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Our Hospitality (Silent), (November 3, 1923)

Buster Keaton, Our Hospitality

Released on November 3, 1923: (running time 1 hour and 13 minutes) Family Feud Situation Comedy

Produced by Joseph M. Schenck

Directed by John G. Blystone

The Actors: Buster Keaton (Willie McKay at 21 years old), Natalie Talmadge (Virginia Canfield), Joe Roberts (Joseph Canfield), Francis X. Bushman Jr. (Canfield's first son), Monte Collins (the parson), Craig Ward (Canfield's second son), Joe Keaton (the railroad engineer), Kitty Bradbury (the aunt), Buster Keaton Jr. (Willie McKay at 1 year old), Erwin Connelly (husband arguing with wife), Edward Coxen (John McKay), Jack Duffy (Sam Gardner), Jean Dumas (Mrs. McKay), Tom London (James Canfield)


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