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Nell Gwyn (July 18, 1926)

Nell Gwyn

Released on July 18, 1926: The story of King Charles II and his favorite mistress, Nell Gwyn.

Produced by Herbert Wilcox

Directed by Herbert Wilcox

The Actors: Dorothy Gish (Nell Gwyn), Randle Ayrton (King Charles II), Juliette Compton (Lady Castlemaine), Sydney Fairbrother (Mrs. Gwyn), Donald Macardle (Duke of Monmouth), Johnny Butt (Samuel Pepys), Gibb McLaughlin (Duke of York), Judd Green (Toby Clinker), Edward Sorley (Dickon), Forrester Harvey (Charles Hart), Fred Rains (Earl of Shaftesbury), Rolf Leslie (Evelyn), Aubrey Fitzgerald (Tom Killigrew), Tom Coventry (innkeeper), Booth Conway (messenger), Dorinea Shirley (maid)


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