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Simple and Honest adverstising, designed to give you a bigger audience at a smaller cost than anywhere else.

The demographics of this web site show that the majority of viewers are college educated and watch these movies from their home. This web site was designed to encourage visitors to stay on-site for longer periods than the vast majority of sites that get visited for a minute or two before surfing off to another site.

My visitors come often and stay longer than almost every other web site on the internet. That means that they will have your advertisement in front of their eyes for a longer period than anywhere else.

As an advertiser, you will have access to live in-depth statistics numbers from my third-party statistics company (StatCounter.com), where you can look at up-to-the-minute visitor statistics and historic statistics anytime 24/7.

You can advertise for a day, or save money by the week or month. If needed, I can create your ad for you.

Since I am the webmaster, I can create a custom campaign for you with custom ad sizes and deployments - if it can be done, and it makes sense, I'll do it.

I have no problem with ads for adult products like alcohol, but will not accept ads that are misleading, deceptive, or spammy.

Advertising Rates

All rates are based on the week previous to the beginning of your advertisement. Here are the pageload numbers from an example week:

Weekly Statistics

Pageloads are the number of pages that were opened and looked at. First, I determine the slowest day for the most recent week. For spot 1 - the long leaderboard advertisement directly above each movie, it will cost $3 per thousand views ($3 CPM). For all other spots, the rate is $2 per thousand views ($2 CPM).

For this example week, the rates are:

slowest day = 6,112 pageloads (Thursday)
6,112 x 3 = 18,336 - The top leaderboard will cost $18.33 USD per day
6,112 x 2 = 12,224 The other ad spaces will cost $12.24 USD per day

Rates change every Monday based on the slowest day of the previous week. If you pre-pay for longer than a week, the entire run is based on the rate that you begin with. If any day in your run is more than 10% below that rate, I'll replace those lost pageloads. Of course, all extra pageloads above the ones that you are paying for on any day are always yours to enjoy at no extra cost. NOTE: I do not check pageloads every day. If you have a day that brings at least 10% fewer page loads than paid for, you must contact me and let me know.

You can see that you will probably get many more views on future days that you pay for, bringing your cost well below the actual rate.

If you select 7 days in a row, I will add an extra day, giving you 8 days for the price of 7.

If you select 14 days in a row, I will add two extra days, giving you 16 days for the price of 14.

If you select 21 days in a row, I will add three extra days, giving you 24 days for the price of 21.

For every week that you book in advance, you will get a free day added to the end of your run.

Every ad day begins at midnight GMT and ends 24 hours later at midnight GMT

All ad runs will be invoiced and must be paid-in-full before the run begins.

If you have questions or counter-offers that you believe are fair for both of us, contact me using the web site contact form: Contact Jimbo —»

Ad Size and Position Layout:

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