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Dale Crain Favorites

Dale is a semi-retired Editor, Art Director and Graphic Designer, and an American expat now living in Thailand.

Cops - Silent Buster Keaton Comedy Classic

CopsIf anyone ever asks me if there is ONE Buster Keaton movie to see, this would be the one (Altho', "The General" would be a close second and is also absolutely a must-see). Twenty-minutes of non-stop inspired comedy brilliance by The Master.
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His Girl Friday - Romantic Comedy Adventure

The Time of Your LifeIt just doesn't get much better than this! Perhaps my all-time favorite screwball comedy. Clever dialog which is so brilliantly delivered at such a break-neck pace that it demands repeated viewing to catch all the jokes you might have missed on your previous viewing(s). Cary and Rosland's timing, delivery, vocal inflections and facial expressions are impeccable.
Watch His Girl Friday >>>

My Man Godfrey - Screwball Romantic Comedy

My Man GodfreyPowell at his most witty and urbane and Lombard at her most ditzy! Timeless, yet a perfect product of it's time with a social message story (that doesn't get in the way of the laughs) and absolutely wonderful casting-even down to minor roles. Perfection.
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