The Law of Contact

Anémic cinéma - 1926

The Big Bluff

Released in Paris in 1926: Marcel Duchamp's adventure into the surreal world with experimental Rotoreliefs.

Directed by Marcel Duchamp


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Marcel Duchamp was a French Dadaist artist that lived from 1887 until 1968. He is considered one of the most important artists of the 1900's. In 1926 he experimented with art in motion pictures with this short film. He painted spirals on cardboard and spun them on a phonograph to create the film. When moving the spirals took on a three dimensional quality. He added comedy to the spinning spirals by painting 9 disks with puns on them. In 1935 he thought that he could make some quick money at the Paris Inventors show, so he had 500 of his spinning disks printed and intended to sell them as novelties, but was a smashing failure. His film survives to this day and is one of the oddities of the birth of motion pictures.