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Rob is Scottish, has been married to a lovey English girl for 25 years and has two kids. They live in a small village near Glasgow and about 40 miles from Edinburgh. Robert lectures in a nearby college, and with both kids in college he also has a part time business fitting window blinds and plantation shutters when not enjoying old movies.

Car of Dreams, 1935

Car of DreamsI know that I'm a sucker for old love stories and this is one of them. It's the classic wealthy young man falling in love with a pretty (poor) girl.

Yes the story line is as old as the hills, however, sit back and enjoy a good old fashioned romantic 'feel good' movie.
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A Fire Has Been Arranged (1935)

A Fire Has been ArrangedI can understand why in the 1930's if you went to see a movie featuring Alastair Sim you were in for a treat! Ok I'm biased (Alastair Sim was a Scottish actor) however this is a great move which also featured Chesney Allen and Bud Flanagan singing their famous (in the 1930's) song Underneath the Arches.

This is just a nice light hearted movie which will entertain you for a couple of hours.

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The Girl Said, 'No' (October 15, 1937)

The Girl Said NoQuick summary of the plot. Girl leads a guy on getting him to speed big money on her. After she dumps him he then decides to get his own girl back (she's an actress) by getting her to believe that he can help her get into the big time. He persuades her to spend big money (he gets a cut) on expensive acting and singing lessons.

So why did I enjoy the movie? Well two not very nice people slowly start to change. The girl as she starts to believe that this guy is wonderful and the guy starts to feel guilty by taking the girls money.

I won't spoil by telling the end, however, a very enjoyable movie.

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