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Dough and Dynamite (October 26, 1914)

Charlie Chaplin in Dough and Dynamite

Released on October 26, 1914: Charlie Chaplin is a waiter in a restaurant that has a bakery in the basement, and he succeeds in creating havoc everywhere he goes.

Directed by Charlie Chaplin

The Actors: Charlie Chaplin (Pierre, a waither), Chester Conklin (Jacques, a waiter), Fritz Schade (Monsieur La Vie, the bakery owner), Norma Nichols (Mme. La Vie, the baker's wife), Cecile Arnold (waitress), Vivian Edwards (a customer), Phillis Allen (a customer), John Francis Dillon (a customer), Edgar Kennedy (striking baker), Slim Summerville (striking baker), Charley Chase (a customer), Wallace MacDonald (a customer), Charles Bennett (the angry customer), Glen Cavender (the head baker), Jess Dandy (the female cook).


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Time again to keep the mouths shut, play a little turn of the century band music, and laugh out loud with the first great comic of the twentieth century. Charlie Chaplin started making movies during the infancy of motion pictures, and he had the whole nation laughing at him. Even today many comics get their inspiration from Charlie. Only 12 minutes out of probably 20 minutes survives of this great flick, the rest is lost forever, and the lighting is less than we expect today, but you will still LOL at this funny man that acted in this film almost one hundred years ago. Also, notice the other male waiter is Chester Conklin who continued acting in over 280 movies, the last one being the 1966 hit, 'A Big Hand for the Little Lady.' and watch for the tall baker in the basement, that is comedy great, Slim Summerville, who you can see years later with Zazu Pitts in the comedy smash hit Niagara Falls - 1941.