Twin Husbands (November 30, 1933)

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Twin Husbands

Released November 30, 1933: Chloe wants her husband to sign over his wealth to her, but he is missing, so she finds a man with amnesia and convinces him to play the part of her missing husband.

Directed by Frank F. Strayer

The Actors: John Miljan (Jerry Van Trevor and Jerry Werrenden), Shirley Grey (Chloe Werrenden), Monroe Owsley (Colton Drain), Hale Hamilton (Colonel Gordon Lewis), Robert Elliott (Sergeant Kerrigan), Maurice Black (Feets), William Franklin (Chuck), Wilson Benge (Greyson the butler), Al Bridge (Highway Patrolman), Joseph W. Girard (Police Captain Hayes), Kit Guard (burgler), Robert Walker (burgler).


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