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A Strong Revenge (March 10, 1913)

Mabel Normand and Mack Sennett

Released on March 10, 1913: Stinky cheese is the weapon of choice as two men sabotage each other when trying to woo young Mabel at her party.

Directed by Mack Sennett

The Actors: Mack Sennett (Schnitz), Mabel Normand (Mabel), Ford Sterling (Meyer), Nick Cogley (Mabel's father), Laura Oakley (party hostess), Dot Farley (party guest), Charles Avery (party guest), Raymond Hatton (party guest), Jewel Carmen (party guest), William Hauber (bread customer), Carmen Phillips (party guest with flowers), Hale Studebaker (violinist at party).


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In this comedy short Mack Sennett proves that pictures are worth a thousand words when stinky cheese is involved! Two merchants, a grocer (Mack Sennett) and a shoe cobbler (Ford Sterling) are invited to a party by neighbor Mabel Normand. Both men want to get on Mabel's good side, but some stinky cheese provides the laughs at their expense. During the earliest years of motion pictures Canadian Mack Sennett founded the Keystone Studios and brought unsurpassed comedy to the world with the Keystone Kops, Charlie Chaplin and Fatty Arbuckle. Mack Sennett worked in a steel mill at the age of 17, but after meeting actress Marie Dressler in 1902 acting became his passion. It led him to burlesque roles in New York and then starting in 1908 small parts in the motion picture company Biograph Studios, located in lower Manhattan. There he worked for director D.W. Griffith and worked with Mabel Normand, Harry Carrey, the Pickford sisters, Lionel Barrymore and others. Soon he discovered that making movies was better than just acting in them and he founded his own movie studio in 1911, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Ford Sterling and Mack Sennett
Ford Sterling and Mack Sennett
Ford Sterling
Ford Sterling in A Strong Revenge
Mack Sennett and Mable Normand
Mabel Normand invites grocer Mack Sennett to her party
Mack Sennett
Mack Sennett discovers the stinky cheese in his shoe
Mack Sennett
Mack Sennett gets his revenge on Ford Sterling
Nick Cogley and Mack Sennett
Nick Cogley, as Mabel Normand's father, kicks Mack Sennett out of the party because he stinks