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Friday the Thirteenth (November 15, 1933)

Friday the Thirteenth

Released November 15, 1933: This drama opens with a bus crash on a thundery night in London. After the crash, Big Ben moves backwards, as we go back three hours and meet all of the passengers of the bus.

Directed by Victor Saville

The Actors: Jessie Matthews (Millie the non-stop variety girl), Sonnie Hale (Alf, the conductor), Muriel Aked (Miss Twigg), Cyril Smith (Fred the Driver), Richard Hulton (Johnny), Max Miller (Joe), Alfred Drayton (the detective), Hartley Power (an American tourist), Ursula Jeans (Eileen Jackson), Eliot Makeham (Henry Jackson), D. A. Clarke-Smith (Max), Gibb McLaughlin (the florist), Edmund Gwenn (Mr. Wakefield), Mary Jerrold (Flora Wakefield).


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