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The Range Feud (December 1, 1931)

John Wayne in The Range Feud

Released December 1, 1931: (running time 57 minutes) When a rancher is found dead after a dispute with his neighbor, the neighbor is wrongly convicted and sentenced to death.

Directed by D. Ross Lederman

The Actors: John Wayne (Clint Turner), Susan Fleming (Judy Walton), Buck Jones (Sheriff Buck Gordon), Edward LeSaint (John Walton), Will Walling (Dad Turner), Wallace MacDonald (Hank), Harry Woods (Vandall), Frank Austin (Jed Biggers), Hank Bell (townsman at meeting), Bob Burns (Walton cowhand), Jim Corey (henchman), Jack Curtis (Bartender Charlie), Rube Dalroy (townsman), Frank Ellis (Walton cowhand), Jack Low (townsman), William McCall (townsman), Merrill McCormick (cowhand), Lew Meehan (henchman), Bob Reeves (cowhand), Archie Ricks (Turner cowhand), Glenn Strange (cowhand Slim), Al Taylor (Walton cowhand Al), Blackjack Ward (Deputy Jack)


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