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Rosita (September 3, 1923)


Released on September 3, 1923: Rosita, a poor girl living in Seville, Spain is arrested and put in prison when the King visits and she insults him for living in wealth while the people suffer.

Produced by Mary Pickford

Directed by Ernst Lubitsch

The Actors: Mary Pickford (Rosita, a street singer), Holbrook Blinn (King of Spain), Irene Rich (the Queen), George Walsh (Don Diego), Charles Belcher (the Prime Minister), Frank Leigh (Prison Commandant), Mathilde Comont (Rosita's mother), George Periolat (Rosita's father), Bert Sprotte (the big jailer), Snitz Edwards (the little jailer), Madame De Bodamere (maid), Philippe De Lacy (Rosita's brother), Donald McAlpin (Rosita's brother), Doreen Turner (Rosita's sister), Mario Carillo (Majordomo), George Bookasta (child), Marcella Daly (unknown), Charles Farrell (unknown), Marian Nixon (unknown), Joan Peers (unknown)


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