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The Phantom of the Opera - (September 6, 1925)

Lon Chaney in The Phantom of the Opera

Released on September 6, 1925: This is what audiences saw on September 6, 1925 at the Astor Theater in New York City. This version is seldom seen today and contains materiel that is different from the 1929 re-release. This print is from The Milestone Edition, the score is public domain- Mozart's 40th and 4th symphonies and Franz Schubert's Symphony No. 8 in B minor.

Directed by Rupert Julian and Lon Chaney

The Actors: Lon Chaney (Erik, the Phantom), Mary Philbin (Christine Daae), Norman Kerry (Viconmte Raoul de Chagny), Arthur Edmund Carewe (Ledoux), Gibson Gowland (Simon Buquet), John St. Polis (Comte Philip de Chagn), Snitz Edwards (Florine Papillon), Mary Fabian (Carlotta), Virginia Pearson (Carlotta and Carlotta's mother), Olive Ann Alcorn (La Sorelli), Joseph Belmont (stage manager), Alexander Bevani (Mephistopheles), Earl Gordon Bostwick (bit part), Edward Cecil (Faust), Ruth Clifford (Ballerina), Chester Conklin (orderly), Roy Coulson (the jester), Bruce Covington (M. Moncharmin), Ward Crane (Count Ruboff), George Davis (guard at Christine's door), Madame Fiorenza (Mme. Giry, the keeper fo the box), Cesare Gravina (the manager), William Humphrey (M. Debienne), Carla Laemmle (the Prima Ballerina), Edward Martindel (Comte Philip de Chagy), Grace Marvin (Martha), John Miljan (Valentin), Bernard Siegel (Joseph Buquet), William Tracy (Ratcatcher, the messenger from the shadows), William Tyroler (Director of the Opera Orchaestra), Vola Vale (ballerina), Anton Vaverka (the prompter), George B. Williams (M. Ricard), Edith Yorke (Mama Valerius).


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