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The Lodger (February 14, 1927)

Alfred Hitchcock's The Lodger

Released on February 14, 1927: The music was added to this film in 1999 by Malcolm Luker and Richard Bronskill from and original scorre by Ashley Irwin. This tale has often been copied and re-told, but this early Hitchcock treatment is still considered the best. This is probably the first and best film treatment of 'Jack the Ripper.'

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

The Actors: Marie Ault (the landlady), Arthur Chesney (her husband), June (Daisy, the daughter), Malcolm Keen (Joe, th police detective), Ivor Novello (the lodger), Reginald Gardiner (dancer at the ball), Eve Gray (showgirl victim), Alfred Hitchcock (extra in the newspaper office), Alma Reville (woman listening to the wireless radio).


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