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Sing, Sinner, Sing (August 17, 1933)

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Sing, Sinner, Sing

Released August 17, 1933: (running time 66 minutes) When the wealthy husband of a singer on a cruise ship is murdered, she is framed for the crime.

Produced by Phil Goldstone and Larry Darmour

Directed by Howard Christie

The Actors: Paul Lukas (Phil Crida), Leila Hyams (Lela Larson), Don Dillaway (Ted Rendon), Ruth Donnelly (Maggie Flannigan), George E. Stone (Spats), Joyce Compton (Gwen), Jill Dennett (Sadie), Arthur Hoyt (Uncle Homer), Paul McGrail (Louis), Gladys Blake (Cecily Gordon), Arthur Housman (Jerry), Edgar Norton (Roberts the butler), John St. Polis (James Parks), Stella Adams (Aunt Emily), Pat O'Malley (henchman Conley), Walter Brennan (henchman Riordan), Walter Humphrey (Uncle Johann van Puyten), Harrison Greene (the barker), Henry Hall (the jury foreman), Broderick O'Farrell (the judge), Lee Phelps (the court baliff).

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