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I am a retired X-Ray / CT Scan tech who loves to discover these hidden gems on the website. My favorites are usually 1950's era sci-fi flics, but these 2 comedy gems just have to be shared with your fans!

Earthworm Tractors - Screwball Comedy Adventure

Earthworm Tractors1936. EARTHWORM TRACTORS. Joe E. Brown is hilarious as a poor sap who's trying to win his sweetheart's hand in marriage by selling industrial tractors, even though he can't tell one end from another. His "demonstration" drives lead to comedic mirth and mayhem, but all ends up happily ever after!

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Gasbags - World War 2 Slapstick Comedy

Gasbags1941. GASBAGS. Hilarious British comedy about some schnooks, selling fish and chips, whose advertising helium balloon gets its mooring lines cut and ends up carrying them up and over the English Channel and into Nazi Germany! The boys end up in a concentration camp and hilarity ensues! This is one of those movies you have to see to believe !

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Teenagers From Outer Space

Teenagers from Outer Space1959 TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE. I saw this little gem at a theatre as a 6 yr. old kid at a Saturday afternoon matinee , and it freaked me out! Kids' reactions are purer than adults - they're not as critical of low budget effects ( ie, the hilariously inept "Gargon" creature) and such...however I still get the creeps watching it some 57+ years later! I can't compare it to an Ed Wood movie because its much more competently filmed and scored (which gives it a great eerie atmosphere). Anyway, check it out!

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The House on Haunted Hill - Murder Horror Thriller

The House on Haunted Hill1959 HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL. From the "Things That Go Bump in the Night Department," my personal favorite William Castle film that delivers the goods in suspense, thrills and chills!

Not high tech or gory like today's depressing horror movies, but rather a fun romp in a creepy abode where a group of interesting, desperate individuals try to survive the night in order to win $10,000 each for their efforts! Enjoy...if your heart can take it!

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