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One Year Later (August 25, 1933)

One Year Later

Released August 25, 1933: A new husband is wrongly convicted of killing his boss because he believed that his boss was having an affair with his wife.

Directed by E. Mason Hopper

The Actors: Mary Brian (Molly Collins), Russell Hopton (Tony Richards), Don Dillaway (Jim Collins), DeWitt Jennings (Deputy Russell), Will Ahern (Will Ahern), Gladys Ahern (Joyce Carewe), George Irving (J. Atwell Hunt), Jackie Searl (Clarence), Pauline Garon (Vera Marks), William Humphrey (the conductor), Harry Holman (the fat man), Marjorie Beebe (the news stand girl), Herbert Evans (the Englishman), Virginia True Boardman (Molly's Mother), Walter Brennan (the yokel), Kit Guard (the baggage man), Nina Guilbert (Mrs. Wells), Al Hill (Greggs), John Ince (Jim's Father), Edward Keane (Grant), Jane Keckley (Mrs. Morrow), Al Klein (salesman), Tom London (taxi driver), James T. Mack (clergyman), Pat O'Malley (reporter), Myrtle Stedman (Mrs. Hunt), Lloyd Whitlock (Mr. Wells)


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