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Douglas Fairbanks in The Nut (March 6, 1921)

Douglas Fairbanks in The Nut

Released in on March 6, 1921: Charlie is a crack-pot inventor that will do almost anything for his girlfriend Estrell.

Directed by Theodore Reed

The Actors: Douglas Fairbanks (Charlie Jackson), Marguerite De La Motte (Estrell Wynn), William Lowery (Philip Feeney), Gerald Pring (Gentleman George), Morris Hughes (Pernelius Vanderbrook Jr.), Barbara La Marr (Claudine Dupree), Frank Campeau (Ulysses S. Grant impersonator), Jeanne Carpenter (the cupid telephone operator).


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The dashing young Douglas Fairbanks, acting legend, stars in this comedy spoof about a crazy inventor that will do almost anything to please his girlfriend. The opening scene, showing Fairbanks as Charlie Jackson, grand-nephew of President Andrew Jackson, could have been a template for a scene in 'The Jetsons' futuristic comedy cartoon show. He has invented everything one could think of to make life better, including a machine to wash him while in the bath.

But this plot is a lot more complicated that just the life of an eccentric inventor. It involves the crazy inventor, his naive girlfriend, the maid, a gambler, a con man and a jealous woman. Be careful when watching this silent classic comedy, because you may laugh so hard that you spill your bowl of popcorn, and soda may spurt out of your nose. - Don't say you weren't warned!