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“Mr. Moto’s Last Warning” - Sleuth Spy Crime Adventure
released on January 20, 1939
running time 71 minutes

The Actors: Peter Lorre (Mr. Kenarto Moto), Richard Cortez (Fabian the Great), Virginia Field (Connie Porter), John Carradine (Danforth and Richard Burk), George Sanders (Eric Norvel), Joan Carroll (Marie Delacour), Robert Coote (Rollo Venables), Margaret Irving (Madame Delacour), Leyland Hodgson (Captain Bert Hawkins), John Davidson (Hakin), Jimmy Aubrey (waiter), Ted Billings (barfly), A.R. Bogard (hoist man), Daniel Boone (deep sea diver), David Cavendish (deck officer), E.E. Clive (Port Commandant General)

Spies in Egypt

Peter Lorre is Mr. MotoThis motion picture is the sixth is a series of films involving Mr. Moto, a Chinese International Policeman, who solves crimes and is involved in international intrigue. The intrepid sleuth, Kanarto Moto, is played by the famous star, Peter Lorre.

In this episode, an unnamed foreign government is trying to lure England and France into fighting each other and starting a second world war. England is guarding the Suez Canal which passes through Egypt from the Mediterranean Sea at Port Said to the Red Sea. It provides a vital link from Europe to India and the Far East.

A large fleet of French naval ships is scheduled to pass through (not throught) the canal in a few days. A group of terrorists is planting underwater mines at the entrance to the canal (not in the canal) to blow up the French fleet.

Mr. Moto is already in Port Said. He knows that something is going to happen, but doesn’t know what or by whom. He has a friend who pretends to be him. Shortly after the pretend Mr Moto reaches Port Said, the conspirators mistakenly murder him, and so believe that they have killed the great Mr. Moto. A British Intelligence Officer has infiltrated the group of conspirators and is also searching for details of the plot to blow up the French fleet. He is recognized by Mr. Moto and they decide to work together to stop the conspirators.

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