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The Dance of Life (August 16, 1929)

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The Dance of Life

Released August 16, 1929: (running time 1 hour and 52 minutes) A vaudville comic and a dancer decide to get married to save money on the road, and they fall in love until their careers come between them.

Produced by Adolph Zukor and Jesse L. Lasky

Directed by John Cromwell and A. Edward Sutherland

The Actors: Hal Skelly (Ralph 'Skid' Johnson), Nancy Carroll (Bonny Lee King), Dorothy Revier (Bonny Lee King), Ralph Theodore (Harvey Howell), Charles D. Brown (Lefty), Al St. John (Bozo), May Boley (Gussie), Oscar Levant (Jerry), Gladys DuBois (Miss Sherman), James Quinn (Jimmy), Jim Farley (Champ Melvin), George Irving (the minister), Gordona Bennet (Amazon chorus girl), Miss La Reno (Amazon chorus girl), Cora Beach Shumway (Amazon chorus girl), Charlotte Ogden (Amazon chorus girl), Kay Deslys (Amazon chorus girl), Magda Blom (Amazon chorus girl), Thelma McNeil (gilded girl), John Cromwell (doorkeeper), A. Edward Sutherland (theater attendant), Marjorie Kane (girl singing during the 'flippity flop')

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