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Wolf Blood, a tale of the forest (December 16, 1925)

Wolf Blood, 1925

Released on December 16, 1925: A man in a Canadian logging camp gets a blood transfusion from a wild wolf to save his life, and it may turn him into a wolf man. Can the love of a good woman save him from the hounds of hell?

Directed by George Chesebro

and Bruce M. Mitchell

The Actors: George Chesebro (Dick Bannister), Roy Watson (Jules Deveroux), Milburn Morante (Jacques Lebeg), Frank Clark (Pop Hadley), Marguerite Clayton (Edith Ford), Ray Hanford (Doctor Eugene Horton), Jack Cosgrave (Edith's uncle and manager).


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So how can an old fellow living in a lumber camp in the wilderness of Canada tell young Dick Bannister that he probably knows all there is to know about women? He lives with a bunch of guys a hundred miles from the nearest woman, for goodness sake! But hey, after being around women all my life, I'm betting that this old coot probably knows more about them than I do . . . that's just the way it is with the fair sex. The more you know, the less you know. But this 1935 thriller is about more than Dick and young Edith.

Our hero Dick is dying and needs a dose of blood or he will not survive. The doctor has no choice but to take some blood from a wild wolf and transfuse it into Dick's almost lifeless body. Ahhhh . . . . but what will happen to Dick now that he has the blood of a wild wolf coursing through his veins? Will the wild wolf blood flowing through his brain change his whole character . . . his mentality . . . . his desires? What strange things lie ahead for this man of the wilderness? And Edith, the woman who is falling in love with him . . . what dangers await her? Edith wants Dick, but Dick may be turning into a wild wolf! Pop a really big bowl of white kernel popcorn and drizzle lots of warm melted butter over it. Then you must close the window shade so that the full moon outside doesn't send it's rays of light over you . . . embrace the darkened room and watch one of the very first fantasy horror motion pictures ever filmed.

Dancing at the flapper partyFrank Clark
Dancing at the jazz partyFrank Clark
Frank Clark, 1925George Chesebro
Frank ClarkGeorge Chesebro
Jack CosgraveMarguerite Clayton and George Chesebro
Jack CosgraveMarguerite Clayton
Marguerite ClaytonMarguerite Clayton smelling the flowers
Marguerite Clayton and George ChesebroMarguerite Clayton
Marguerite ClaytonMilburn Morante and Ray Hanford
Marguerite ClaytonMilburn Morante and Ray Hanford
Milburn Morante holds the wolf for the blood transfusionMilburn Morante
Milburn Morante holds down the wolfMilburn Morante
Ray HanfordRay Hanford and Marguerite Clayton
Ray HanfordRay Hanford and Marguerite Clayton
Ray HanfordRoy Watson
Ray Hanford, 1925Roy Watson
George Chesebro discovers that he has wolf blood in his veins
George Chesebro