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The Adorable Cheat (August 15, 1928)

Lila Lee is the Adorable Cheat

Released on August 15, 1928: Lila Lee is sexy enough and smart enough to turn her hard working boyfriend into a gentleman that can take over her father's factory.

Directed by Burton L. King

The Actors: Lila Lee (Marian Dorsey), Cornelius Keefe (George Mason), Burr McIntosh (Cyrus Dorsey), Reginald Sheffield (Will Dorsey), Gladden James (Howard Carter), Harry Allen ('Dad' Mason), Alice Knowland (Mrs. Mason), Virginia Lee (Roberta Arnold), Rolfe Sedan (card playing guest).


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Lila Lee was born Augusta Appel in 1901, and was called 'Cuddles' as a child. Her sparkling and seductive personality brought her to quick fame in the new entertainment invention called motion pictures. When Jessy Laskey from Paramount Pictures spotted her he immediately brought her to Hollywood in the hopes of grooming her as a replacement for the temperamental star Gloria Swanson. in 1923 Lila married screen heart-throb James Kirkwood, and just like in the movie 'A Star is Born' her career rose like a meteor just as his career was fizzling out, and they were divorced in 1929. Unfortunately Lila didn't become the super star that Laskey had wanted, but she acted in a total of 99 motion pictures before her death in 1973 at the age of seventy two. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with warm melted butter on it and discover young and sexy Lila Lee at the height of her motion picture career.

Alice Knowland and Lila Lee
Alice Knowland and Lila Lee in The Adorable Cheat
Lila Lee and Burr McIntosh
Lila Lee and Burr McIntosh
Lila Lee
Lila Lee as Marian Dorsey in The Adorable Cheat
Lila Lee
Lila Lee decides to get a job at her father's factory
Lila Lee
Lila Lee meets Cornelius Keefe, the man that she falls in love with
Cornelius Keefe
Cornelius Keefe in The Adorable Cheat
Cornelius Keefe and Virginia Lee
Cornelius Keefe discovers the true identity of his girlfriend thanks to Virginal Lee
Cornelius Keefe and Lila Lee
Cornelius Keefe interviews Lila Lee for the shipping clerk job
Cornelius Keefe
Cornelius Keefe in 1928
Harry Allen, Burr McIntosh and Cornelius Keefe
Burr McIntosh offers Cornelius Keefe a management position as Harry Allen looks on with pride
harry Allen and Cornelius Keefe
Harry Allen and Cornelius Keefe get ready to greet Lila Lee who has come home with Keefe to have dinner with his family
Reginald Sheffield
Reginald Sheffield as Will Dorsey, the playboy son who has no interest in learning how to run Daddy's factory
Virginia Lee and Lila Lee
Virginia Lee and Lila Lee in The Adorable Cheat