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The Big Chance (August 29, 1933)

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The Big Chance

Released August 29, 1933: A crime boss has big plans for boxing champ Frankie, but when Frankie falls for a church-going girl, the big plans may run into trouble.

Produced by Morris Shiller

Directed by Albert Herman

The Actors: John Darrow (Knockout Frankie 'Rocky' Morgan), Merna Kennedy (Mary Wilson), Natalie Moorhead (Babe), Mickey Rooney (Arthur Wilson), Matthew Betz (Flash McQuaid), Hank Mann (Tugboat), Frank LaRue (John Wilson), Virginia True Boardman (Mrs. Wilson), George Chesebro (thug), Gordon De Main (Ed Miller), Billy Engle (Flash's little man), Kit Guard (Kelly), Marian Mansfield (the torch singer), Robert McKenzie (Champ's manager), Goerge Morrell (the fight announcer), Jack Mower (the club manager), Rose Plumer (the concerned neighbor), Bud Pope (the police car driver), Dorothy Vernon (Wilson's maid)

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