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The Phantom (November 1, 1931)

The Phantom motion picture

Released November 1, 1931: There is a masked killer on the loose, with chills and thrills in every scene of this early 'talkie' mystery.

Directed by Alan James

The Actors: Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams (Dick Mallory), Allene Ray (Ruth Hampton), Niles Welch (Sam Crandall), Tom O'Brien (Police Sergeant Pat Collins), Sheldon Lewis (The Thing), Wilfred Lucas (District Attorney John Hampton), Violet Knights (Lucy the maid), William Gould (Dr. Weldon), Bobby Dunn (Shorty the chauffeur), William Jackie (Oscar the lunatic), Billy Griffith (James the butler), Rodney Hildebrand (detective), and Horace Murphy (Police Chief Murphy).


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