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The Wedding March (October 6, 1928)

Fay Wray in The Wedding March

Released on October 6, 1928: The prince's family is broke, and the prince is told to either marry money or shoot himself. He finds money with Cecila, but love with Mitzi.

Directed by Erich von Stroheim

The Actors: Erich von Stroheim (Nicki, Prince Nickolas von Wildeliebe-Rauffenburg), Fay Wray (Mitzi / Mitzerl Schrammell), Zasu Pitts (Cecelia Schweisser), George Fawcett (Prince Ottokar von Wildeliebe Rauffenburg), Matthew Betz (Schani Eberle - the Butcher), Maude George (Princess Maria - Nicki's mother), George Nichols (Fortunat Schweisser - the Industrialist), Dale Fuller (Katerina Schrammel - Mitzi's mother), Hughie Mack (Eberle - the Wine-grower), Cesare Gravina (Martin Schrammell - Mitzi's father), Sidney Bracey (Navratil), Anton Vaverka (Emperor Franz-Josef), Albert Conti (Imperial Guard), Ray Erlenborn (altar boy), Carey Harrison (Imperial Guard), Danny Hoy (mountain guide), Madlyn Mougin (Prince Ottocar's Maid), Harry Reinhardt (Imperial Guard), Don Ryan (Archbishop), Ferdinand Schumann Heink (Imperial Guard), Alec C. Snowden (black brothel servant), Carolynne Snowden (the black girl in the brothel), Lucille Van Lent (Nicki's maid), Wilhelm von Brincken (Imperial Guard), Carl von Haartman (Imperial Guard), Lurie Weiss (Cecelia's maid).


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Pop some corn, grab a soda, and settle in for a good old fashioned love story gone wrong. This silent classic was made in 1928, about a prince and his lovers in 1914. Prince Nicki of Vienna is a dashing young prince, and if I tell you that he likes the girls, it would be the understatement of the year. The only girls he doesn't like are the ones he's never met! Today is the Corpus Christi day, the biggest holiday of the year, and Prince Nicki will be riding in the grand processional through the streets of Vienna. But before the parade, he father tells him that the family is just about broke, and Nicki has two choices - either blow his brains out, or marry money. Nicki doesn't like this at all, and tells his father that he will see Mother about this. When mama tells him basically the same thing, he tells his mama that he will marry any girl that mama tells him to marry, and that is that. But of course, that is NOT that, because when Nicki is riding in the parade, he spots gorgeous Fay Wray, er, I mean Mitzi, the daughter of a poor family that wants her to marry the butcher, so that they will never go hungry. The Prince and Mitzi flirt with each other like two teens at the mall, but before the parade moves on, his horse spooks and Mitzi is knocked to the ground and taken to the hospital. The Prince visits her in the hospital, and there is love in the air.

Meanwhile, Mama decides that Nicki should marry Cecelia (Zazu Pitts), another ravishing beauty, whos family has a ton of money, but Cecelia walks with a crutch and a limp. Nicki continues to woo Mitzi, and the occasional brothel girl, and anyone else he meets. His love is for Mitzi grows, and he chases her until she catches him. But alas, reality sets in, and Nicki must marry Cecelia ot he won't be able to maintain his lavish lifestyle. But Cecelia loves another, and doesn't want any part of the Prince. But Cecelia's father wants to get the family into the royal blood line, and Nicki's mama arranges the whole thing. Oh, but what about the woman scorned, Mitzi? She vows to shoot Nicki at the church during the wedding march if he marries Cecelia, and sets out to do just that. Will the philandering prince get shot while marrying the rich girl, or will he have to blow his own brains out if he doesn't marry the rich girl? Will his skirt-chasing days end in matrimony, death, or both?