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Upendra Handa Favorites

About Me - I'm the guy who loves his (our) good old-times so much and love to grow with them, without feeling hesitated in the "modern society". That was an ideal time that changed suddenly as human's desires dominated their simplicity. But inside us, we all are the same old and I am one of them.
A small memory for the fellow nostalgians -

The Night Before Christmas - 1905

The Night Before ChristmasYou know why we love the old times so much? Because it was so simple and original. Present generations would never know what they are missing but thankfully, the memories are safe.

How exactly an ideal Christmas used to (and should) be than the modern formal way of celebrating it, this movie will totally inspire you.

This short movie will bring back the warm, secure and cozy feeling of the Winters. As Jimbo has said about it, "Pop a little bowl of white kernel popcorn with some warm melted butter on it, and enjoy the amazing nine minutes".

Every time I see this movie, I feel more closer to my family and my mood goes festive. Do I need to add more?

Watch The Night Before Christmas >>>

Nosferatu, A Symphony in Horror - 1922

Nosferatu, A Symphony in Horror Remember the old bed-time stories of the ghost that used to creep you out yet you would be so fascinated to imagine him? And together what fascinated more were the dark nights with a bright moon and a faraway place, a village of frightened people and an attractive residence of the ghost. Nosferatu has it all! He is that odd vampire from our imaginations who lurks around the humans. The other good thing about the movie is its great plot. Together with everything it is a complete package for you all lovers of cozy b&w movies with something unusual to watch. And don't miss Mel Brook's hilarious spoof on the same story - Dracula : Dead & loving it.

Watch Nosferatu, A Symphony in Horror >>>

The Most Dangerous Game - 1932

The Most Dangerous Game An another one of its kind movie that goes interesting to give you goosebumps with excitement. A lonely man of a planet is bored of hunting the animals of his island. For the change of taste (literally!), he decided to lure humans. And when the simpletons enter his territory, the fun begins. The suspense and the expectation will both keep you entertained as the movie progresses. And not just this, but the hanging heads, classical ambiance and so much more is waiting for you. One of my all time favorites.

Watch The Most Dangerous Game >>>

Painted Faces - 1929

painted faces Have you ever seen 12 Angry Men or its Indian remake Ek Ruka Hua Fainsla? Then you already know how much entertaining and exciting this movie can be. For the rest of you, here is a brief overview. While a guy and his girl discover a great artist around them, his temper leads a fight between him and the guy. The same night, he is murdered and the guy found near him with a gun is held responsible by 11 jurors but one. And then starts the fun in convincing him. He puts a condition that he can change his vote if they agree to listen his story first. And that story will just keep you bouncing with fun, no spoilers!

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