The Phantom Cowboy (1935)

The Phantom Cowboy

Released in 1935: (running time 50 minutes) We have a good twin and a bad twin, one of which becomes the 'Phantom' and with the help of a brother and sister team cleans up the town.

Produced by Nathan Hirsh

Directed by Robert J. Horner

The Actors: Ted Wells (Bill Collins / Jim Russell), Doris Brook (Ruth Rogers), George Chesebro (Buck Houston), Jimmy Aubrey (Ptomaine Pete), Richard Cramer (Hank Morgan), Lew Meehan (Crooked Foreman Mason), Frank Clark (The Sheriff), James Sheridan (Jack Rogers), and Rosamond Wagman (rancher's daughter), Edna Aslin (Pete's dancing partner), Barney Beasley (henchman Dick), William Desmond (barfly), Jack Evans (henchman), Oscar Gahan (fiddle player and stage passenger), Allen Greer (henchman), Herman Hack (henchman), Al Haskell (accordion player), Charles Le Moyne (Deputy Sheriff), Carl Mathews (henchman), Milburn Morante (barfly), Tex Palmer (stage driver), Fred Parker (saloon waiter), Wally West (barfly)


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