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Hell Fire Austin (March 3, 1932)

Hell Fire Austin

Released March 3, 1933: Ken heads west where he wants to ride 'Tarzan' the horse in a big race, but the sheriff is after him and he needs to hide out until race time.

Directed by Forrest Sheldon

The Actors: Ken Maynard (Ken 'Hell Fire' Austin), Ivy Merton (Judy Brooks), Nat Pendleton (Bouncer O'Brien), Alan Roscoe (Mark Edmonds), Jack Perrin (Curley), William Robyns (Lawyer Hicks), C.V. Bussey (Edmund's henchman), Lafe McKee (Uncle Joe Brooks), Charles Le Moyne (Sheriff), Silver Tip Baker (race spectator), Chuck Baldra (Soldier), Ed Brady (man at the rodeo entry desk), Ralph Bucko (henchman Buck), Roy Bucko (henchman), Eddy Chandler (soldier), Ben Corbett (henchman), Jim Corey (henchman), Harrison Greene (Tony), Ray Henderson (race spectator), Alfred P. James (doctor), Jack Kirk (soldier/rider/singer), Bert Lindley (race starter), Cliff Lyons (henchman), Bud McClure (henchman), Lew Meehan (henchman), Jack Pennick (soldier Joe), Jack Rockwell (Deputy Bill), Robert Walker (soldier), Blackjack Ward (Blackjack, a henchman), Slim Whitaker (henchman).


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