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A Film Johnnie (March 2, 1914)

Charlie Chaplin in A Film Johnnie

Released on March 2, 1914: Charlie is a movie fan in search of his favorite actress at the Keystone movie lot, and runs into more trouble than he can handle with the Keystone Cops.

Directed by George Nichols

The Actors: Charles Chaplin (the film Johnnie), Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle (himself), Virginia Kirtley (the Keystone girl), Mabel Normand (Mabel), Ford Sterling (himself), Dan Albert (man in audience), Minta Durfee (actress in the theatre audience), Billy Gilbert (usher), William Hauber (man in audience), Edgar Kennedy (the director), Sadie Lampe (audience member), Henry Lehrman (himself), Hank Mann (prop boy), Harry McCoy (fireman and the man in audience next to Charlie), George Nichols (the older man on screen), Frank Opperman (man in audience with the handlebar moustache).


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