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Fan Favorites

Suggestions for 'Must See' movies from this web site from fans around the world. If you would like to share your favorites with the rest of the world, see the instructions at the bottom of the page.

Dale Crain
Benjamin Cole Robert Bankier
Kate Draven
  G.R. Fan Favorites

If you would like to share your favorites, just contact Jimbo and let him know! Here is what you should be ready to offer:

1. Pick some favorites – just list your favorites from this web site and I will set up the promo pic and link for them.

2. Add a sentence or two about each favorite – why is it your favorite?

3. Give me your name and a short description of who you are – the description can be as precise as you like or just general, like "a young college fan from Virginia", or "a retired farmer from Sussex, England," or whatever you like – the goal is to give the folk checking out your favorites an idea of who you are in general. If you want to be precise and want a link to your blog, web site, facebook page or whatever, that is cool also – if you have an internet presence we may send you a bunch of fans of your own.