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Blood and Sand (August 5, 1922)

Rudolph Valentino in Blood and Sand

Released on August 5, 1922: A handsome and successful bull fighter finds conflict when his wife discovers that he loves another woman.

Directed by Fred Niblo

The Actors: Rudolph Valentino (Juan Gallardo), Lila Lee (Carmen), Rosa Rosanova (Angustias), Leo White (Antonio), Rosita Marstini (Encarnacion), Charles Belcher (Don Joselito), Fred Belcher (Don Joselito), George Field (El Nacional), Jack Winn (Potaje), Harry Lamont (Puntillero), Gilbert Clayton (Garabato), Walter Long (Plumitas), Nita Naldi (Dona Sol), George Periolat (Marquis of Guevera), Sidney De Gray (Dr. Ruiz), Dorcas Matthews (Senora Nacional), W.E. Lawrence (Fuentes), Louise Emmons (old woman), Paul Killiam (voice-over narrator).


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If you haven't dabbled in silent movies yet, this is a perfect 'first' movie to watch. It is short, filled with plenty of drama and pathos, and narration with music has been added to it for presentation on television. Pop some corn, grab a soda, and enjoy this early chick flick with motion pictures first male 'heart throb' - Rudolph Valentino.

Juan is a successful bull fighter in Spain who has married his childhood sweetheart Carmen. But an evil seductress has seduced him and, weak man that he is, he falls prey to her romantic intentions. On day when he returns home, he finds a limo parked outside his house, and discovers his mistress inside. When his wife and his mistress meet, Juan's life falls apart. The next day in the bull ring, Juan must fight the bull with a guilty mind, wondering if his childhood sweetheart will ever forgive him for falling victim to the lusts of a designing woman.

I'm sure that in 1922 the women flocked to the movie houses to watch Valentino, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house at the end of this motion picture.