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The Dawn Rider (June 20, 1935)

John Wayne in The Dawn Rider

Released June 20, 1935: John searches for the man that killed his father and wounded him, and competes for the affections of his nurse.

Produced by Paul Malvern

Directed by Robert N. Bradbury

The Actors: John Wayne (John Mason), Marion Burns (Alice Gordon), Dennis Moore (Rudd Gordon), Reed Howes (Ben McClure), Joseph De Grasse (Dad Mason), Yakima Canutt (Saloon Owner), Earl Dwire (Pete, expressman), Nelson McDowell (Bates the undertaker), Chuck Baldra (henchman), Bert Dillard (Buck), Jack Evans (barfly), Herman Hack (henchman), Jack Jones (henchman in the wagon), George Morrell (card player), Tex Palmer (henchman), Fred Parker (the doctor), Tex Phelps (henchman), Archie Ricks (townsman), James Sheridan (townsman)


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