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The Constant Woman, or Hell in a Circus (March 13, 1933)

Hell in a Circus

Released March 13, 1933: A fast paced poverty row adventure about life in a circus.

Directed by Victor Schertzinger

The Actors: Conrad Nagel (Walt Underwood), Leila Hyams (Lou), Tommy Conlon (Jimmie Underwood), Claire Windsor (Marlene Underwood), Fred Kohler (the bouncer), Robert Ellis (leading man), Lionel Belmore (the character man), Ruth Clifford (the floozie), Mickey Daniels (the soda jerk), Billy Franey (one of the druks), Arthur Housman (one of the drunks) Charles King (one of the drunks), Charles R. Moore (the piano player), Louis Natheaux (the doorman), Spec O'Donnell (the messenger boy), Russ Powell (the Mayor), Kathrin Clare Ward (character woman), Niles Welch (the hotel clerk)


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