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The Phantom Express (August 15, 1932)

The Phantom Express

Released August 5, 1932: (running time 55 minutes) Is a Phantom from the netherworld causing train accidents?

Directed by Emory Johnson

The Actors: William Collier Jr. (Bruce Harrington), Sally Blane (Carolyn Nolan), J. Farell MacDonald (D.J. 'Smokey' Nolan), Hobart Bosworth (Mr. Harrington), Axel Axelson (Axel, the fireman), Lina Basquette (Betty), Eddie Phillips (Dick Walsh), Robert Ellis (Reynolds), Claire McDowell (Ma Nolan), David Rollins (Jackie Nolan), Tom O'Brien (Red Connelly, the telegraph operator), Huntley Gordon (President of the rival railroad), Brady Kline (Slim, one of the thugs), Jack Pennick (Bubba, one of the thugs), and Jack Mower (the head thug).


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