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Daniel is an authority on early Rock and Roll music who has written several books and currently promotes artists, hosts radio programs and writes articles for French media. You can follow Daniel on his blog:


The Romantic Age, with Petula Clark

CopsTHE ROMANTIC AGE (1949), black & white Althought it comes from the French novel « Lycée de jeunes filles » this movie doesn't seem to exist with French subtitles ! A very pleaseant comedy with young Petula Clark as « Julie », daughter of a middle-aged teacher who will have an affair with a French girl, Arlette Tessereau, one of the students. Things turn tragic after a trip to Paris. Very « osé » for 1949, this story of a love affair between a married man and a young girl ! Maybe that explains why the movie seems not to have been released in France !
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Made in Heaven - Situation Romantic Comedy

Petula Clark in Made in HeavenMADE IN HEAVEN (1952), Technicolor Red-haired Petula shares the top of the bill with David Tomlinson. Typically British comedy ! And typically British quiet family.... until a new girl arrives in the movie, the new housemaid : German brunette actress Sonja Ziemann.
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The Runaway Bus - Comedy Crime Adventure

Petula Clark and Belinda LeeTHE RUNAWAY BUS (1954) black & white A wonderful « fake » gangster movie ! If we say that Margareth Rutherford is top of the bill with Petula Clark, you'll know that it will be a good funny movie. Let's add that the main actor is... THE FOG ! « All passengers to... »... To anywhere will not go where they want ! They had to take a plane ; instead, they take a... bus, and get lost anyway ! Dear old Rutherford is great, as ever. And Petula too !
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