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Murder at the Museum (1934)

Murder in the Museum

Released in 1934: In 1934 a 'museum' was what we would today call a circus side-show or freak show. When there is a murder at this one, a reporter and the daughter of the primary suspect team up to uncover the real killer.

Directed by Melville Shyer

The Actors: Henry B. Walthall (Bernard Latham Wayne, aka Professor Mysto), John Harron (Jerry Ross), Phyllis Barrington (Lois Brandon), Tom O'Brien (Alfred Carr), Joseph W. Girard (Police Commissioner Brandon), Symona Boniface (Katura the Seeress), Donald Kerr (museum tour guide), Sam Flint (Councilman Blair Newgate) John Elliott (Detective Chief Snell), Steve Clemente (Pedro Darro), Lynton Brent (Concessionaire with gun), Jack Cheatham (Detective Jack), George Chesebro (reporter in the white hat at the grilling), Charles Dorety (man with novelty gun), Kit Guard (Short Carr henchman), Henry Hall (Mr. Judson the reformer), Al Hill (Detective), Si Jenks (peep-show old timer), Al Knight (Kink Kiku), Clinton Lyle (Detective), Charles McAvoy (Police officer Mac), Harry Semels (Gat Werner), Harry Strang (Beggs, a Carr henchman).


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