The Law of Contact

The Iron Mask (February 21, 1929)

The Big Bluff

Released on February 21, 1929: Douglas Faribanks stars in the famous Alexandre Dumas novel about twin heirs to the throne.

Directed by Allan Dwan

The Actors: Douglas Fairbanks (d'Artagnan), Belle Bennett (Anne, Queen Mother of Austria), Marguerite De La Motte (Constance Bonacieux), Dorothy Revier (Milady de Winter), Vera Lewis (Madame Peronne), Rolfe Sedan (Louis XIII), William Bakewell (Louis XIV and twin brother), Gordon Thorpe (young prince and twin brother), Nigel De Brulier (Cardinal Richelieu), Ulrich Haupt (Count De Rochefort), Lon Poff (Father Joseph), Charles Stevens (Planchet, D'Artagnan's servant), Henry Otto (the King's valet), Leon Bary (Athos), Tiny Sandford (Porthos), Gino Corrado (Aramis), Fred Cavens (DeRochefort's ruffian), Madame Chalif (lady of the court), Princess Galitzine (lady of the court), Francis McDonald (fisherman), Robert Parrish (page), Philip Sleeman (DeRochefort's ruffian), Florence Turner (Abbess), Ellinor Vanderveer (lady of the court).


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