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Becky Sharp (June 28, 1935)

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Miriam Hopkins in Becky Sharp

Released June 28, 1935: A romantic war drama based on the story of 'Vanity Fair' by William Thackeray.

Directed by Lowell Sherman

The Actors: Miriam Hopkins (Becky Sharp). Frances Dee (Amelia Sedley), Cedric Hardwicke (Marquis of Steyne), Billie Burke (Lady Bareacres), Alison Skipworth (Miss Crawley), Nigel Bruce (Joseph Sedley), Alan Mowbray (Rawdon Crawaley), G.P. Huntley (George Osborne), William Stack (Pit Crawley), George Hassell (Sir Pitt Crawley), William Faversham (the Duke of Wellington), Charles Richman (General Tufto), Doris Lloyd (Duchess of Richmond), Colin Capley (William Dobbin), Leonard Mudie (Tarquin), May Beatty (Briggs), Charles Coleman (Bowles), Bunny Beatty (Lady Blanche), Finis Barton (Miss Flowery), Olaf Hytten (the Prince Regent), Pauline Garon (Fifine), Jimmy Robinson (Sedley's Page), Elspeth Dudgeon (Miss Pinkerton), Tempe Pigott (the charwoman), Ottola Nesmith (Lady Jane Crawley), Joan Arnold (girl), Billie Bellport (girl), Margaret Dee (young girl), Gaston Glass (British officer), Creighton Hale (British officer), Keith Hitchcock (British officer), Viola Moore (Laura, the girl at school), Pat Nixon (ballroom dance extra), C. Montague Shaw (British nobleman), Pat Somerset (British officer).


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