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Murder by Television (October 1, 1935)

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Bela Lugosi in Murder by Television

Released October 1, 1935: An inventor with a revolutionary new television method is mysteriously murdered.

Directed by Clifford Sanforth

The Actors: Bela Lugosi (Dr. Arthur Perry / Edwin Perry), June Collyer (June Houghland), Huntley Gordon (Dr. Henry M. Scofield), George Meeker (Richard Grayson), Henry Mowbray (Chief of Police Nelson), Charles Hill Mailes (Professor James Houghland), Claire McDowell (Mrs. Houghland), Hattie McDaniel (Isabella the cook), Allen Jung (Ah Ling the houseboy), Charles K. French (Donald M. Jordan), Larry Francis (Mendoza), Henry Hall (Hammond), Billy Sullivan (Reardon the watchman), William H. Tooker (Allen), Ruth Cherrington (party guest), Wally Dean (party guest), Sam Harris (party guest), Lew Hicks (plainclothes policeman), Frank Meredith (plainclothes policeman), Dick Rush (detective).

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