tamio Kawaji, Yôko Yamamoto, Yuji Okada, Kôji Wada

April 27, 1967 - Wild Ones on Wheels - Hot-Rod Crime Thriller
Starring Francine York, Edmund Tontini, Robert Blair, Diana George

May, 1967 - They Came From Beyond Space - British Sci-Fi Adventure
Starring Robert Hutton, Jennifer Jayne, Zia Mohyeddin, Bernard Kay

September 29, 1967 - The Cape Town Affair - South Africa Spy Thriller
Starring James Brolin, Jacqueline Bisset, Claire Trevor, Bob Courtney

November, 1967 - Night Fright - Space Monster Teen Adventure
Starring John Agar, Carol Gilley, Ralph Baker Jr.,, Dorothy Davis

November 15, 1967 - The Jackals - South Africa Cowboy Crime Adventure
Starring Vincent Price, Diana Ivarson, Robert Gunner, Bill Brewer

December 11, 1967 - From Hell to Borneo - South Seas Island Crime Adventure
Starring George Montgomery, Julie Gregg, Torin Thatcher, Liza Moreno

December 24, 1967 - Spider Baby - Dark Comedy Cult Horror Farce
Starring Lon Chaney Jr., Carol Ohmart, Mantan Moreland, Beverly Washburn


Unknown day in 1968 - Marijuana - Documentary Film
Starring Sonny Bono

Unknown day in 1968 - The Ghosts of Hanley House - Horror Murder Ghost Mystery
Starring Barbara Chase, Wilkie de Martel, Roberta Reeves, Cliff Scott

Unknown day in 1968 - Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women
Starring Mamie Van Doren, Paige Lee, Margot Hartman, Irene Orton

January 26, 1968 - Alexander the Great - Sand, Sandal Action Thriller
Starring William Shatner, Adam West, John Cassavetes, Joseph Cotten

March 20, 1968 - Destroy All Planets - Japanese Sci-Fi Thriller
Starring Kôjirô Hongô, Tôru Takatsuka, Carl Craig, Peter Williams

May 1, 1968 - Warkill - Controversial, Intense War Drama
Starring George Montgomery, Tom Drake, Conrad Parham, Eddie Infante

August 23, 1968 - The Blood of Fu Manchu - Horror Crime Thriller
Starring Christopher Lee, Tsai Chin, Maria Rohm, Ricardo Palacios

October 1, 1968 - The Night of the Living Dead - Horror Thriller
Starring Duane Jones, Judith O'Dea, Karl Hardman,, Marilyn Eastman

October 17, 1968 - Criminal Affair - Crime Comedy Adventure
Starring Ann-Margret, Rossano Brazzi, Barbara Nichols, Helene Chanel

November 17, 1968 - Heidi - Feel Good Family Adventure
Starring Jennifer Edwards, Michael Redgrave, Jean Simmons, Walter Slezak


Unknown day, 1969 - It's Alive - Fantasy Horror Thriller
Starring Tommy Kirk, Shirley Bonne, Bill Thurman, Annabelle Weenick

January 23, 1969 - The Battle of El Alamein - WWII Italian Battle Drama
Starring Frederick Stafford, Enrico Maria Salerno, Michael Rennie, George Hilton

October 7, 1969 - The Over-the-Hill Gang - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Walter Brennan, Edgar Buchanan,Andy Devine, Gypsy Rose Lee

October 14, 1969 - Wake Me Up When The War Is Over - World War 2 Cornball Comedy
Starring Ken Berry, Eva Gabor, Jim Backus, Werner Klemperer

December 1969 - Sandy the Seal - British Children's Crime Adventure
Starring David Richards, Anne Mervis, Heinze Drache, Marianne Koch

December 1969 - David Copperfield - British Coming-of-Age Drama
Starring Richard Attenborough, Laurence Olivier, Robin Phillips, Cyril Cusack