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Movies to watch, enjoy and download from the 1970s

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January 27, 1970 - Black Brigade - WWII Fighting Adventure
Starring Robert Hooks, Stephen Boyd, Richard Pryor and Rosie Grier

February 2, 1970 - Four Rode Out - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Pernell Roberts, Sue Lyon, Leslie Nielsen and Julian Mateos

February 24, 1970 - Assignment Terror - Spanish Horror Thriller
Starring Paul Naschy, Michael Rennie, Karin Dor and Patty Shepard

September 22, 1970 - How Awful About Allan - Psychological Horror Thriller
Starring Anthony Perkins, Julie Harris, Joan Hackett and Kent Smith

October 14, 1970 - C.C. and Company - Romantic Motorcycle Gang Adventure
Starring Joe Namath, Ann-Margret, William Smith and Jennifer Billingsly

November 17, 1970 - The Over The Hill Gang Rides Again - Family Western Comedy
Starring Walter Brennan, Fred Astaire, Edgar Buchanan and Andy Devine

December 18, 1970 - Cold Sweat - Crime Adventure
Starring Charles Bronson, Liv Ullmann, James Mason and Jill Ireland


Unknown day, 1971 - Mooch Goes to Hollywood - Family Dog Adventure
Starring Vincent Price, James Darren, Jill St. John and Jim Backus

February 16, 1971 - Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring - Coming of Age Drama
Starring Sally Field, Jackie Cooper, David Carradine and Lane Bradbury

March 24, 1971 - Jane Eyre - British Romantic Drama
Starring George C. Scott, Susannah York, Ian Bannen and Jack Hawkins

June 9, 1971 - The Deadly Trap - Paris Kidnap Thriller
Starring Faye Dunaway, Frank Langella, Barbara Parkns and Karen Blanguernon

September 6, 1971 - Catch Me A Spy - British Spy Comedy Adventure
Starring Kirk Douglas, Marlène Jobert, Trevor Howard and Richard Pearson

September 10, 1971 - Evel Knievel - Dare-Devil Stuntman Adventure
Starring George Hamilton, Sue Lyon, Bert Freed and Ron Masak

December 1, 1971 - Born to Win - Gritty Drug Crime Drama
Starring George Segal, Robert De Niro, Karen Black and Paula Prentiss

December 15, 1971 - Rain for a Dusty Summer - Mexican Historic Adventure
Starring Ernest Borgnine, Humberto Almazán, Sancho Gracia and Aldo Sambrell

December 17, 1971 - They Call it Murder - Detective Murder Mystery Adventure
Starring Jim Hutton, Edward Asner, Jessica Walter and Leslie Nielsen


Unknown day in 1972 - The Wacky Taxi - Family Comedy Adventure
Starring John Astin, Maria Pohji, Frank Sinatra, Jr., and Ralph James

March 31, 1972 - Can Be Done, Amigo - Italian Cowboy Western Comedy
Starring Jack Palance, Bud Spencer, Renato Cestie and Dany Saval

April 15, 1972 - The Witches Mountain - Spanish Horror Thriller
Starring Patty Shepard, Cihangir Gaffari, Mónica Randall and Inés Morales

July, 1972 - The Proud and the Damned - South American Cowboy Adventure
Starring Chuck Connors, Cesar Romero, Peter Ford and José Greco

September 19, 1972 - The Woman Hunter - Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Barbara Eden, Robert Vaughn, Stuart Whitman and Larry Storch

September 26, 1972 - Moon of the Wolf - Horror Mystery Thriller
Starring David Janssen, Barbara Rush, Bradford Dillman and John Beradino

November 1, 1972 - 43: The Richard Petty Story - Race Car Biographical Adventure
Starring Richard Petty, Darren McGavin, Kathie Browne and Noah Beery Jr.

November 20, 1972 - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Classic Fantasy Adventure
Starring Fiona Fullerton, Peter Sellers, Dudley Moore and Flora Robson

December 8, 1972 - The Master Touch - Italian Crime Action Thriller
Starring Kirk Douglas, Giuliano Gemma, Florinda Bolkan and Wolfgang Preiss


February 6, 1973 - DIVORCE his; DIVORCE hers, part 1 - Relationship Drama
Starring Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Barry Foster and Carrie Nye

February 7, 1973 - DIVORCE his; DIVORCE hers, part 2, Her Story - Relationship Drama
Starring Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Barry Foster and Carrie Nye

June 1, 1973 - Crypt of the Living Dead - Spanish Vampire Horror Thriller
Starring Andrew Prine, Patty Shepard, Mark Damon and Teresa Gimpera

October 23, 1973 - The Summertime Killer - Mobster Murder Thriller
Starring Karl Malden, Olivia Hussey, Christopher Mitchum and Claudine Auger

October 31, 1973 - The Werewolf of Washington - Fantasy Horror Thriller
Starring Dean Stockwell, Jane House, Biff McGuire and Clifton James

December 14, 1973 - The Borrowers - Childrens Fantasy Adventure
Starring Eddie Albert, Tammy Grimes, Dame Judith Anderson and Dennis Larson


January 1974 - Grave of the Vampire - Fantasy Horror
Starring William Smith, Michael Pataki, Lyn Peters and Diane Holden

January 7, 1974 - The Last of the Belles - Romantic Biography Drama
Starring Richard Chamberlain, Blythe Danner, Susan Sarandon and David Huffman

January 22, 1974 - Get Christie Love - Policewoman Crime Adventure
Starring Teresa Graves, Harry Guardino, Louise Sorel and Paul Stevens

March 13, 1974 - The Hanged Man - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Steve Forrest, Dean Jagger, Will Geer and Cameron Mitchell

April 1974 - Silent Night, Bloody Night - Crime Horror Thriller
Starring Patrick O'Neal, John Carradine, James Patterson and Mary Woronov

April 4, 1974 - The Gun and the Pulpit - Cowboy Western Adventure
Starring Marjoe Gortner, Slim Pickens, Pamela Sue Martin and Estelle Parsons

May 20, 1974 - The Driver's Seat - Italian Artsy Murder Drama
Starring Elizabeth Taylor, Andy Warhol, Ian Bannen and Mona Washbourne


July 2, 1975 - Gone With the West - Cowboy Western Romp
Starring James Caan, Stefanie Powers, Aldo Ray and Sammy Davis Jr.

July 3, 1975 - The Four Deuces - Racketeer Crime Adventure
Starring Jack Palance, Carol Lynley, Warren Berlinger and Adam Roarke

September 9, 1975 - It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time - Screwball Comedy
Starring Stefanie Powers, Anthony Newley, Isaac Hayes and John Candy

October 5, 1975 - Katherine - Viet Nam War Era U.S. Drama
Starring Sissy Spacek, Henry Winkler, Art Carney and Jane Wyatt

December, 1975 - Against a Crooked Sky - Cowboy and Indian Family Adventure
Starring Richard Boone, Stewart Petersen, Henry Wilcoxon and Jewel Blanch

December 12, 1975 - Mr. Sycamore - Feel-Good Family Adventure
Starring Jason Robards, Sandy Dennis, Jean Simmons and Ian Wolfe


unknown day, 1976 - The Invisible Strangler - Fantasy Murder Crime Adventure
Starring Robert Foxworth, Stefanie Powers, Elke Sommer and Sue Lyon

unknown day, 1976 - Track of the Moon Beast - Sci-Fi Horror Thriller
Starring Chase Cordell, Leigh Drake, Gregorio Sala and Patrick Wright

January 1, 1976 - Return of the Kung Fu Dragon - Oriental Action Adventure
Starring Chi Lin, Yu-chiao Szema, Li Tung and Yang Fang

February 19, 1976 - James Dean - Biographical Actor Adventure
Starring Michael Brandon, Stephen McHattie, Brooke Adams and Candy Clark

March 11, 1976 - The Cop in Blue Jeans - Italian Crime Adventure
Starring Tomas Milian, Jack Palance, Maria Rosaria Omaggio and Guido Mannari

April 14, 1976 - The River Niger - Inner City Crime Drama
Starring James Earl Jones, Cicely Tyson, Louis Gossett Jr., and Glynn Turman

May 14, 1976 - The Swiss Conspiracy - Swiss Blackmail Action Adventure
Starring David Janssen, Senta Berger, Ray Milland, John Saxon and Elke Sommer

May 21, 1976 - Embryo - Sci-Fi Horror Thriller
Starring Rock Hudson, Barbara Carrera, Diane Ladd and Roddy McDowall

July 8, 1976 - Doomsday Machine - Sci-Fi Outer Space Adventure
Starring Bobby Van, Ruta Lee, Mala Powers and Casey Kasem

August 11, 1976 - Land of the Minotaur - Greek Horror Thriller
Starring Donald Pleasence, Peter Cushing, Luan Peters and Kostas Karagiorgis

October 14, 1976 - Code Name Zebra - Mafia Crime Drama
Starring James Mitchum, Mike Lane, Richard X. Slattery and Timothy Brown

October 22, 1976 - Death Rage - Violent Italian Crime Drama
Starring Yul Brynner, Massimo Ranieri, Barbara Bouchet and Martin Balsam


February, 1977 - Warhead - Nuclear Bomb Thriller
Starring David Janssen, Karin Dor, Christopher Stone and David Semadar

April 28, 1977 - Snowbeast - TV Horror Thriller
Starring Bo Svenson, Yvette Mimieux and Clint Walker

August, 1977 - Sisters of Death - Murder Mystery Thriller
Starring Arthur Franz, Claudia Jennings, Cheri Howell, Sherry Boucher

September 16, 1977 - Rogue Male - Assassin Spy Thriller
Starring Peter O'Toole, John Standing, Alastair Sim and Cyd Hayman

November 18, 1977 - Mary White - Biographical Historical Drama
Starring Ed Flanders, Kathleen Beller, Tim Matheson and Fionnula Flanagan


Unknown day in 1978 - The Lucifer Complex - Sci-Fi Clone Adventure
Starring Robert Vaughn, Merrie Lynn Ross, Keenan Wynn and Aldo Ray

October 14, 1978 - Rescue from Gilligan's Island - Family Comedy Adventure
Starring Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr., Jim Backus and Judith Baldwin

December, 1978 - Die Sister, Die! - Murder Suspense Thriller
Starring Jack Ging, Edith Atwater, Antoinette Bower and Kent Smith

December, 1978 - Absolution - Murder Suspense Thriller
Starring Richard Burton, Dominic Guard, David Bradley and Billy Connolly

December 13, 1978 - The New Adventures of Heidi - Family Christmas Adventure
Starring Burl Ives, Katy Kurtzman, John Gavin and Sherrie Wills


October 17, 1979 - Concrete Cowboys - Detective Adventure Mystery
Starring Jerry Reed, Tom Selleck, Morgan Fairchild and Claude Akins

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