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The Hard Hombre (September 20, 1931)

Hoot Gibson in The Hard Hombre

Released September 20, 1931: (running time 64 minutes) When a 'mommas boy' cowboy looks remarkably like a dangerous bad man, there are certain to be almost comedic results, as he tries to recover stolen cattle for the lovely Spanish widow.

Produced by M.H. Hoffman Jr.

Directed by Otto Brower

The Actors: Hoot Gibson (William Penn 'Peaceful' Patton), Lina Basquette (Senora Martini), Mathilde Comont (Maria Romero), G. Raymond Nye (Joe Barlow), Jessie Arnold (Mrs. Patton), Jack Byron (Abe), Christian J. Frank (Sheriff), Rosa Gore (wife in shack), Skeeter Bill Robbins (Slim), Frank Winklemann (The Hard Hombre), Charles Brinley (ranch hand), Milton Brown (Milt), Bob Burns (ranch hand), Fred Burns (man in gun fight), Buck Connors (cowhand), Fernando Galvez (Juan), Clara Hunt (Indian housekeeper), Jack King (cowhand), Florence Lawrence (the sister), Tiny Sandford (irate brother), Lem Sowards (cowhand), Glenn Strange (cattleman in the plaid shirt)


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