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The Vampire Bat (January 21, 1933)

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Fay Wray in The Vampire Bat

Released January 21, 1933: When bodies start appearing with no blood left, the towns folk believe that a vampire has visited them, but they cannot discover who the vampire really is, as town folk continue to die.

Directed by Frank R. Strayer

The Actors: Lionel Atwill (Dr. Otto von Niemann), Fay Wray (Ruth Bertin), Melvyn Douglas (Karl Brettschneider), Maude Eburne (Aunt Gussie Schnappmann), George E. Stone (Kringen), Dwight Frye (Herman Gleib), Robert Frazer (Emil Borst), Rita Carlyle (Martha Mueller), Lionel Belmore (Burgermeister Gustave Schoen), William V. Mong (Sauer), Stella Adams (Georgiana) Harrison Greene (Weingarten), Fern Emmett (Gertrude), William Humphrey (Dr. Haupt), Paul Panzer (townsman), Carl Stockdale (Schmidt the morge keeper), Paul Weigel (Dr. Holdstadt).


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