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A Christmas Carol (December 23, 1910)

A Christmas Carol, by Thomas Edison

Released December 23, 1910: The classic Christmas story filmed by Thomas Edison in 1910.

Directed by J. Searle Dawley

The Actors: Marc McDermott (Scrooge), Charles Ogle (Bob Cratchit), William Bechtel, Viola Dana, Carey Lee, Shirley Mason.


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The great American inventor Thomas Edison not only created the incandescent light bulb that lit the world for over 100 years, he was also a pioneer in the 'moving picture' business, creating cameras and motion pictures, beginning in 1891. By 1910 his motion picture business was going strong, and for Christmas that year he released his version of the Charles Dickens classic, "A Christmas Carol." This ten minute classic was the first known rendering of the Dickens story to the big screen. Fortunately this pioneering masterpiece has survived in much better condition than many of the later films of the 1930's and 1941's when movies and movie studios were very 'disposable.' Don't pop too much popcorn for this one, it is very short, but very entertaining as you watch film pioneers practice their craft.