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Sinister Hands (February 22, 1932)

Sinister Hands

Released February 22, 1932: A wealthy man invites a group of friends over to be part of a seance, and when he is murdered, everyone present has a motive to kill him.

Directed by Armand Schaefer

The Actors: Jack Mulhall (Detective Captain Herbert Devlin), Phyllis Barrington (Ruth Frazer), Crauford Kent (Judge David McLeod), Mischa Auer (Swami Yomurda), Louis Natheaux (Nick Genna), Gertrude Messinger (Betty Lang), Lloyd Ingraham (John Frazer), James P. Burtis (Detective Watkins), Phillips Smalley (Richard Lang), Helen Foster (Vivian Rogers), Lillian West (Mrs. Lang), Fletcher Norton (Monroe, the butler), Bess Flowers (Mary Browne), Russ Coller (Tommy Lang), Allan Cavan (the coroner), Jack Cheatham (Police Officer Kennedy), and Henry Hall (Chief of Police). 

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