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The Honor of the Press (July 14, 1932)

The Honor of the Press

Released on July 14, 1932: (running time 60 minutes) A rural newspaper reporter gets a job in the big city, and discovers a reporter who can predict crimes ahead of time.

Produced by Fanchon Royer

Directed by B. Reeves Eason

The Actors: Edward J. Nugent (Daniel E. Greely, newspaper reporter), Rita La Roy (Daisy Tellem, newspaper love columnist), Dorothy Gulliver (June Bonner), Wheeler Oakman (Roger Bradley, newspaper owner), Russell Simpson (Dan Perkins, newspaper city editor), John Ince (Police Commissioner Drake), Charles K. French (Dodson, newspaper editorial writer), Reginald Simpson (Larry Grayson, newspaper reporter), Franklin Parker (Sorrell 'Sorry' Simpson, phtographer), Vivian Fields (Dorothy), Franklyn Farnum (Mr. Sampson, newspaper publisher of the Herald)


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