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The Sheik (November 20, 1921)

Rudolph Valentino in The Sheik

Released November 20, 1921: Motion picture heart-throb of the 1920's Rudolph Valentino is an Arabian Sheik who kidnaps a beautiful modern American woman and takes her to his desert home.

Directed by George Melford

The Actors: Rudolph Valentino (Sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan), Agnes Ayres (Lady Diana Mayo), Ruth Miller (Zilahl, a marriage market prospect), George Waggner (Yousaef, tribal chief), Frank Butler (Sir Aubrey Mayo), Charles Brinley (Mustapha Ali, Diana's guide), Lucien Littlefield (Gaston, the French valet), Adolphe Menjou (Raoul de Saint Hubert), Walter Long (Omair the bandit), Sally Blane (Arab child), Earl Gordon Bostwick (bit part), Natacha Rambova (extra), Loretta Young (Arab child), Polly Ann Young (Arab child).


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